Garo: Guren no tsuki (2015) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2015

Genres: Action, Animation, Fantasy

Stars: Romi Pak, Elizabeth Maxwell, Masei Nakayama

IMDb: TT5420560

Rating: 5.8/10

Season 1
Season 1
Onmyou E1. Onmyou
Within the capital, there are rumors of evil spirits causing mischief in the night. Among those spirits hide creatures from Makai called Horrors that feed on humans. It is up to Ma...
4 links 10 Oct 2015
Tied Sword E2. Tied Sword
Raikou and Seimei take an apprentice assigned by the Watchdog Center under their wing. While rumors of a possible Horror that is killing warriors for their swords are circulating w...
3 links 17 Oct 2015
Curse E3. Curse
Someone has placed curses throughout the mansion of Michinaga, Minister of the Left. The police magistrate immediately begins to investigate, taking all onmyouji that are not from ...
3 links 24 Oct 2015
Kaguya E4. Kaguya
Everyone in the capital is currently gossiping about the beautiful blue-eyed princess Kaguya. Her beauty is breathtaking and suitors fight desperately for her hand in marriage. Rum...
3 links 31 Oct 2015
Hakamadare E5. Hakamadare
Raikou meets Yasusuke again and befriends him. Yasusuke is part of the police magistrate, but in love with a discharged criminal named Kosode. Each struggle with their status. Is t...
2 links 07 Nov 2015
Lurking Demon E6. Lurking Demon
Though parents worry over their children, the children themselves rarely realize. Seimei finds an exquisite item after a day of shopping around Touji Temple, only to have it stolen...
3 links 14 Nov 2015
Mother Daughter E7. Mother Daughter
The seal on Seimei's mother weakens and the Horror within tries to get out. As Douman works to free the Horror buried under Kumano, Michinaga sends Seimei to eliminate the threat. ...
3 links 21 Nov 2015
Brothers E8. Brothers
The Fujiwara household is the next to be attacked by a Horror. Yorinobu visits Seimei in hopes of aid, but Raikou ends up going with Yorinobu alone. Yorinobu unawaringly leads Raik...
3 links 28 Nov 2015
Shine and Ruin E9. Shine and Ruin
Raikou fights a Horror that absorbs light and gets the light of the Golden Armor stolen from him. After eliminating the Horror, Seimei and Kintoki quickly realize that Raikou is st...
3 links 05 Dec 2015
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
7 links 12 Dec 2015
Zanga E11. Zanga
Yasumasa goes in search of the legendary Silver Armor that is said to be passed down the Fujiwara family. At the same time, his little brother, Yasusuke, meets a certain man that w...
3 links 19 Dec 2015
Conflict E12. Conflict
The Raise Gate's construction is coming to an end, but there are shadows moving about in the darkness. Raikou broods over the words left by the knight Zanga as he urges Seimei to r...
2 links 09 Jan 2016
Seimei E13. Seimei
16 Jan 2016
Soul Moon E14. Soul Moon
23 Jan 2016
Worst E15. Worst
1 link 30 Jan 2016
Sinister Evil E16. Sinister Evil
06 Feb 2016
Extinguished Star E17. Extinguished Star
13 Feb 2016
Frenzy E18. Frenzy
3 links 20 Feb 2016
Vessel E19. Vessel
3 links 27 Feb 2016
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