Gold Rush: White Water (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 41 min

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Bray Poor, Dustin Hurt, Fred Hurt

IMDb: TT7749176

Rating: 6.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
Between Craziness & Insanity E1. Between Craziness & Insanity
The Dakota Boys return to McKinley Creek to dive into for millions of gold but the Alaskan winter destroys their mining equipment; Dustin locates the perfect plunge-pool.
12 links 19 Jan 2018
First Gold E2. First Gold
'The Dakota Boys' launch their gold dredge. Fred dives in the raging white water, and despite running out of air, the 72-year-old veteran succeeds in finding their first gold.
3 links 26 Jan 2018
Dredge Down E3. Dredge Down
The first gold nugget promises a monster payday. But when Dustin dives into the danger zone, a torrent where the current moves rocks, a rogue boulder almost costs him his life.
10 links 02 Feb 2018
Boulder Battles E4. Boulder Battles
Fred's ex-boss Todd Hoffman has invested $50,000 in the Dakota Boy's operation. He infuriates Dustin, when he pays a surprise visit in a chopper.
3 links 16 Feb 2018
Inland Tsunami E5. Inland Tsunami
73 year old Dakota Fred gets married for the fourth time and a landslide upstream threatens to unleash a wall of water that could destroy the dive site and drown the miners.
11 links 23 Feb 2018
Boulder Battles E5. Boulder Battles
11 links 16 Feb 2018
Hypothermia E6. Hypothermia
The Dakota Boys' desperate bid to hit bedrock gold is thwarted when 73-year-old Fred's heating system fails mid-dive and he's is overcome by the glacial Alaskan water.
4 links 02 Mar 2018
The Graboid E7. The Graboid
The Dakota Boys are digging down to bedrock gold but when they hit the biggest boulder of the season Dustin is forced to rig a new mechanical solution the Graboid.
3 links 09 Mar 2018
End of Days E8. End of Days
A flash flood rushing down McKinley Creek threatens to kill the crew and destroy their operation, but the Dakota Boys still manage to find more gold than they've got all season.
16 links 16 Mar 2018
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