Kuzu no honkai (2017) TV Series Free Watch

A perfect couple struggles under a secret longing each has for someone else.

Year: 2017

Genres: Animation, Drama, Romance

Stars: Chika Anzai, Aya Hisakawa, Shiori Izawa, Shintaro Asanuma

IMDb: TT6197170

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
Make a Wish E1. Make a Wish
Hanabi Yasuraoka is a second year high school student. She excels in class and is an upstanding student. But this girl shares a secret with Mugi Awaya, a boy in her same grade. Is ...
3 links 13 Jan 2017
I'm Here for That Warmth E2. I'm Here for That Warmth
Hopeless love - Painful love - Unrequited love - Are they really all that beautiful? In her second year in high school, Hanabi Yasuraoka is hopelessly in love with the wrong person...
3 links 20 Jan 2017
Show Me Love (Not a Dream) E3. Show Me Love (Not a Dream)
Sanae is over at Hanabi's house for a sleepover when she comes out and asks Hanabi about her relationship with Mugi. After Sanae corners Hanabi on her bed to get the truth about Mu...
3 links 27 Jan 2017
Bad Apple!! E4. Bad Apple!!
The school's music teacher Akane Minagawa may have a squeaky clean image, but there is another side to her as Hanabi finds herself being manipulated by Akane. Just when Hanabi thin...
3 links 03 Feb 2017
Destruction Baby E5. Destruction Baby
Hanabi is consumed by feelings of inferiority and loss as she blames herself for her own incapability after she sees Narumi confess his feelings to Akane. Meanwhile, Akane is irrit...
3 links 10 Feb 2017
Welcome to the X-Dimension E6. Welcome to the X-Dimension
2 links 17 Feb 2017
Lots of Love E7. Lots of Love
3 links 24 Feb 2017
Sweet Refrain E8. Sweet Refrain
3 links 03 Mar 2017
Butterfly Swimmer E9. Butterfly Swimmer
3 links 09 Mar 2017
Fragile and Empty E10. Fragile and Empty
2 links 24 Mar 2017
A Kind God E11. A Kind God
2 links 23 Mar 2017
A Story of Two E12. A Story of Two
3 links 31 Mar 2017
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