Hitler: The Rise and Fall (2016) TV Series Free Watch

How did Hitler go from teenage loner to German national hero and Fuhrer? This is the definitive guide to the world's most evil dictator.

Years: 2016−2017

Duration: 47 min

Genres: Biography, Documentary

Stars: Adam Wittek, Mark Lisseman, Sebastian Gray

IMDb: TT6118330

Rating: 7.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Opportunist E1. The Opportunist
Exploring the first three decades of Hitler's life, examining the spin, willpower and ruthlessness that drove an Austrian dropout to become the undisputed leader of the Nazi party.
9 links 02 Oct 2016
The Actor E2. The Actor
How did Hitler rise from right-wing crank to Germany's Messiah and Fuhrer by 1933? Exploring his pioneering spin, speech-making skills and deadly ruthlessness - and his personal pa...
9 links 09 Oct 2016
The Führer E3. The Führer
A look inside Hitler's mind as he tightens his iron grip on Germany and turns his sights to conquest, becoming increasingly self-indulgent as his vision of himself as a heroic lead...
5 links 16 Oct 2016
The Victor E4. The Victor
Examining Hitler's transformation into the megalomaniac Nazi messiah responsible for the global carnage of World War II, as he invades Poland, France and Russia.
6 links 23 Oct 2016
The Monster E5. The Monster
As the tide of war turns against Hitler, he accelerates the holocaust and sacrifices millions of lives on the eastern front, while retreating into drug addiction in his palatial co...
5 links 30 Oct 2016
The Downfall E6. The Downfall
Exploring Hitler's mental and physical decline as he was forced to confront inevitable defeat in the depths of his bunker in Berlin.
7 links 20 Nov 2016
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