Ghost Hound (2007) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2007

Duration: 25 min

Genres: Animation, Drama, Horror

Stars: Jun Fukuyama, Kenshô Ono, Sôichirô Hoshi

IMDb: TT1097194

Rating: 7.6/10

Season 1
Season 1
Meiseki yume E1. Meiseki yume
18 Oct 2007
Gankyu-undo-niyoru dakkan saku to sai shori E2. Gankyu-undo-niyoru dakkan saku to sai shori
25 Oct 2007
Kyou-fusei bakuro E3. Kyou-fusei bakuro
01 Nov 2007
Hensei ishiki E4. Hensei ishiki
08 Nov 2007
Taigairidatsu taiken E5. Taigairidatsu taiken
15 Nov 2007
No-no naka no homonculus E6. No-no naka no homonculus
20 Nov 2007
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
Tarou has an accident and ends up in the hospital. Masayuki visits him there and the two boys meet with Dr. Atsushi and Dr. Reika.
29 Nov 2007
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
Dr. Atsushi reviews what he has discovered in his two months as Tarou's counselor. Tarou has another out-of-body experience which reveals many clues to him. Dr. Atsushi believes th...
06 Dec 2007
Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
A dark ghost appears near the place where Tarou's kidnapper was killed. More and more people are beginning to take notice of the strange events that are happening. Tarou and Masayu...
13 Dec 2007
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
Masayuki has become the target of bullies, until Makoto steps in. Tarou discusses a new type of therapy in his session with Dr. Atsushi. Later, Tarou and Masayuki visit the shrine,...
20 Dec 2007
Episode #1.11 E11. Episode #1.11
Tarou's experiences have become so common, that he no longer is disturbed by them until he sees a body floating near the dam. The boys accompany Tarou in checking it out. It seems ...
10 Jan 2008
Episode #1.12 E12. Episode #1.12
The boys experience an ordinary day at school, even though Makoto can't stop thinking about his mother. Tarou meets with Dr. Atsushi, where they talk about homeostasis and the stru...
24 Jan 2008
Episode #1.13 E13. Episode #1.13
As he sleeps, Tarou has another experience, where this time he goes into the past and visits Kameiwa hospital. While there, he meets a stranger named Snark. Afterwards, the three b...
31 Jan 2008
Episode #1.14 E14. Episode #1.14
Before school, Makoto's grandmother tries to tell him something important, but he is not interested. At school, the boys ruminate over what Miyako meant about being possessed. They...
07 Feb 2008
Episode #1.15 E15. Episode #1.15
Tarou takes a bus to Kumada to apologize to Kei. Makoto is also traveling that way and the two discuss their suspicions about Miyako. Masayuki and Michio find a photographer sneaki...
14 Feb 2008
Episode #1.16 E16. Episode #1.16
Tarou accompanies Makoto to confront his mother. Masayuki and Michio try to find more information on DBI and its research when Masayuki has another experience and visits the resear...
21 Feb 2008
Episode #1.17 E17. Episode #1.17
Michio is now able to cross into the Unseen World. Makoto is still in Kumada. Takahito, concerned for Miyako, delved into the concept of the Lord of One Word. Tarou begins to suspe...
28 Feb 2008
Episode #1.18 E18. Episode #1.18
Tarou reflects upon what he said to Miyako. Makoto remains in Kumada, thinking about his mother. The investigation into the DBI continues with Suzuki reporting some new findings to...
06 Mar 2008
Episode #1.19 E19. Episode #1.19
Makoto rescues his mother when the house is destroyed by a fire. She is taken to the hospital, but does not seem to be quite herself. Meanwhile, Takahito has a fall and also taken ...
13 Mar 2008
Episode #1.20 E20. Episode #1.20
Dr. Reika and Dr. Atsushi discuss his MRI scan and discuss the possibility of Lewy Body Dementia. Suzuki begins to investigate both Reika and Makoto's mother. When Miyako is chose ...
20 Mar 2008
Episode #1.21 E21. Episode #1.21
Takahito finally wakes from his coma, but may be unable to help Miyako. Makoto stays with Tarou's family and learns that their fathers were close friends. Tarou, Makoto, Masayuki, ...
27 Mar 2008
Episode #1.22 E22. Episode #1.22
The town prepares for a typhoon and the possible destruction it may cause. Tarou, Masayuki, Makoto, and Michio seem to be the only ones capable of rescuing Miyako from what the Oog...
03 Apr 2008
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