Kokkoku (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 24 min

Genres: Animation, Drama, Mystery

Stars: Asami Seto, Chika Anzai, Yûya Uchida

IMDb: TT7933666

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
The First Moment E1. The First Moment
Living with her family makes Juri Yukawa feel stressed out, but one day, she receives a phone call that changes everything: her brother and nephew have been kidnapped! Juri must sa...
08 Jan 2018
The Second Moment E2. The Second Moment
15 Jan 2018
The Third Moment E3. The Third Moment
Juri heads to her house in search of the stone, but gets captured by a member of the Jitsuaikai. Juri lies in despair as the Jitsuaikai tries to strangle her. As her consciousness ...
22 Jan 2018
The Fourth Moment E4. The Fourth Moment
29 Jan 2018
The Fifth Moment E5. The Fifth Moment
Majima says that she saw her family transform into Herald. While everyone is panicking because of Juri's new power and the appearance of The Herald, Majima's lifeless eyes were fil...
05 Feb 2018
The Sixth Moment E6. The Sixth Moment
Takafumi is rescued from The Genuine Love Society, but is unable to understand the situation, and takes out his frustration on Juri and her Grandpa, who don't agree with his ideas....
12 Feb 2018
The Seventh Moment E7. The Seventh Moment
After the fierce battle with the Herald, a lone boy stood in the middle of its' remains. Everyone who encounters the indescribable scene is immobilized in terror. Majima slowly tur...
19 Feb 2018
The Eighth Moment E8. The Eighth Moment
"Complete control over the Heralds." As these words leave his mouth, Sagawa's body takes on a grotesque form. Surrounded by those with the intent to kill him, he stops hiding his t...
26 Feb 2018
The Ninth Moment E9. The Ninth Moment
Sagawa and Shiomi succeed in letting the Stone soak up Grandpa's blood. Juri resists in vain and the situation progresses according to Sagawa's plan. While Grandpa tries to come up...
05 Mar 2018
The Tenth Moment E10. The Tenth Moment
12 Mar 2018
The Eleventh Moment E11. The Eleventh Moment
Juri and the others corner Sagawa, and ask him why he visited Stasis. Sagawa begins to tell the story of how he was born into a religious family. Juri is overcome by complicated em...
19 Mar 2018
The Twelveth Moment E12. The Twelveth Moment
The first cries of a newborn baby echo loudly through the silent world. Sagawa, who once made Juri and the others cower in fear, is now gone. However, The Master Stone that Juri ne...
26 Mar 2018
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