Jackson 5ive (1971) TV Series Free Watch

The animated musical adventures of the Jackson brothers.

Years: 1971−1973

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genres: Animation, Family, Music

Stars: Joel Cooper, Donald Fullilove, Mike Martinez

IMDb: TT0066671

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. It All Started With...
Diana Ross comes to town, catches The Jackson Five's act, and offers to get them a recording contract.
11 Sep 1971
E2. Pinestock, U.S.A.
The brothers' plans to put on a concert temporarily get put on hold when they realize a greedy millionaire wants to level the forest where they're slated to perform.
18 Sep 1971
E3. Drafted
When Michael and Marlon accidentally get drafted into the army, it's up to their three older brothers to rescue them in time for their concert.
25 Sep 1971
E4. Mistaken Identity
A mix-up at the printers finds the Jackson brothers adorning Wanted posters.
02 Oct 1971
E5. Bongo, Baby, Bongo
Michael is kidnapped by a monkey who forces him to play the bongos.
09 Oct 1971
E6. The Winner's Circle
The Jackson brothers agree to race a horse that won't run.
16 Oct 1971
E7. CinderJackson
The Jackson 5ive is invited to attend the birthday ball of the Princess of Pop; but Michael is stuck at home with a head cold on the night of the ball. A mysterious package from Ga...
23 Oct 1971
E8. The Wizard of Soul
Michael wanders into the Land of Soul, where he sees each of his brothers play a familiar Wizard of Oz character. Featuring the songs "The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage" and ...
30 Oct 1971
E9. The Tiny Five
The Jacksons find themselves accidently miniaturized. They struggle to avoid large household perils and reverse the mishap that shrank them. Featuring the songs "The Wall" and "I W...
06 Nov 1971
E10. The Groovatron
The Jacksons, toured to exhaustion, build an Afro-wearing musical robot they name "The Groovatron" to stand in for them. However, their plan heads downhill when the robot is stolen...
13 Nov 1971
E11. Ray & Charles: Superstars
Ray and Charles, the brothers' pet mice, become envious of the success of their owners and decide to become stars on their own. The two become an overnight sensation and the brothe...
20 Nov 1971
E12. Farmer Jacksons
Needing a break from superstardom, the Jacksons decide to run a farm. Featuring the songs "My Cherie Amour" and "Honey Chile."
27 Nov 1971
E13. Jackson Island
The five brothers crash land on their way to Hawaii. Michael hits his head on a coconut and dreams of pirates and buried treasure. Featuring the songs "Ready or Not (Here I Come)" ...
04 Dec 1971
E14. The Michael Look
Stranded in London without his stage clothing, Michael is tricked by jealous performers into dressing in shabby rags. However, the stunt becomes a British fashion sensation. Featur...
11 Dec 1971
E15. Jackson Street, U.S.A.
The Mayor of Gary, Indiana, declares a street in town will be renamed "Jackson 5 Boulevard" and invites the Jacksons to perform. Featuring the songs "Petals" and "She's Good."
18 Dec 1971
E16. Rasho-Jackson
The brothers become alienated from one another after an argument and refuse to perform together, all becoming "The Jackson Ones." Featuring the songs "One More Chance" and "I Found...
08 Jan 1972
E17. A Rare Pearl
The Jacksons fall in love with an attractive flight attendant named Jacqueline Pearl. Featuring the songs "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Momma's Pearl."
15 Jan 1972
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Who's Hoozis?
Before a performance, Michael finds a talking blue bird. The bird's nest is in danger from bulldozers scheduled to tear down the concert park. Featuring the songs "Rockin' Robin" a...
09 Sep 1972
Michael White E2. Michael White
16 Sep 1972
Groove to the Chief E3. Groove to the Chief
23 Sep 1972
E4. Michael in Wonderland
A magic beanstalk grows outside the brothers' Indiana apartment. Michael climbs to the top, finding a fabulous land, ...and a giant. Featuring the songs "Love is Here" and "Girl Do...
30 Sep 1972
Jackson and the Beanstalk E5. Jackson and the Beanstalk
07 Oct 1972
The Opening Act E6. The Opening Act
14 Oct 1972
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