Gakuen Alice (2004) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2004

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: Misato Fukuen, Aya Endô, Dave Bridges

IMDb: TT1914829

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
The School's Going to Be Shut Down E1. The School's Going to Be Shut Down
When Mikan's best friend Hotaru transfers to the mysterious Alice Academy she immediately enrolls to become a student, knowing once you arrive you can never leave.
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Welcome to Alice Academy E2. Welcome to Alice Academy
Mikan meets the other students and is shocked to discover everyone has a special power, which is also known as having a special Alice.
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No Alice Is Going to Defeat Me E3. No Alice Is Going to Defeat Me
When the class finds out that Mikan doesn't know her own Alice, Natsume challenges her: If she can survive going through the North Forest then he and the rest of class will accept ...
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This Is My Alice E4. This Is My Alice
Natsume is angered during a dispute and tries to burn Mikan with his fire Alice, but a bright blue light intervenes and Natsume is unable to use his powers. Could this be Mikan's A...
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The Star Ranking System Sure Can Be Severe E5. The Star Ranking System Sure Can Be Severe
Mikan discovers she has the nullification Alice, but after upsetting a teacher, she is given a no star and must live with the worst of everything including food, dorm, and chores.
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I'm a Good-for-Nothing Type? E6. I'm a Good-for-Nothing Type?
Mikan feels her Alice is useless compared to her classmates' cool powers. Luckily her sadness subsides after meeting Tsubasa, a middle school student who happens to be in her group...
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Not Gonna Lose - Alice Dodgeball E7. Not Gonna Lose - Alice Dodgeball
Mikan challenges Natsume to a dodge ball game where using your Alice is fair play.
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I Want to See Grandpa E8. I Want to See Grandpa
Mikan is upset with Narumi who hasn't been mailing her letters home. But she has a change of heart when he comes to her rescue during a dangerous situation.
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My Dear Master Hotaru E9. My Dear Master Hotaru
A robot that Hotaru built named Amanatsu is desperate to help during a student competition and will stop at nothing to find a way to be useful.
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So Exciting - Central Town E10. So Exciting - Central Town
Mikan and Natsume decide to embark on a journey to Central Town, the mall where everything sold is made by Alices.
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Alice Training Currently in Session E11. Alice Training Currently in Session
Mikan's dorm catches on fire, which brings back unpleasant memories for Natsume. When all the students use their Alices to help put it out, Mikan learns that her Alice only works w...
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The School Festival Is Coming E12. The School Festival Is Coming
The two-week school festival has begun and students have the opportunity to win a prize if they perform. Can Mikan convince her group to use their Alices in competition?
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Chase the Top Star E13. Chase the Top Star
Reo, a former student and now-famous singer, performs during the festival. However, the big star has other plans besides a performance. His real mission is to kidnap Natsume!
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Get Natsume Back E14. Get Natsume Back
During a rescue mission, Mikan and Sumire feign unconsciousness and discover dark secrets about Alice Academy.
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Let's Go Back to the Academy E15. Let's Go Back to the Academy
During a daring rescue mission Mikam must convince Natsume to refrain from blowing himself up.
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Maze Match: The Magic Lamp E16. Maze Match: The Magic Lamp
Narumi, Natsume, Ruka, and Sumire work to spark interest in a special maze game that's been set up for the festival.
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Hotaru's Secret E17. Hotaru's Secret
Mikan joins Natsume and Ruka for the rest of the festival and as the festivities continue a surprise relationship is revealed that shocks everyone.
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Alone in the Dark Together E18. Alone in the Dark Together
Mikan and Natsume end up at a haunted house attraction. Things turn very spooky when they get separated from the rest of the group and become trapped in the house by a wall that su...
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Raise the Curtain - Snow White in the Sleeping Forest E19. Raise the Curtain - Snow White in the Sleeping Forest
After an accident that involves Hotaru, a camera, and a sticky substance, Mikan ends up playing the prince and Natsume ends up playing a jungle cat during a festival play performan...
Last Dance with Whom? E20. Last Dance with Whom?
When it's time for the festival's last dance, both Natsume and Ruka want to partner with an oblivious Mikan.
Strive for the Honor Student Award E21. Strive for the Honor Student Award
Those with top exam marks are rewarded with a trip back to their family and a Central Town shopping ticket. As Mikan dedicates herself to studying the student body follows suit.
The Bear and the Prince E22. The Bear and the Prince
Kaname, who possesses the Alice of putting souls into dolls, creates some for his classmates but the students soon learn his Alice comes at a price.
The Circus Has Arrived E23. The Circus Has Arrived
The circus has come to Alice Academy and Mikan, who is inpired by the show, begins preaching that students should refrain from using their Alices.
Mr. Narumi's a Liar E24. Mr. Narumi's a Liar
The students rebel when Natsume is forced to go on another mission, which causes them to become angry and restless.
Take Back the Academy E25. Take Back the Academy
Upon finding out that Reo was behind everything, the students change sides and work together with the teachers to bring him down.
Friendship Is Endless E26. Friendship Is Endless
Mikan finds out that Hotaru is transferring after graduation. Can she let Hotaru go while maintaining their friendship?
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