Harrow (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Drama

Writers: Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh McGrath

Stars: Mirrah Foulkes, Ioan Gruffudd, Damien Garvey, Remy Hii

IMDb: TT7242816

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Actus Reus E1. Actus Reus
Harrow is drawn into reopening a closed case after quitting his job, even as he tries to re-connect with his estranged daughter. When a body is found in the river he finds himself ...
23 links 09 Mar 2018
Ex Animo E2. Ex Animo
Harrow tracks his daughter, Fern, who is squatting with her boyfriend. A murder case leads him into the world of ancient weaponry, and he finds himself in an ethics dilemma in the ...
7 links 16 Mar 2018
Hic Sunt Dracones E3. Hic Sunt Dracones
Harrow and Dass head north on a crocodile hunt, Harrow is afraid or reptiles. He needs information on a boat and sends Simon to his yacht, where he surprises Fern. Simon discovers ...
6 links 23 Mar 2018
Finis Vitae Sed Non Amoris E4. Finis Vitae Sed Non Amoris
Two boys find the body of a woman, involved in a child abduction case. Harrow and Dass vie to find out about the River Bones clue. Harrow gets there first. After her boyfriend is m...
5 links 30 Mar 2018
Non Sum Qualis Eram E5. Non Sum Qualis Eram
After a woman dies from a drug overdose Fern becomes a suspect. Pavich orders the River Bones be cremated. A second body leads to the supplier.
6 links 06 Apr 2018
Aurum Potestas Est E6. Aurum Potestas Est
Two young travelers are dead and Harrow suspects the involvement of a prominent international businessman, but vested bureaucratic forces confound him at every turn.
7 links 13 Apr 2018
Pia Mater E7. Pia Mater
Dass is taken off the River Bones case. She and Harrow attend a country car accident and learn some dark secrets. Quinn's car is found, Steph is questioned, Fern finds out and tell...
8 links 20 Apr 2018
Peccata Patrisi E8. Peccata Patrisi
A high school student's death investigation is hampered by uncooperative classmates. Steph's home is searched. CCTV footage reveals a new suspect. Harrow is growing suspicious of D...
7 links 27 Apr 2018
Lex Talionis E9. Lex Talionis
A suspicious death at a nursing home causes Harrow to reflect on his own crime, as the investigation into Robert Quinn's murder gains momentum.
7 links 04 May 2018
Mens Rea E10. Mens Rea
As Harrow deals with his most bizarre autopsy yet, Dass and Simon finally close in on the truth about who killed Robert Quinn.
7 links 11 May 2018
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Zee ·8 months ago
I have seen 4th episode of harrow but here you didnt upload the link of second,third and fourth episode? some reason
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