Home from Home (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2016

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Johnny Vegas, Oscar Kennedy, Adam James, Harvey Chaisty

IMDb: TT6003016

Rating: 6.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Neil Hackett drives his loyal wife Fiona and apathetic teen-aged sons to the Lake District, where they have bought a holiday lodge - which is, to put it mildly, somewhat ramshackle...
5 links 30 Aug 2016
The BLT E2. The BLT
Neil finds out a new wifi tower is going to be set on their front lawn. He has invited his boss Darren for a weekend dinner, then gets a text from him saying "I heard what you did ...
3 links 19 Apr 2018
Into Thin Air E3. Into Thin Air
The Hacketts and Dillons decide to climb Mount Helvellyn though Penny makes it clear that she is not enthusiastic and forms a splinter group with Neil, hoping he will give up and g...
7 links 27 Apr 2018
The Party E4. The Party
Annoyed that his boss has thrown a party and not invited his family Neil decides to hold one of his own for the other lodge residents. Inevitably his attempts at sophistication fai...
7 links 04 May 2018
Pitter Patter E5. Pitter Patter
Neil books a table at an expensive restaurant for an anniversary dinner with Fiona but they end up as guests of the Dillons. However Fiona is feeling unwell and Neil suspects that ...
7 links 11 May 2018
The Chrysler Building E6. The Chrysler Building
Neil decides to make a scale model of the Empire State Building out of cereal boxes for Little Neil's school project but it is a sorry affair, eclipsed by Robert's model of the Chr...
5 links 18 May 2018
Mandy Rowlands E7. Mandy Rowlands
Garth is disappointed to learn that Petra is going back with her boyfriend - which prompts Neil to recall childhood sweetheart Mandy Rowlands. Fiona is not impressed, and nor is Ne...
25 May 2018
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