Human Weapon (2007) TV Series Free Watch

The ultimate search of a Human Weapon, each episode of Human Weapon charts an expedition through foreign continents, famous cities, exotic villages, back alleys and lush landscapes.

Year: 2007

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Documentary, Drama, Sport

Writer: Terry Bullman

Stars: Cung Le, Bill Duff, Jason Chambers

IMDb: TT1083163

Rating: 8.4/10

Season -1
Season -1
E-1. Passport to Pain
Thirteen countries. Fourteen fights. Hundreds of body slams, groin shots, and even a few laps around a Cambodian village on the back of a Water Buffalo, join the ultimate quest to ...
07 Dec 2007
Season 1
Season 1
Muay Thai E1. Muay Thai
2 links
Karate E2. Karate
1 link
Eskrima E3. Eskrima
1 link
Savate E4. Savate
1 link 02 Jan 2011
Judo E5. Judo
1 link
Pankration E6. Pankration
1 link
Krav Maga E7. Krav Maga
2 links
Marine Martial Arts E8. Marine Martial Arts
1 link
Mixed Martial Arts E9. Mixed Martial Arts
1 link
Kung Fu E10. Kung Fu
Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff journey to China, home to one of the oldest and most famous martial arts of all; Kung Fu.
1 link
Sambo E11. Sambo
Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff journey to Moscow, Russia, the origin of one of the most versatile and deadly martial arts on the planet.
2 links
Pradal Serey E12. Pradal Serey
2 links
Silat E13. Silat
2 links
Battle Ground: Holy Ground E14. Battle Ground: Holy Ground
1 link
Ninjutsu E15. Ninjutsu
Jason Chambers and Bill Duff venture back to the Land of the Rising Sun to study one of the most mysterious, subversive, and deadly martial arts in the world - Ninjutsu.
2 links 14 Dec 2007
Taekwondo E16. Taekwondo
Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to South Korea, birthplace of one of the most acrobatic and physically punishing fighting styles in the world, Taekwondo.
27 Dec 2007
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