Friends (1994) TV Series Free Watch

Follows the lives of six 20-something friends living in Manhattan.

Years: 1994−2004

Duration: 22 min

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Writers: David Crane, Marta Kauffman

Stars: Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow

IMDb: TT0108778

Rating: 9/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate
Monica and the gang introduce Rachel to the "real world" after she leaves her fiancé at the altar.
18 links 22 Sep 1994
E2. The One with the Sonogram at the End
Ross finds out his ex-wife is pregnant. Rachel returns her engagement ring to Barry. Monica becomes stressed when her and Ross's parents come to visit.
17 links 29 Sep 1994
E3. The One with the Thumb
Monica becomes irritated when everyone likes her new boyfriend more than she does. Chandler resumes his smoking habit. Phoebe is given $7000 when she finds a thumb in a can of soda...
15 links 06 Oct 1994
E4. The One with George Stephanopoulos
Joey and Chandler take Ross to a hockey game to take his mind off the anniversary of the first time he slept with Carol, while the girls become depressed when they realize they don...
18 links 13 Oct 1994
E5. The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
Eager to spend time with Rachel, Ross pretends his washroom is rat-infested so he can join her at the laundromat. Meanwhile, Joey has Monica pose as his girlfriend, and Chandler st...
19 links 20 Oct 1994
E6. The One with the Butt
Monica's obsessiveness is put to the test after Rachel cleans the apartment. Joey lands a film role as Al Pacino's butt double. Chandler enjoys a relationship with all of the fun b...
19 links 27 Oct 1994
E7. The One with the Blackout
When New York suffers from a blackout, Ross tries to tell Rachel that he likes her, and Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a model.
19 links 03 Nov 1994
E8. The One Where Nana Dies Twice
Monica and Ross mourn the loss of their grandmother. Chandler is shocked to find that people think he is gay.
21 links 10 Nov 1994
The One Where Underdog Gets Away E9. The One Where Underdog Gets Away
The gang's plans for Thanksgiving go awry after they get locked out of Monica and Rachel's apartment.
17 links 17 Nov 1994
E10. The One with the Monkey
The gang make (and break) a pact not to bring dates to their New Years Eve party. Phoebe starts dating a scientist. Ross compensates for his loneliness by getting a monkey.
18 links 15 Dec 1994
E11. The One with Mrs. Bing
Chandler's flamboyant romance-novelist mother comes to visit, and Joey catches her kissing Ross. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe fight over a guy in a coma.
18 links 05 Jan 1995
E12. The One with the Dozen Lasagnas
Rachel and Paolo's relationship hits a snag after he gropes Phoebe. Ross has a hard time not knowing the sex of his and Carol's baby. Joey and Chandler get a foosball table.
17 links 12 Jan 1995
E13. The One with the Boobies
Joey finds out his dad has a mistress. Rachel tries to even the score after Chandler inadvertently catches a glimpse of her breasts. Phoebe dates a shrink who analyzes the gang.
18 links 19 Jan 1995
E14. The One with the Candy Hearts
As Valentine's Day approaches; Ross and his date end up at the same restaurant as Carol and Susan, Joey inadvertently sets Chandler up on a blind date with Janice, and the girls bu...
15 links 09 Feb 1995
E15. The One with the Stoned Guy
Monica cooks a gourmet meal for a restaurateur who is looking for a new chef, however he arrives at the apartment stoned. Meanwhile, Ross tries to master 'dirty talk'.
18 links 16 Feb 1995
E16. The One with Two Parts: Part 1
Phoebe feels neglected when Joey falls for her twin sister. Chandler struggles to fire an attractive co-worker. Ross attends Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan.
18 links 23 Feb 1995
E17. The One with Two Parts: Part 2
Rachel switches identities with Monica so she can use her health insurance. Meanwhile, Ursula continues to come between Phoebe and Joey.
13 links 23 Feb 1995
E18. The One with All the Poker
As Rachel interviews for a new job, the girls take on the guys in a game of poker.
16 links 02 Mar 1995
E19. The One Where the Monkey Gets Away
The gang frantically search for Ross's monkey Marcel after Rachel loses him.
18 links 09 Mar 1995
The One with the Evil Orthodontist E20. The One with the Evil Orthodontist
The gang become annoyed after they discover someone is spying on them from the building across the street. Rachel and Barry start dating again, even though he is engaged to Mindy. ...
20 links 06 Apr 1995
E21. The One with the Fake Monica
Monica befriends the woman who stole her credit card. Ross is forced to give away Marcel. Joey tries to come up with a less ethnic-sounding stage name.
17 links 27 Apr 1995
The One with the Ick Factor E22. The One with the Ick Factor
Monica gets a shock when she finds out her boyfriend is a high school student. Chandler finds out his colleagues don't like him when Phoebe temps as his secretary.
16 links 04 May 1995
E23. The One with the Birth
As Carol goes into labor; Ross and Susan argue, Rachel flirts with Carol's doctor, and Joey assists a pregnant single mother.
17 links 11 May 1995
The One Where Rachel Finds Out E24. The One Where Rachel Finds Out
As Ross leaves for China, Chandler accidentally reveals Ross's feelings for Rachel. Joey takes part in a fertility study and is unable to sleep with his new girlfriend.
18 links 18 May 1995
Season 2
Season 2
E1. The One with Ross's New Girlfriend
Rachel waits for Ross at the airport, unaware he has a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Chandler has a frightening experience with Joey's tailor, and Phoebe gives Monica a bad haircut.
16 links 21 Sep 1995
E2. The One with the Breast Milk
Monica goes shopping with Julie and tries to keep it a secret from Rachel. Ross is grossed out by Carol's breast milk. At his day job, Joey competes with a fellow cologne spritzer.
21 links 28 Sep 1995
E3. The One Where Heckles Dies
After Mr. Heckles dies and leaves all his belongings to Monica and Rachel, Chandler worries he will die alone just like him. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Ross argue over evolution.
17 links 05 Oct 1995
E4. The One with Phoebe's Husband
When the gang find out Phoebe married a gay Canadian ice dancer for a green card, more of their secrets are revealed. Meanwhile, Rachel gives Ross bad advice on his relationship wi...
17 links 12 Oct 1995
E5. The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant
The gang are divided by income issues; Monica, Ross and Chandler have money, and Rachel, Phoebe and Joey don't.
18 links 19 Oct 1995
The One with the Baby on the Bus E6. The One with the Baby on the Bus
Joey and Chandler are left to babysit Ben when Monica takes Ross to the hospital. Meanwhile, Phoebe loses her singing gig at Central Perk to a professional singer.
18 links 02 Nov 1995
E7. The One Where Ross Finds Out
A drunken Rachel calls Ross and reveals her feelings for him on his answering machine. Meanwhile, Monica finds work as Chandler's personal trainer.
19 links 09 Nov 1995
E8. The One with the List
Ross makes a list of pros and cons to decide whether to be with Julie or Rachel. Meanwhile, Monica gets a job making food with a disgusting synthetic chocolate substitute.
19 links 16 Nov 1995
The One with Phoebe's Dad E9. The One with Phoebe's Dad
Phoebe tracks down her father, but isn't sure whether she should meet him. Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him.
16 links 14 Dec 1995
E10. The One with Russ
Monica gets back together with 'Fun Bobby' and realizes why he is always so upbeat. Rachel starts dating a guy called Russ who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ross.
17 links 04 Jan 1996
The One with the Lesbian Wedding E11. The One with the Lesbian Wedding
Rachel's mom comes to visit with big news. Monica caters Carol and Susan's wedding. Phoebe becomes 'possessed' by the spirit of a recently deceased client.
20 links 18 Jan 1996
E12. The One After the Superbowl: Part 1
Ross goes to visit Marcel whilst on a trip to California and discovers he is working in commercials. Joey receives a fan letter from an attractive but unstable woman. Phoebe is ask...
16 links 28 Jan 1996
The One After the Superbowl: Part 2 E13. The One After the Superbowl: Part 2
Ross finds Marcel on the set of a new movie, where Chandler bumps into a former schoolmate. Meanwhile, Rachel and Monica compete for the affections of Jean-Claude Van Damme.
13 links 28 Jan 1996
E14. The One with the Prom Video
The gang watch a home video from the night of Monica and Rachel's prom. Joey gives Chandler a hideous bracelet.
17 links 01 Feb 1996
The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know E15. The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know
Monica becomes infatuated with a friend of her parents when she caters a party for him. Ross and Rachel go on their first date. Joey and Chandler refuse to move when they get a new...
19 links 08 Feb 1996
E16. The One Where Joey Moves Out
Joey and Chandler's friendship is jeopardized when Joey decides to move out. Monica worries about her parents finding out about her relationship with Richard when they attend a par...
15 links 15 Feb 1996
E17. The One Where Eddie Moves In
Joey shows the friends his new apartment. Chandler and Joey miss each other and watch Baywatch in their apartments while talking on the phone together. Phoebe gets a chance to reco...
17 links 22 Feb 1996
E18. The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies
Chandler finds out Eddy is not only much less fun then Joey, but positively crazy and frighteningly suspicious and inconsistent. Ross is stressing out to learn Rachel has 'animal s...
18 links 21 Mar 1996
E19. The One Where Eddie Won't Go
Chandler demands that Eddie move out, however he doesn't seem to get the message. Meanwhile, a book on empowerment for women inspires the girls.
16 links 28 Mar 1996
E20. The One Where Old Yeller Dies
Phoebe's world view is shattered when she learns how Old Yeller really ends. Monica becomes jealous when Richard starts hanging out with Chandler and Joey. Rachel panics when she l...
17 links 04 Apr 1996
The One with the Bullies E21. The One with the Bullies
Chandler and Ross run into two bullies at Central Perk. Monica tries her luck at the stock market to avoid taking a job at a tacky 1950s themed diner. Phoebe drives upstate for a s...
18 links 25 Apr 1996
E22. The One with the Two Parties
Chaos ensues when Rachel's recently divorced parents show up at her surprise birthday party.
17 links 02 May 1996
The One with the Chicken Pox E23. The One with the Chicken Pox
Phoebe catches chicken pox just as an old flame arrives in town on leave from the Navy. Joey gets a job at Chandler's office. Monica is upset that Richard doesn't have any quirks.
15 links 09 May 1996
E24. The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding
Rachel reluctantly agrees to be maid of honor at her ex-fiancé Barry's wedding. Monica ponders her future with Richard. Joey tries to practice kissing guys to get a role in Warren ...
16 links 16 May 1996
Season 3
Season 3
E1. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy
Monica suffers from insomnia following her breakup with Richard. Joey struggles to accept Chandler and Janice's relationship. Ross confides in Rachel about one of his fantasies.
17 links 16 Sep 1996
The One Where No One's Ready E2. The One Where No One's Ready
A stressed Ross desperately tries to get the rest of the gang ready for a black tie event at the museum.
20 links 26 Sep 1996
E3. The One with the Jam
Monica tries to get over Richard by using her free time to make jam and considers artificial insemination through a sperm bank. Phoebe is stalked by a man who mistakes her for Ursu...
17 links 03 Oct 1996
E4. The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel
Chandler tries to get over his fear of commitment. Phoebe poses as Joey's agent after she forgets to tell him about an audition. Ross panics after seeing Ben with a Barbie doll.
18 links 10 Oct 1996
E5. The One with Frank Jr.
Phoebe has trouble bonding with her half-brother Frank when he comes to visit. Joey attempts to build an entertainment center. Ross is challenged to name the five celebrities he'd ...
16 links 17 Oct 1996
E6. The One with the Flashback
The gang remember the events three years ago, when several of them almost slept together.
19 links 31 Oct 1996
E7. The One with the Race Car Bed
Joey becomes a learning extension teacher in soap acting, and loves the respect from even more clueless kids. Monica chooses a ridiculously cheap bed from Janices ex; Phoebe signs ...
16 links 07 Nov 1996
E8. The One with the Giant Poking Device
Chandler is devastated after Joey tells him he saw Janice kissing her ex-husband. Monica accidentally bumps Ben's head into a post when she and Rachel babysit.
19 links 14 Nov 1996
The One with the Football E9. The One with the Football
Sibling rivalry between Monica and Ross dominates Thanksgiving proceedings when the gang decide to play a game of football.
18 links 21 Nov 1996
E10. The One Where Rachel Quits
Ross accidentally breaks a little girl's leg and tries to help her sell boxes of cookies. Rachel quits her job at Central Perk.
17 links 12 Dec 1996
E11. The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister
A drunken Chandler fools around with one of Joey's sisters - but he can't remember which one. Ross becomes skeptical when a guy at the diner gets Rachel an interview for a position...
16 links 09 Jan 1997
E12. The One with All the Jealousy
Ross becomes insanely jealous of Mark. Monica hooks up with a co-worker, who writes her a poem with a hidden meaning. Joey's numerous lies on his resume catch up to him when he tak...
15 links 16 Jan 1997
The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends E13. The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends
Monica's willpower is tested when she bumps into Richard. Joey and Rachel exchange their favourite books. Phoebe dates an athletic guy with a wardrobe malfunction.
16 links 30 Jan 1997
E14. The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner
Phoebe's ex singing partner Leslie plays at Central Perk. Leslie left the duo and Phoebe is still mad but Leslie wants them to play together again. Ross is delighted to hear that M...
13 links 06 Feb 1997
E15. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break
After a bitter fight with Rachel, Ross ends up sleeping with another woman. Phoebe dates a Diplomat who needs an interpretor to speak with her.
16 links 13 Feb 1997
The One the Morning After E16. The One the Morning After
Ross is guilt-ridden after sleeping with Chloe and desperately tries to stop Rachel from finding out.
15 links 20 Feb 1997
E17. The One Without the Ski Trip
When Ross rescues the group after they've become stranded on the way to a ski trip he wasn't invited on, the rest of the gang are forced to address the hostility between him and Ra...
14 links 06 Mar 1997
E18. The One with the Hypnosis Tape
Monica goes out with a guy who turns out to be a software billionaire. Chandler's stop smoking hypnosis tape has an unexpected side effect. Frank makes a surprise announcement that...
15 links 13 Mar 1997
The One with the Tiny T-Shirt E19. The One with the Tiny T-Shirt
Rachel goes on her first date after splitting from Ross, with Mark. Joey clashes with his co-star in his new play. Monica continues to date Pete, even though she is still not attra...
15 links 27 Mar 1997
E20. The One with the Dollhouse
Kate is the first woman Joey liked who doesn't like him back. Monica's and Ross' aunt Sylvia died and Monica inherits the dollhouse with which she was never allowed to play. Monica...
17 links 10 Apr 1997
E21. The One with the Chick and the Duck
Joey buys a chick for him and Chandler, Pete offers Monica a job at his restaurant, and Ross gives up being on TV for Rachel.
15 links 17 Apr 1997
The One with the Screamer E22. The One with the Screamer
Ross witnesses Rachel's date screaming at people, however noone believes him. Meanwhile, Joey becomes upset when Kate is offered a job in Los Angeles, and Phoebe refuses to hang up...
15 links 24 Apr 1997
E23. The One with Ross's Thing
Ross seeks medical help when he finds a mysterious skin condition on his behind. Phoebe struggles to choose between two guys. Monica can't decide what to do about Pete when she thi...
15 links 01 May 1997
The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion E24. The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion
Monica struggles to support Pete in his goal to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Chandler is unnerved when his boss slaps his butt. Rachel becomes jealous when Ross starts da...
14 links 08 May 1997
E25. The One at the Beach
The gang go to the beach to learn more about Phoebe's family, where a jealous Rachel sabotages Ross and Bonnie's relationship.
14 links 15 May 1997
Season 4
Season 4
The One with the Jellyfish E1. The One with the Jellyfish
Ross and Rachel get back together after Ross unknowingly takes full responsibility for their breakup. Phoebe becomes angry after learning the truth about her birth mother. Monica i...
18 links 25 Sep 1997
E2. The One with the Cat
Phoebe becomes convinced that the spirit of her dead mother is inside a cat. Chandler and Joey are robbed. Monica goes on a date with a guy from her high school.
15 links 02 Oct 1997
E3. The One with the 'Cuffs
Monica tries to avoid criticism when she caters a party for her mother. Chandler ends up half naked and handcuffed to a chair in Rachel's boss's office. Joey tries to get educated.
16 links 09 Oct 1997
E4. The One with the Ballroom Dancing
Joey is forced to help Treeger learn how to dance after he threatens to have Monica and Rachel evicted. Phoebe develops a crush on one of her clients. Ross tries to help Chandler q...
17 links 16 Oct 1997
The One with Joey's New Girlfriend E5. The One with Joey's New Girlfriend
Chandler develops feelings for Joey's new girlfriend. Ross and Rachel try to make each other jealous with their dates. Phoebe's cold gives her a sexy singing voice.
18 links 30 Oct 1997
The One with the Dirty Girl E6. The One with the Dirty Girl
Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler buys a better birthday present for Kathy than Joey. Phoebe helps Moni...
15 links 06 Nov 1997
E7. The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line
Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy. Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone except Phoebe thinks he's terrible.
15 links 13 Nov 1997
The One with Chandler in a Box E8. The One with Chandler in a Box
Chandler desperately tries to earn Joey's forgiveness. Monica accidentally gets ice in her eye and her doctor turns out to be Richard's son.
15 links 20 Nov 1997
E9. The One Where They're Going to Party!
Phoebe and Monica get a van for their catering business. Rachel applies for a job as assistant buyer. An old friend and party wizard wants to visit Ross and Chandler. They are exci...
16 links 11 Dec 1997
E10. The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie
Ross meets an amazing girl from Poughkeepsie on the train. Rachel hates to be alone around the festive season. She doesn't necessarily need a real relationship but would love to ha...
16 links 18 Dec 1997
E11. The One with Phoebe's Uterus
Phoebe's brother Frank and Alice got married. They were trying to get pregnant but it didn't work out. They ask Phoebe if she could bear their baby. Joey gets a job as a tour guide...
15 links 08 Jan 1998
E12. The One with the Embryos
Phoebe's uterus is examined for implantation of the embryos. Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless game between Chandler and Joey and Monica and Rachel escalates into a full-blown contes...
16 links 15 Jan 1998
The One with Rachel's Crush E13. The One with Rachel's Crush
After seeing Kathy's play, Chandler becomes convinced she is cheating on him with her co-star. Rachel develops a crush on one of her customers. Monica becomes jealous when she real...
16 links 29 Jan 1998
E14. The One with Joey's Dirty Day
After a fishing trip, Joey forgets to shower before working on a movie starring Charlton Heston. Rachel sets Ross up with her boss's niece so that she can go to a nightclub with Jo...
16 links 05 Feb 1998
E15. The One with All the Rugby
Chandler bumps into Janice, and finds her more irritating than ever. Meanwhile, Ross attempts to learn how to play rugby to impress Emily, and Monica obsesses over a switch.
14 links 26 Feb 1998
E16. The One with the Fake Party
Rachel organizes a leaving party for Emily so she can spend time with Joshua. Phoebe develops cravings for meat.
19 links 19 Mar 1998
E17. The One with the Free Porn
Chandler and Joey discover that they're getting a free porn channel on their TV. Ross tells Emily he loves her just as she leaves for London. Phoebe gets a shock when she visits he...
15 links 26 Mar 1998
E18. The One with Rachel's New Dress
Rachel has an awkward encounter with Joshua's parents. Phoebe is offered the chance to name one of the triplets. Ross becomes paranoid when Emily goes to London with Susan.
20 links 02 Apr 1998
E19. The One with All the Haste
Ross proposes to Emily. Monica and Rachel try to win their apartment back from Chandler and Joey.
13 links 09 Apr 1998
The One with All the Wedding Dresses E20. The One with All the Wedding Dresses
Monica tries on Emily's wedding dress, and can't stop wearing it. Jealous of Ross's proposal to Emily, Rachel tries to talk Joshua into marriage. Chandler takes Joey to a sleep cli...
19 links 16 Apr 1998
E21. The One with the Invitation
As Ross and Emily send out wedding invitations, he and Rachel each look back on their relationship together.
16 links 23 Apr 1998
E22. The One with the Worst Best Man Ever
Ross decides that Joey will be his best man but after the bachelor party Joey sleeps with the stripper they hired and she steals Ross' ring. Phoebe has terrible mood swings and is ...
15 links 30 Apr 1998
The One with Ross's Wedding: Part One E23. The One with Ross's Wedding: Part One
Phoebe tries to help Rachel deal with her feelings as the rest of the gang head to London for Ross and Emily's wedding.
17 links 07 May 1998
The One with Ross's Wedding: Part Two E24. The One with Ross's Wedding: Part Two
Phoebe tries to warn the gang that Rachel is coming to London to tell Ross she still loves him. Ross and Emily's parents get into an argument over the bill for the wedding.
11 links 07 May 1998
Season 5
Season 5
E1. The One After Ross Says Rachel
A humiliated Emily runs away after Ross says Rachel's name at the altar. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica struggle to get time alone together.
19 links 24 Sep 1998
E2. The One with All the Kissing
Chandler kisses Rachel and Phoebe to cover up a kiss he gave to Monica. Phoebe becomes irritated when the gang constantly talk about London. Rachel puts Monica in charge of her lov...
19 links 01 Oct 1998
The One Hundredth E3. The One Hundredth
The gang take Phoebe to the hospital after she goes into labor. Monica threatens to go on a date with a nurse after Chandler claims they are 'just goofing around'.
18 links 08 Oct 1998
E4. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
Ross finally gets in touch with Emily. Chandler begins to gloat after Rachel reveals that Monica's 'secret boyfriend' is the best sex she ever had.
19 links 18 Oct 1998
E5. The One with the Kips
Chandler and Monica go away for the weekend but spend the entire time fighting. Ross tries to tell Rachel about his agreement with Emily.
17 links 29 Oct 1998
E6. The One with the Yeti
The gang become frustrated with Emily's demands. Monica and Rachel mistake their new neighbor for a yeti. Phoebe receives a fur coat from her mother.
18 links 05 Nov 1998
E7. The One Where Ross Moves In
Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey after Emily's cousin kicks him out of his apartment. Phoebe dates a health inspector. Rachel plays hard-to-get with Danny.
18 links 12 Nov 1998
E8. The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks
The gang remember their worst Thanksgivings.
19 links 19 Nov 1998
E9. The One with Ross's Sandwich
Joey finds himself constantly covering for Monica and Chandler. Ross becomes angry when someone at work eats his sandwich. Phoebe and Rachel attend a literature class.
15 links 10 Dec 1998
The One with the Inappropriate Sister E10. The One with the Inappropriate Sister
A bored Ross wreaks havoc in Chandler and Joey's lives. Rachel is disturbed by Danny's relationship with his sister. Phoebe runs into trouble whilst collecting donations for the po...
19 links 17 Dec 1998
E11. The One with All the Resolutions
The gang make their New Years resolutions. Chandler struggles to not make jokes about everyone. Rachel uncovers a secret. Ross runs into trouble when he wears leather pants on a da...
19 links 07 Jan 1999
E12. The One with Chandler's Work Laugh
Monica becomes annoyed at how Chandler sucks up to his boss. Ross hooks up with Janice when he finds out Emily is getting married.
18 links 21 Jan 1999
E13. The One with Joey's Bag
Phoebe's grandmother dies, and is shocked when her father turns up at the funeral. Meanwhile, Rachel gives Joey a "man's bag" for an audition, and Chandler is scared to tell Monica...
17 links 04 Feb 1999
The One Where Everybody Finds Out E14. The One Where Everybody Finds Out
When Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, she and Rachel start messing with them and attempt to get them to confess their relationship.
17 links 11 Feb 1999
E15. The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey
Ross makes enemies out of his new neighbours. Chandler freaks out about his relationship with Monica. Joey dates a girl who likes to punch him.
19 links 18 Feb 1999
E16. The One with the Cop
Joey has a dream about Monica and becomes convinced he is in love with her. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds a police badge in Central Perk, and Ross tries to get his new sofa into his apar...
16 links 25 Feb 1999
E17. The One with Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
Rachel has an awkward encounter when she interviews for a new job. Monica becomes jealous of Phoebe and Gary. Joey searches for a 'hot girl' in Ross's building.
17 links 18 Mar 1999
E18. The One Where Rachel Smokes
Rachel takes up smoking to feel more included at work. Joey auditions for a soup commercial with Ben. Monica and Phoebe plan Rachel's birthday party.
17 links 08 Apr 1999
E19. The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
As Joey's grandmother visits to watch him on TV, Ross has trouble flirting with the pizza delivery girl, and Rachel tries to find one of Monica's earrings.
16 links 22 Apr 1999
E20. The One with the Ride Along
The guys go on a ride along with Gary. Rachel accidentally deletes a message from Emily on Ross's answering machine.
16 links 29 Apr 1999
E21. The One with the Ball
Gary asks Phoebe to move in with him. Ross and Joey start a ball throwing contest. Rachel buys a cat.
17 links 06 May 1999
The One with Joey's Big Break E22. The One with Joey's Big Break
Joey drives to Las Vegas to shoot for a new movie. Rachel gets an eye infection. Phoebe is mad at Ross, but doesn't know why.
16 links 11 May 1999
The One in Vegas: Part 1 E23. The One in Vegas: Part 1
The gang go to Las Vegas to visit Joey. Chandler is angry when he finds out Monica had lunch with Richard. Ross and Rachel try to embarrass each other after an awkward encounter.
15 links 20 May 1999
E24. The One in Vegas: Part 2
Chandler and Monica reconcile and hastily decide to get married. Ross and Rachel get drunk and roam the casino. Phoebe deals with a 'lurker' on the slot machines.
9 links 20 May 1999
Season 6
Season 6
E1. The One After Vegas
Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. Monica and Chandler ponder the i...
11 links 23 Sep 1999
E2. The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Monica and Chandler try to tell Rachel and Joey that they're moving in together. Phoebe thinks that Ross didn't get the annulment because he still loves Rachel.
18 links 30 Sep 1999
E3. The One with Ross's Denial
Ross tries to deny he still has feelings for Rachel. Joey interviews for a new roommate. Monica and Chandler argue over what to do with the spare room when they move in together.
16 links 07 Oct 1999
E4. The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance
Joey's health benefits lapse just as he develops a hernia. Ross is given a professorship at NYU and eager to impress his students, he puts on a fake English accent.
18 links 14 Oct 1999
E5. The One with Joey's Porsche
Ross and Rachel try to get an annulment, Joey finds the keys to a porsche in Central Perk, and Phoebe, Monica and Chandler babysit the triplets.
16 links 21 Oct 1999
E6. The One on the Last Night
On the last night before Chandler and Monica move in together, Monica and Rachel argue, and Chandler tries to give Joey money to help him pay the bills.
16 links 04 Nov 1999
The One Where Phoebe Runs E7. The One Where Phoebe Runs
Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe's odd running style. Joey gets a new roommate. Chandler tries to impress Monica by cleaning the apartment but forgets how everything is supposed to ...
18 links 04 Nov 1999
E8. The One with Ross' Teeth
Ross goes too far while trying to impress a date by over-whitening his teeth. Rachel uses gossip to get her boss to like her after Phoebe supposedly makes out with Ralph Lauren.
16 links 18 Nov 1999
E9. The One Where Ross Got High
Ross is forced to reveal the reason why Jack and Judy don't like Chandler. Rachel tries to make dessert for the gang. Joey and Ross try to get out of Thanksgiving when they are inv...
18 links 25 Nov 1999
E10. The One with the Routine
On the set of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve", Joey tries to kiss Janine at midnight and Monica and Ross resurrect their dance routine from high school. Meanwhile, Rachel, Ph...
18 links 16 Dec 1999
E11. The One with the Apothecary Table
Joey is caught in the middle when Janine tells him she doesn't like Monica and Chandler. Meanwhile, Rachel buys an apothecary table from a store that Phoebe hates.
19 links 06 Jan 2000
The One with the Joke E12. The One with the Joke
Chandler and Ross argue over a joke. Meanwhile, Joey reluctantly takes a waiter job at Central Perk, and Monica becomes annoyed when Phoebe says she would choose Rachel over her as...
18 links 13 Jan 2000
The One with Rachel's Sister E13. The One with Rachel's Sister
Rachel's younger sister arrives in New York and goes on a date with Ross. Meanwhile, Monica won't admit that she is sick.
17 links 03 Feb 2000
The One Where Chandler Can't Cry E14. The One Where Chandler Can't Cry
Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship. Joey is shocked to find that people think Phoebe is a porn star. Chandler admits he hasn't cried since ...
16 links 10 Feb 2000
The One That Could Have Been: Part 1 E15. The One That Could Have Been: Part 1
When Rachel hears Barry and Mindy are getting divorced, the gang wonder how different their lives could have been.
18 links 17 Feb 2000
E16. The One That Could Have Been: Part 2
The gang continue to think about how different their lives could have been.
4 links 17 Feb 2000
E17. The One with Unagi
Rachel and Phoebe take self-defense classes. Chandler and Monica agree to give each other homemade presents for Valentine's Day. Joey tries to get money through medical research.
19 links 24 Feb 2000
E18. The One Where Ross Dates a Student
Ross jeopardizes his career when he starts dating a student from one of his palaeontology classes. Rachel and Phoebe's apartment catches fire.
17 links 09 Mar 2000
E19. The One with Joey's Fridge
Joey tries to get everyone to pay for his broken fridge. Ross becomes paranoid when Elizabeth makes plans for spring break. Monica and Chandler compete against Phoebe to find Rache...
16 links 23 Mar 2000
E20. The One with Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.
Chandler forgets to write down a message for Joey when the time of his audition for the lead in a TV show is changed.
15 links 13 Apr 2000
The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad E21. The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad
Elizabeth's father takes an instant disliking to Ross. Joey almost gets fired from "Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E." after offending the operator of the robot. Phoebe writes a book based on M...
17 links 27 Apr 2000
The One Where Paul's the Man E22. The One Where Paul's the Man
Paul threatens to have Ross fired from the university if he continues to date Elizabeth. The girls put their names down on a waiting list for a wedding venue.
15 links 04 May 2000
E23. The One with the Ring
Chandler and Phoebe go looking for an engagement ring for Monica. Rachel tries to get Paul to open up to her.
17 links 11 May 2000
E24. The One with the Proposal: Part 1
Chandler's plan to propose to Monica at dinner is interrupted by Richard. Joey accidentally buys a boat at a silent auction. Ross and Elizabeth's relationship comes to a crossroad.
16 links 18 May 2000
E25. The One with the Proposal: Part 2
Chandler continues to pretend to hate the idea of marriage, unaware Richard wants Monica back. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe discuss their 'back-up' plans.
8 links 18 May 2000
Season 7
Season 7
The One with Monica's Thunder E1. The One with Monica's Thunder
The gang celebrate Monica and Chandler's engagement, however Ross and Rachel upstage them by briefly reuniting.
17 links 12 Oct 2000
The One with Rachel's Book E2. The One with Rachel's Book
Monica learns her parents have spent her entire wedding fund. Phoebe temporarily moves into Ross's apartment, bringing her massage clients with her. Joey mocks Rachel when he finds...
15 links 12 Oct 2000
E3. The One with Phoebe's Cookies
Monica tries to figure out Phoebe's grandmother's secret cookie recipe. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail, and Chandler has an awkward encounter when he tries to bo...
16 links 19 Oct 2000
E4. The One with Rachel's Assistant
Chaos ensues when Monica and Chandler decide to share each other's secrets. Rachel gets a promotion and interviews for an assistant. Joey is offered the chance to go back on "Days ...
19 links 26 Oct 2000
E5. The One with the Engagement Picture
Chandler struggles to photograph well for his and Monica's engagement picture. Joey teaches Tag how to pick up women, much to Rachel's annoyance. Phoebe and Ross date a couple who ...
18 links 02 Nov 2000
E6. The One with the Nap Partners
Joey and Ross accidentally take a nap together and much to their dismay, find that they like it. Phoebe and Rachel compete to become Monica's maid of honor.
19 links 09 Nov 2000
E7. The One with Ross's Library Book
Monica runs into Janice and Janice is shocked to hear that she is getting married to Chandler but invites herself and her boyfriend to the wedding. Ross' doctoral dissertation can ...
16 links 16 Nov 2000
E8. The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
It's Thanksgiving and the friends and Tag are preparing for dinner. Phoebe secretly keeps a dog she is watching for friends who went out of town in her room at Monica and Chandler'...
16 links 23 Nov 2000
The One with All the Candy E9. The One with All the Candy
Monica makes candy for their neighbours even though they don't know them. The neighbours love the candy and Monica becomes very popular in the building. Rachel and Tag try to hide ...
17 links 07 Dec 2000
The One with the Holiday Armadillo E10. The One with the Holiday Armadillo
Ross wants to introduce Ben to Chanukah. In order to entice Rachel to move back into their refurbished apartment, Pheobe must drive a wedge between Rachel and current roomie Joey.
15 links 14 Dec 2000
The One with All the Cheesecakes E11. The One with All the Cheesecakes
Chandler and Rachel eat a cheesecake that was accidentally delivered to their door and it's the best cheesecake they've ever had. Another cheesecake gets delivered and they try to ...
19 links 04 Jan 2001
The One Where They're Up All Night E12. The One Where They're Up All Night
After the gang head up to the roof to see a passing comet, separate events unfold that lead to them all having a sleepless night.
15 links 11 Jan 2001
E13. The One Where Rosita Dies
Rachel wants to have a place to sit in front of the TV but Joey tells her Rosita, the armchair, does not move. Rachel tries to move it anyway and breaks it in half. The Gellers sel...
19 links 01 Feb 2001
E14. The One Where They All Turn Thirty
Rachel's 30th birthday prompts the rest of the gang to reminisce about their own 30th celebrations.
16 links 08 Feb 2001
The One with Joey's New Brain E15. The One with Joey's New Brain
Joey gets an opportunity to rejoin Days of Our Lives when his comatose character is implanted with the brain of a female character. Joey approaches her to get some advise on how to...
15 links 15 Feb 2001
The One with the Truth About London E16. The One with the Truth About London
Chandler is shocked to find out who Monica really wanted to sleep with the night they first got together. Meanwhile, Rachel gets into trouble with Ross when she teaches Ben practic...
14 links 22 Feb 2001
E17. The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress
Monica takes the other girls to an overpriced store to choose her wedding dress, briefing as if they were in the military as bargain-hunters are far more ruthless then Rachel can u...
15 links 15 Mar 2001
The One with Joey's Award E18. The One with Joey's Award
Joey is nominated for a Soapy Award for his part on Days of Our Lives and Rachel is his date to the ceremony. Joey doesn't win the award but takes someone else's award home. Rachel...
15 links 29 Mar 2001
E19. The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin
Joey could have a part in a big movie but he would have a nude scene. Monica and Ross' sexy cousin Cassie comes to stay with Monica and Chandler but Monica thinks Chandler keeps st...
19 links 19 Apr 2001
E20. The One with Rachel's Big Kiss
Rachel bumps into a girl she knew in college. Monica tells everyone they made out once when they were drunk. When Phoebe learns of it she doesn't believe it so Rachel decides to go...
13 links 26 Apr 2001
E21. The One with the Vows
Monica and Chandler are getting married in 4 weeks and have to write their vows but both of them don't have a clue what to say so they reflect on their past.
17 links 03 May 2001
E22. The One with Chandler's Dad
Finding out she's the only one of the friends who never got to drive Monica's Posche, Rachel steals the car keys from Ross, who feels responsible so he jumps in before learning Rac...
15 links 10 May 2001
E23. The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 1
Joey unexpectedly gets a part in a movie about soldiers in World War I but his famous co-star Richard Crosby keeps spitting in his face for the sake of articulation. Ross makes eve...
12 links 17 May 2001
The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 2 E24. The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 2
Ross tries to find Chandler with Phoebe's help. Meanwhile Rachel tries to hinder Monica.
8 links 17 May 2001
Season 8
Season 8
E1. The One After I Do
Bride Monica emphatically denies the rumor of her pregnancy, which has even reached Ross. Rachel frantically fears and refuses to tell the truth, so Phoebe pretends to be the mothe...
14 links 27 Sep 2001
E2. The One with the Red Sweater
Monica, Phoebe and Joey advise Rachel to tell the father about the pregnancy. Chandler and Ross lose the wedding photos.
16 links 04 Oct 2001
E3. The One Where Rachel Tells...
Even on honeymoon, Monica is pushy and is annoyed that Chandler wouldn't jump the queue at the airport check-in especially when the couple before them, also on honeymoon, get bumpe...
19 links 11 Oct 2001
E4. The One with the Videotape
Ross and Rachel tell everyone about the night they were together. They have two different stories of how it happened until Ross accidentally reveals that he videotaped it. Not surp...
16 links 18 Oct 2001
E5. The One with Rachel's Date
Phoebe dates Monica's sous-chef Tim and Monica doesn't fire him for Phoebe's sake. When Phoebe decides to dump Tim Monica can finally fire him. Rachel has a date with Kash, a co-st...
16 links 25 Oct 2001
E6. The One with the Halloween Party
Monica and Chandler are having a costume party for Halloween. Phoebe bumps into Ursula who is getting married in a week and invites her in return for Ursula's invitation for the we...
15 links 01 Nov 2001
The One with the Stain E7. The One with the Stain
Chandler hires a maid to clean the apartment and Monica promises to give her a chance. Eric broke up with Ursula and asks Phoebe out for lunch but he is still upset about Ursula an...
14 links 08 Nov 2001
E8. The One with the Stripper
Chandler finds out that Monica had a bacholerette party with stripper even though they promised not to have bachelor/bachelorette parties. Rachel takes Phoebe to have dinner with R...
18 links 15 Nov 2001
E9. The One with the Rumor
Will, an old friend of Ross' is in town and Monica invited him for Thanksgiving dinner. Will used to be really fat in high school and he really hates Rachel because she was horribl...
14 links 22 Nov 2001
E10. The One with Monica's Boots
Monica buys really expensive but fabulous boots. Chandler wants to return them but Monica promises to wear them all the time and they'll be worth the money. Monica really does wear...
16 links 06 Dec 2001
E11. The One with Ross's Step Forward
Ross and Mona took pictures of themselves at the Rockefeller Center and now Mona wants to send the picture as a Holiday card to friends. Ross freaks out at the thought of them send...
16 links 13 Dec 2001
E12. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel
Phoebe gives Chandler and Monica a late wedding present: the game Ms Pac-Man. Chandler plays it all day long to be better than Monica and Phoebe. Rachel misses dressing up for roma...
14 links 10 Jan 2002
E13. The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
After his openhearted evening with Rachel, Joey finds it impossible to go back to thinking about her as just a friend, yet he can't talk about it, not even to Chandler. As Joey ram...
18 links 17 Jan 2002
E14. The One with the Secret Closet
Chandler's very curious about a locked closet, but Monica won't tell him what is inside.
15 links 31 Jan 2002
E15. The One with the Birthing Video
During Valentine's Day, Chandler discovers the miracle of birth seeing an extremely graphic video.
14 links 07 Feb 2002
The One Where Joey Tells Rachel E16. The One Where Joey Tells Rachel
Ross freaks out when Joey tells him that he is in love with Rachel because Ross is afraid that they will get married and raise his kid together. Phoebe dates a guy called Don, who ...
16 links 28 Feb 2002
E17. The One with the Tea Leaves
Chandler and Monica are happy together - their worst problem is his habit to put CDs in the wrong box and their different taste in music. Rachel is desperate to get back at good te...
18 links 07 Mar 2002
The One in Massapequa E18. The One in Massapequa
The gang attend a party for Monica and Ross's parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Monica tries to make everyone cry with her speech. Phoebe's overly-enthusiastic date irritates ever...
13 links 28 Mar 2002
E19. The One with Joey's Interview
Joey gives an interview to a soap opera magazine.
13 links 04 Apr 2002
E20. The One with the Baby Shower
Monica and Phoebe throw Rachel a baby shower and forget to invite Rachel's mom. Rachel realizes she has no idea how to look after the baby after the birth. Meanwhile, Joey audition...
17 links 25 Apr 2002
E21. The One with the Cooking Class
Monica's restaurant get a bad review. After confronting the critic who wrote it, she decides to join a cooking class, with Joey in tow. Rachel gets jealous when Ross hits it off wi...
16 links 02 May 2002
The One Where Rachel Is Late E22. The One Where Rachel Is Late
Rachel becomes extremely irritable when her pregnancy is overdue by eight days, which leads to a bet between Monica and Phoebe. Meanwhile, Joey invites Chander to the screening of ...
18 links 09 May 2002
E23. The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 1
Ross and Rachel go to the hospital to have their baby but it's a long labor. They get stuck in a semi-private room and many other couples come and go before Rachel is ready to deli...
16 links 16 May 2002
E24. The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2
After 21 hours Rachel is finally ready to go to the delivery room and baby-girl Geller Green is born and her name is Emma! Janice comes to see Rachel and Janice says she admires Ra...
8 links 16 May 2002
Season 9
Season 9
E1. The One Where No One Proposes
Rachel thinks that Joey has proposed to her. Monica and Chandler begin trying to have a baby.
14 links 26 Sep 2002
E2. The One Where Emma Cries
Rachel doesn't know what to do so Emma will stop crying and Monica is the only one who can make her stop. Chandler is very tired and falls asleep during a very important meeting wh...
17 links 03 Oct 2002
E3. The One with the Pediatrician
Joey arranges a blind date for Phoebe. Chandler is leaving for Tulsa without Monica, because she has got a great job offer.
18 links 10 Oct 2002
E4. The One with the Sharks
Monica thinks Chandler is aroused by shark documentaries.
16 links 17 Oct 2002
E5. The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
Phoebe will celebrate her birthday by having a dinner with her friends at a fancy restaurant. But everybody is late to the dinner, due to a series of problems.
15 links 31 Oct 2002
E6. The One with the Male Nanny
Looking for a new nanny, Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny named Sandy. Monica tells Chandler that a guy at work is the funniest guy she has ever met.
15 links 07 Nov 2002
E7. The One with Ross's Inappropriate Song
Ross finds a way to make Emma laugh - singing "Baby Got Back."
16 links 14 Nov 2002
The One with Rachel's Other Sister E8. The One with Rachel's Other Sister
Rachel's middle sister shows up at Thanksgiving and causes arguments amongst the gang.
15 links 21 Nov 2002
E9. The One with Rachel's Phone Number
Rachel is ready to start hanging out again. She and Phoebe go to a bar, where they meet two guys.
16 links 05 Dec 2002
E10. The One with Christmas in Tulsa
Chandler must spend Christmas in Tulsa, which Monica thinks he might have an affair with a former Miss Oklahoma runner-up while he is there. Chandler comes home early to announce t...
15 links 12 Dec 2002
E11. The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work
Chandler starts looking for a job and is anxious about having a baby, Rachel decides to go back to work, and Phoebe works as an extra on Joey's show.
15 links 09 Jan 2003
E12. The One with Phoebe's Rats
Ross makes Joey stay away from their new nanny. Mike accidentally kills Phoebe's rat. Gavin gives Rachel a scarf and a kiss for her birthday.
17 links 16 Jan 2003
The One Where Monica Sings E13. The One Where Monica Sings
Monica sings at Mike's bar, and everyone likes her singing. Later, Phoebe learns that the only reason they think she is good is because they can see through her shirt. Ross tries t...
15 links 30 Jan 2003
E14. The One with the Blind Dates
As they think Ross and Rachel should get back together with Emma, Joey and Phoebe, when asked to fix them up with blind dates, plan to make those so horrible they'll end up back wi...
14 links 06 Feb 2003
E15. The One with the Mugging
Joey gets a part in a stage-play in a painful way. Ross and Phoebe are mugged outside Central Perk, Phoebe realizes that she mugged Ross 18 years ago. Chandler starts his new caree...
18 links 13 Feb 2003
E16. The One with the Boob Job
When Monica and Chandler both ask Joey for money not wanting the other to know why they are asking for it, Chandler sees that Joey gave money to Monica. Joey makes up that Monica i...
15 links 20 Feb 2003
E17. The One with the Memorial Service
When Chandler and Ross joke around on their college website, Ross is accused of being dead which leads to the fact that he was not popular in college. Joey is not willing to give h...
15 links 13 Mar 2003
E18. The One with the Lottery
When everyone except Ross pools together to buy tickets for the lottery, Phoebe gets a prediction from her psychic that they will win. Ross, despite his skepticism, gets in on the ...
15 links 03 Apr 2003
The One with Rachel's Dream E19. The One with Rachel's Dream
Joey is insecure now his Days of Our Lives character Dr. Drake Ramore is getting real dialog, so he asks Rachel to come along to the set, which she loves enough to get romantic dre...
15 links 17 Apr 2003
E20. The One with the Soap Opera Party
Joey secretly plans a party for Soap Opera Stars because Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel always embarrass him every time they meet a star. Rachel finds out about the party and tells eve...
14 links 24 Apr 2003
E21. The One with the Fertility Test
After trying and not yet being able to conceive a child, Monica and Chandler decide to get tests done at a fertility clinic, where they run into Chandler's favorite ex, Janice. Rac...
13 links 01 May 2003
E22. The One with the Donor
When Joey hears that his girlfriend Charlie is an insecure shopper, he volunteers expert Rachel, who dreads being alone with her, so she makes sure Phoebe comes along, by saying sh...
14 links 08 May 2003
E23. The One in Barbados: Part 1
Chandler gives advice to David, but that makes David want to propose to Phoebe. Although Phoebe is still in love with Mike. Monica calls Mike who shows up there right in the middle...
12 links 15 May 2003
The One in Barbados: Part 2 E24. The One in Barbados: Part 2
To the other friends' fury, it keeps raining except during Ross's speech, which to their amazement is a big hit with the paleontologists. Joey's scientific ignorance decides Charli...
3 links 15 May 2003
Season 10
Season 10
The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss E1. The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss
Joey and Ross both attempt to come clean to each other that they're dating Rachel and Charlie. Phoebe finds out Mike has another girlfriend.
16 links 25 Sep 2003
E2. The One Where Ross Is Fine
Rachel and Joey fear for Ross's state of mind after he finds out about their relationship. Chandler and Monica visit some friends of Phoebe to get advice on adoption. Frank and the...
17 links 02 Oct 2003
The One with Ross's Tan E3. The One with Ross's Tan
Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the 'simple' instructions. Joey and Rachel struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. Monica and Phoebe try to avoid a...
14 links 09 Oct 2003
E4. The One with the Cake
On Emma's first birthday, Ross and Rachel convince everyone to delay their plans so they can attend her party, however plans go awry when Emma's birthday cake is revealed.
14 links 23 Oct 2003
E5. The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits
Rachel's sister Amy comes to visit and moves in with her and Joey. Monica and Chandler let Joey write a letter of recommendation for them for the adoption agency. Phoebe accidental...
17 links 30 Oct 2003
E6. The One with Ross' Grant
Ross applies for a paleontology grant and finds out Charlie's ex-boyfriend reviews the applications. Monica and Rachel fight over who has to take Phoebe's ugly painting.
15 links 06 Nov 2003
E7. The One with the Home Study
Monica and Chandler nervously prepare for a visit from an adoption worker. Phoebe and Mike keep changing their minds about donating their wedding money to charity. Ross fights Rach...
15 links 13 Nov 2003
E8. The One with the Late Thanksgiving
Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe convince Monica and Chandler to host Thanksgiving, however the four of them end up arriving to dinner an hour late.
18 links 20 Nov 2003
The One with the Birth Mother E9. The One with the Birth Mother
After Rachel confirms Joey is more mature in relationships, Phoebe presents him to another friend as date, Sarah, who fails alas to respect his primordial rule by touching food in ...
18 links 08 Jan 2004
E10. The One Where Chandler Gets Caught
Chandler and Monica have decided they want to raise their offspring in a suburb house, and even find a perfect one in Westchester. Rachel and Phoebe see Chandler enter the house wi...
15 links 15 Jan 2004
E11. The One Where the Stripper Cries
Phoebe's bachelorette party has no strippers, and Phoebe wanted one. So Rachel and Monica find a stripper, but he has to be at least 50 years old. Joey appears on "Pyramid." Chandl...
16 links 05 Feb 2004
E12. The One with Phoebe's Wedding
Monica is driving Phoebe insane as she plans Phoebe's wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, Phoebe gets really upset with Monica and fires her. The next day, Phoebe is going through he...
19 links 12 Feb 2004
E13. The One Where Joey Speaks French
Ross accompanies Rachel to Long Island after Rachel's father has a heart attack. Rachel wants to have sex with Ross but he rejects her and they make a promise never to sleep togeth...
17 links 19 Feb 2004
E14. The One with Princess Consuela
When Phoebe goes to get her name changed she realizes she can change it to anything she wants, so she changes it to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. When Mike suggests he changes ...
18 links 26 Feb 2004
E15. The One Where Estelle Dies
Ross tries to get Rachel to go back to Ralph Lauren, Joey doesn't know that his agent has died, and Monica and Chandler bump into Janice.
16 links 22 Apr 2004
E16. The One with Rachel's Going Away Party
As Rachel prepares to move to Paris, Monica throws a going-away party for her. Rachel privately talks to everyone during the party except for Ross. Ross gets upset, and tells her t...
16 links 29 Apr 2004
E17. The Last One: Part 1
Erica has gone into labor, three weeks early and Chandler has a hard time getting along with when Monica leaves them alone in the delivery room with her. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel...
12 links 06 May 2004
E18. The Last One: Part 2
Rachel is leaving for her job in Paris. Monica and Chandler are packing up the apartment.
3 links 06 May 2004
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