100% Hotter (2016) TV Series Free Watch

A make-under rather than a make-over show, targeting people whose style is so in your face you cannot help stop and stare while their family and friends squirm with embarrassment.

Year: 2016

Country: UK

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Daniel Palmer, Melissa Sophia, Grace Woodward

IMDb: TT5819414

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Episode #1.1
In the first edition of the show two people receive makeovers, beginning with real-life "Barbie Doll" Jade. Rock chick Maisie is then persuaded by the team to ditch her black wardr...
7 links 08 Jun 2016
E2. Episode #1.2
The team of experts come to the aid of Phoebe, a 23-year-old Goth cosplay fanatic who regularly dresses up as Alice in Wonderland. The second person in need of a 'make-under' is 25...
9 links 15 Jun 2016
E3. Episode #1.3
The team face their toughest challenge yet when they transform an alternative model who has taken her look to the extreme. Their next participant is Jordan, a 21-year-old who style...
7 links 22 Jun 2016
E4. Episode #1.4
First up for the team is a 23-year-old hairdresser from Rotherham with a penchant for wearing revealing outfits. Next up is a 25-year-old 'pinkaholic' from Nottingham.
9 links 29 Jun 2016
E5. Episode #1.5
The first challenge for the team of stylists is to find a look for female drag queen Sophie that will not be overshadowed by her alter-ego. Cross-dresser Thomas is next up for a ma...
1 link 06 Jul 2016
E6. Episode #1.6
The team helps 23-year-old Jade get over her addiction to hair extensions, before giving 20-year-old albino Tasmin, who has a multi-coloured Mohawk, a complete restyle.
7 links 13 Jul 2016
E7. Episode #1.7
The team come to the aid of 23-year-old transgender woman Lydia who is trying to find a feminine look that works for her, and 23-year-old Sasha who is sick of being compared to Kat...
1 link 20 Jul 2016
E8. Episode #1.8
Takeisha describes her look as 'Goth inspired', but would love to look like Beyonce. Pop singer Aimee's pastel-hued Bubblegoth look has spilled over from the stage into her everyda...
12 links 27 Jul 2016
E9. Episode #1.9
24-year-old nightclub security guard Abbey has been told she must tone down her skimpy outfits by her dad. The team show recent graduate Phoenix how to be creative with different c...
03 Aug 2016
E10. Episode #1.10
The make-under team try to tone down the unique style of candy queen Danny - who makes his own clothes using sweets, before helping to improve a mother's outdated look.
6 links 10 Aug 2016
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