Genius Junior (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Genre: Game-Show

Stars: Neil Patrick Harris, Pamela Healey, Ed Egan, Aiden, Ashley

IMDb: TT7439546

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
These Kids Know Something You Don't Know E1. These Kids Know Something You Don't Know
Rodrigo, Ashley, and Shivani of The Dork Side go up against Sebastian, Michelle, and Aiden of Team on a Roll.
14 links 18 Mar 2018
Who's the Smartest? E2. Who's the Smartest?
Victoria, Tyler and Melody of The Brainy Bunch go up against Ethan, Devananda and Conner of The Superlatives.
5 links 25 Mar 2018
Pint-Sized Genius E3. Pint-Sized Genius
Christopher, Silva and Lance of 99 Problems take on Norah, Matt and Paige of Cheese Cabinet.
6 links 08 Apr 2018
Big Brains, Big Surprises E4. Big Brains, Big Surprises
6 links 15 Apr 2018
Craniums and Brainiums E5. Craniums and Brainiums
5 links 22 Apr 2018
Little Big Thinkers E6. Little Big Thinkers
5 links 29 Apr 2018
The Power Pose E7. The Power Pose
7 links 06 May 2018
Super Duper Brains E8. Super Duper Brains
4 links 06 May 2018
Big Problems, Bigger Brains E9. Big Problems, Bigger Brains
4 links 13 May 2018
Hope for the Future E10. Hope for the Future
5 links 13 May 2018
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