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The American road trip gets kicked in the nuts with Thrasher Magazine's annual scavenger hunt. Three teams of the world's best skaters go on the adventure of a lifetime, putting their lives... See full summary »

Year: 2016

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Documentary, Reality-TV, Sport

Stars: Michael Burnett, Jake Phelps, Andy Roy

IMDb: TT5866252

Rating: 8.9/10

Season 1
Season 1
Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road E0. Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road
Catch up with the survivors as they recount the hard-won victories, epic embarrassments and pants-wettingly absurd scenarios that make this skate contest like no other.
28 Apr 2016
Let the Madness Begin E1. Let the Madness Begin
The scavenger hunt books are handed out and the teams are on their way.
9 links 05 May 2016
Shirtless in Seattle E2. Shirtless in Seattle
In Seattle, the teams visit Jimi Hendrix High School for the best barefoot trick and then record a song with Mark Hubbard.
10 links 12 May 2016
Sabotage Is Part of the Game E3. Sabotage Is Part of the Game
A new twist on the tattoo challenge--now it must be done by a teammate!As the time comes to leave Seattle, Birdhouse attempts to sabotage Chocolate's van.
9 links 19 May 2016
Possible Broken Cheekbone E4. Possible Broken Cheekbone
A hippie makeover, pole dancing and Raven gets busted up on a dirt bike.
8 links 26 May 2016
Midway Point E5. Midway Point
The teams go to San Francisco to meet their mystery guests, who then compete in a downhill toilet race.
7 links 02 Jun 2016
SF Legends E6. SF Legends
Toy Machine meets Corey Duffel, Chocolate rocks out and Birdhouse gets hardcore.
11 links 09 Jun 2016
A Wobbly Beast E7. A Wobbly Beast
The teams must complete challenges on the Gonz circle-board.
13 links 16 Jun 2016
Serious Rock Vibes E8. Serious Rock Vibes
As the teams reach L.A., Johnny gets wrecked and Birdhouse once again plays dirty.
7 links 23 Jun 2016
Put on That Angry Face and Grind E9. Put on That Angry Face and Grind
Birdhouse goes Mega, Toy Machine parties with Tommy Sandoval and Chocolate shreds pools with Salba.
4 links 30 Jun 2016
End of the Line E10. End of the Line
With the clock ticking in L.A., the teams give it one last push.A challenge pitting Clint against Raven has nasty results.
9 links 07 Jul 2016
Grand Finale E11. Grand Finale
An awards show as only King of the Road could do it--weird, sloppy and downright ridiculous.
7 links 14 Jul 2016
Season 2
Season 2
The Quickest Piss in the West! E1. The Quickest Piss in the West!
The games begin in Albuquerque, starting with a heinous ramp malfunction and ending with an even more horrific pee-drinking challenge. The teams get The Book and hit the streets.
9 links 08 Jun 2017
Is This Safe? E2. Is This Safe?
Day 2 starts with one member of each team doing a trust fall off the hood of the van. Creature spends the day with Rob Palmer, Enjoi gets the Breaking Rad challenge while Deathwish...
14 links 15 Jun 2017
Handcuffed in Hell Paso E3. Handcuffed in Hell Paso
Friendships are strained as two guys on each team must remain handcuffed together for 24 hours. Creature shoots guns, and Lizard and Foy fight over taking a shower.
19 links 22 Jun 2017
All in a Day's Twerk E4. All in a Day's Twerk
Foy battles the daunting ski jump one last time. Pilz wallrides over a twerking panda, Beakkel scores heavy points, and The Muscle destroys himself trying a trick.
8 links 29 Jun 2017
Feel the Splat Baby E5. Feel the Splat Baby
Deathwish explores secret tunnels in AZ while Creature gets their minds blown at an impromptu rave with Jaws. Enjoi's heavy metal makeover ends with the grossest challenge yet.
26 links 06 Jul 2017
Why's America So Big? E6. Why's America So Big?
It's the mid-way point and this year it's The Thrashlympics. The teams get their mystery guests, then it's onto the 36 step rail.
19 links 13 Jul 2017
The Return of the Butt Chug E7. The Return of the Butt Chug
The Rise and Shine challenge is 50 points for a team member to eat a worm before breakfast or coffee. 100 points if it's the mystery guest. David Gravette freaks out at Andy Mac's ...
19 links 20 Jul 2017
Handrails, Homies! E8. Handrails, Homies!
Creature turns Russell pro with a little help from his mom. Deathwish rides giant rails with the Muska. Foy, Muscle and Enzo glue pubes to their lips.
16 links 27 Jul 2017
Torture in Paradise E9. Torture in Paradise
It's day 10 and the teams are off to Hawaii. There's pedicures, cliff jumping and shark hunting, all Thrasher style.
17 links 03 Aug 2017
Hawaiian Psycho Jam E10. Hawaiian Psycho Jam
With time running out in Hawaii, local skaters help the teams get last tricks. Final challenges take place on a floating ramp, and Creature plays one more epic prank on Gravette.
25 links 10 Aug 2017
Episode #2.11 E11. Episode #2.11
14 links 17 Aug 2017
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