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A workaholic adult woman's imaginary friend from childhood comes back to her, but ends up being more of a troublemaker than a great companion.

Year: 2017

Duration: 22 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

Writers: Patrick Osborne, Adam F. Goldberg, David Guarascio

Stars: Stephen Schneider, Rachel Dratch, Jenna Elfman, Nicholas Coombe

IMDb: TT5711138

Rating: 5.5/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 29 April 2017 E-1. Episode dated 29 April 2017
29 Apr 2017
Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Alice falls in love with a divorced dad but she then learns that he has 3 kids. Alice becomes consumed by her fears and contemplates giving up until her old childhood imaginary fri...
11 links 29 Mar 2017
The Mom Seal E2. The Mom Seal
Alice is tasked in taking care of Bunny. A task she takes too far. Ben pressures Andy to take his driving test.
12 links 04 Apr 2017
The Parent-y Trap E3. The Parent-y Trap
15 links 11 Apr 2017
Prom-Com E4. Prom-Com
Andy has a hard time finding a prom date while Dora keeps turning away a guy who persistently asks her, but Alice tries to convince her to go. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to deal with...
19 links 18 Apr 2017
In a World Where Worlds Collide E5. In a World Where Worlds Collide
Alice wants to meet Ben's friends, but Ben is hesitant. Later: he makes a startling admission after devising a plan to impress her.
19 links 25 Apr 2017
Alice the Mole E6. Alice the Mole
Alice faces a dilemma after trying to connect with Dora and turns to Mary and Ben for help. Elsewhere: Ben tags along with Andy, which threatens Andy's unique identity.
15 links 02 May 2017
The Ex X Factor E7. The Ex X Factor
Ben's divorce hits trouble when his ex-wife meets Alice. Also: Alice tries to prove herself as a good influence for Dora, Andy and Bunny while Andy and Dora try to pit their parent...
16 links 09 May 2017
Last Dance with Mary E8. Last Dance with Mary
Ben plans to propose to Mary, but his plan gets complicated after the ring disappears. Later: Alice takes matters into her own hands.
18 links 16 May 2017
Sleep Over E9. Sleep Over
Alice and Ben agree that Alice should start sleeping over when the kids are there. Ben's three kids seem OK with notion. In the end, Andy is the one most emotionally affected when ...
18 links 30 May 2017
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