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I Used To Be Fat is an MTV reality series that follows overweight teens striving to achieve weight loss through means of diet and exercise. Each episode follows one teenager who is paired ... See full summary »

Year: 2010

Genre: Reality-TV

IMDb: TT1833395

Rating: 7/10

Season -1
Season -1
Maya E-1. Maya
17 Jul 2013
Gabriela M. E-1. Gabriela M.
15 Nov 2011
Kellie E-1. Kellie
18 Jul 2013
Kevin E-1. Kevin
16 Jul 2013
E-1. Josh
At 310 pounds, Josh is the largest person in his athletic family. He's forced to stand on the sidelines as his younger brothers play team sports and go on dates. Can his trainer he...
11 Oct 2011
E-1. Terra
Terra's whole family loves to eat - one of their favorite pastimes is to eat ice cream on her mom's bed while watching TV. But isolated and unhappy, can Terra find the strength to ...
18 Oct 2011
E-1. Jose
Jose yearns to lose weight to play college football and hopes trainer Joey can help.
13 Dec 2011
E-1. Janelle
Everyone in Janelle's traditional Mexican family is overweight; frequent family gatherings revolve solely around food. Can Janelle find a balance between family obligations and tak...
29 Nov 2011
E-1. Maddy
Maddy has faced a lot in her life, and she turned to alcohol to cope. Now she's sober, but fears she's become addicted to food instead. Can Maddy learn to face her addiction issues...
22 Nov 2011
Rebecca E-1. Rebecca
24 Jul 2013
Olivia E-1. Olivia
25 Jul 2013
E-1. Paul
Paul longs to become a police officer, but his weight is holding him back.
20 Dec 2011
E-1. Holly
Holly's family loves unhealthy foods. Although her nickname is "Happy Holly" she secretly struggles with the emotions bottled up inside. Will she be able to break away from her fam...
22 Nov 2011
Trevor E-1. Trevor
23 Jul 2013
Deanna E-1. Deanna
15 Jul 2013
Kelly E-1. Kelly
23 Feb 2011
E-1. Sammy
Sammy is the baby in his family, and his overprotective mom does everything for him. He wants a fresh start, but first he needs to start making his own decisions. Will Saran help t...
08 Nov 2011
Darius E-1. Darius
19 Sep 2014
E-1. Lindsey
Lindsey's divorced parents both have issues with food; her mom has had her stomach stapled, and her dad, with whom she has a difficult relationship, is diabetic. Can she make peace...
25 Oct 2011
Jorine E-1. Jorine
22 Jul 2013
Lauren E-1. Lauren
19 Sep 2014
E-1. Latrice
Latrice seems outgoing and funny, but she feels abandoned by her mom, who lives in another state. Her defensive attitude and binge eating threaten her attempt to change. Will her t...
01 Nov 2011
Season 1
Season 1
Gabriella E1. Gabriella
Gabriella is an overweight homecoming queen who has never felt truly happy with herself. With the help of a personal trainer she will try to conquer her size, and her controlling m...
1 link 29 Dec 2010
Marci E2. Marci
After years of home schooling, Marci- about to start college- wants to create a new life. Will her boot-camp style trainer be too extreme? Or will Marci be able to conquer her weig...
2 links 05 Jan 2011
Dom E3. Dom
As he graduates high school, 306lb Dominick realizes he needs to lose weight - but it proves difficult since his Italian mother expresses love with food. With the help of his perso...
1 link 12 Jan 2011
Makenzie E4. Makenzie
With the help of a personal trainer, Mike, will Makenzie be able to realize that she needs to concentrate on feeling better about herself or will she keep focusing on the pressure ...
1 link 19 Jan 2011
Jordan E5. Jordan
Jordan began life as an average sized kid, but when his family problems left him to raise himself, he started overeating for comfort. Can he face his family issues and lose the wei...
2 links 26 Jan 2011
Daria E6. Daria
An isolated teen, who turns to food for comfort, struggles to lose weight without her mother's support.
1 link 02 Feb 2011
Kristen E7. Kristen
An overweight teen must overcome her family's bad eating habits so she can believe in herself again.
2 links 09 Feb 2011
Tanner E8. Tanner
With the help of his trainer a teen with a painful past attempts to find strength & lose weight.
1 link 16 Feb 2011
Kelly E9. Kelly
An overweight teen hopes to come find her voice by losing weight and coping with her father's death.
2 links 23 Feb 2011
Past to Present E10. Past to Present
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