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Some people try and find their fortune digging for gold. On Junkyard Empire, they see gold everywhere they look...solid steel gold. The hustle can happen anywhere (junkyards, police ... See full summary »

Year: 2015

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Danny Bowie, Andy Cohen, Bobby Cohen

IMDb: TT7017362

Rating: 6.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
Method to the Mad-ness E1. Method to the Mad-ness
Andy Cohen's junkyard is full steam ahead, so now he's focusing on promoting the other half of his business. Damascus Motors is risking its reputation on ambitious projects and the...
5 links 22 Apr 2015
Old School vs. New School E2. Old School vs. New School
Andy Cohen makes his money taking big risks for a big payoff. His father Bobby would rather make his customers happy - sometimes at the expense of a profit. Two competing philosoph...
5 links 22 Apr 2015
My Junk, My Empire E3. My Junk, My Empire
Andy Cohen built an empire out of a junkyard, but when business booms he risks losing his grip. First, his well-meaning father screw up a big repair job. Then mechanical problems w...
4 links 29 Apr 2015
Feeding the Giant E4. Feeding the Giant
Andy has proven that he knows how to run his junkyard and custom car shop empire, but his risk-taking skills may have run out. He can't be at both shops at the same time so he's go...
06 May 2015
Humor Me E5. Humor Me
Andy's obsessed with growing his business, and he's willing to take a risk for a big pay off. The sure-money jobs he's getting provide him with the additional confidence, but in th...
5 links 13 May 2015
Work Hard, Play Harder E6. Work Hard, Play Harder
Andy Cohen doesn't have a second to spare. The winter months are rapidly approaching and customers are piling through the doors at his junkyard, but on top of that he's busy planni...
6 links 20 May 2015
Junkyard Treasure E7. Junkyard Treasure
When people look out at Andy's junkyard all they see is junk, but he sees possibilities. With the junkyard filled, Andy's on the hunt trying to find new ways to move parts. Big ris...
4 links 27 May 2015
Putting Out Fires E8. Putting Out Fires
Andy's relentless obsession with growing his business pushes him to take on an overly ambitious ATV project, where he may be in over his head. Meanwhile Bobby gets a 1932 Roadster ...
4 links 03 Jun 2015
Season 2
Season 2
A New Day, a New Dollar E1. A New Day, a New Dollar
Andy knows there's no better place to find flip potential than at an auction but when he stumbles across a Mercedes SL55 AMG, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Andy's d...
12 links 04 May 2016
You Say Trash, I Say Tank E2. You Say Trash, I Say Tank
Andy Cohen never backs down from a good challenge. So when he agrees to an ambitious paintball tank build and to a friendly bet with his father over a pickup truck at the same time...
9 links 11 May 2016
Build a Jeep, Crush a Car E3. Build a Jeep, Crush a Car
Andy's relentless drive to grow his business pushes him to take on more work than his yard can handle. With problems mounting, Andy needs to rely on his junkyard ingenuity and his ...
1 link 18 May 2016
Hot Wheelin' and Dealin' E4. Hot Wheelin' and Dealin'
As a child, Andy Cohen spent hours playing with his Hot Wheels. So when one of his idols - Hot Wheels' legendary car designer Larry Wood - asks him to build him a life-size replica...
1 link 25 May 2016
Upgrade and Upsell E5. Upgrade and Upsell
Andy's vision for big ideas leads to a huge opportunity for the shop. If he pulls off the build as promised, he could secure future business for years to come. And with a little he...
5 links 01 Jun 2016
Never Easy E6. Never Easy
Andy thinks he's got an easy new way to make money by selling tricked out golf carts to all of his Dad's buddies. Bobby is excited about the carts too and encourages Andy to build ...
2 links 08 Jun 2016
Trucked Out E7. Trucked Out
Andy Cohen believes it's bad business to turn down business, even when the job at hand seems impossible. But when a returning client approaches him with an ambitious build and an i...
4 links 15 Jun 2016
Super Car Sell Off E8. Super Car Sell Off
When Andy Cohen sees an opportunity to make money, he seizes it... even if it means selling off one of his most valuable cars. But first, he has to fix it and some jobs aren't as e...
5 links 22 Jun 2016
Season 3
Season 3
Junkyard and the Bandit E1. Junkyard and the Bandit
Andy Cohen finds a rusty Trans AM at the auction, and all he can see are dollar signs. If he can get this thing running, he'll score big. But as he quickly comes to findout, most c...
2 links 12 Apr 2017
Playing with Fire E2. Playing with Fire
Andy is no stranger to risky car builds, but when his shop takes on a scorched Audi S6, he's playing with fire. If Andy can get this burnt powerhouse up and running, he'd win big; ...
2 links 19 Apr 2017
Buck Wild Bronco E3. Buck Wild Bronco
When Andy bags a 1994 Bronco at auction, he sees redneck gold in the making. But just as Andy's monster truck kicks into gear, his father Bobby throws a wrench in the gears.
1 link 26 Apr 2017
Junkyard Genius E4. Junkyard Genius
When Andy finds a classic Chevy Blazer on the roadside, and wins a totaled Porsche Cayman on a bid, he's in hog heaven. But just as he starts seeing dollar signs, everything comes ...
2 links 03 May 2017
Ready, Set, Tow! E5. Ready, Set, Tow!
Determined to give three old classics a new lease on life, Andy puts the boys to work on a crazy-looking vintage racecar and a Hot Wheels Ramblin' Wrecker tow truck racer, alongsid...
1 link 10 May 2017
Too Much Rough, Not Enough Diamond E6. Too Much Rough, Not Enough Diamond
Andy Cohen loves a bargain when he sees one, but when his dad, Bobby, is determined to fix up the ultimate junker, even Andy's got his doubts. But Bobby's got a few old-school tric...
4 links 17 May 2017
Turbos & Tailgates E7. Turbos & Tailgates
Andy is never at a loss for crazy car concepts and this week is no exception. He transforms an old ambulence into a Maryland sports-mobile for a fellow UofM alum. Then, he thinks o...
2 links 24 May 2017
Two for the Road E8. Two for the Road
Determined to get his 1932 Roadster up and running, he calls in fuel injection specialist, Dave Jenson, for help. Another project threatens to go off the rails: combining parts fro...
3 links 31 May 2017
Cohen vs. Camaro E9. Cohen vs. Camaro
Andy Cohen knows a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he sees one When he comes across a 1967 Camaro Pace car for sale, he jumps at the chance. But this rare, valuable classic com...
2 links 07 Jun 2017
Indy to Win It E10. Indy to Win It
Andy Cohen knows his bread & butter comes from dealing junk but now & again, he finds a car that breaks all the rules, like a 1967 Chevy Camaro Pace Car. Andy decides to unveil his...
3 links 14 Jun 2017
Crushing Cars & Taking Names E11. Crushing Cars & Taking Names
On any given day Junkyard Emperor Andy Cohen can't be sure what's going to roll into his yard. Today they are in for a shock. There's an iconic piece of military history, and a din...
2 links 21 Jun 2017
A Pack Rat, a Rat Rod, and a Bug E12. A Pack Rat, a Rat Rod, and a Bug
At Andy Cohen's junkyard, one thing's for certain: It's never boring. And this week's projects are especially interesting. Andy finds a 1931 Model A that looks like it just drove o...
3 links 28 Jun 2017
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