For the Love of Ray J (2009) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2009

Country: USA

Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV, Romance

Writers: Mark Cronin, Cris Abrego

Stars: Ray J, Brandi Boyd, Joanna Hernandez

IMDb: TT1361721

Rating: 3.2/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 1 February 2010 E-1. Episode dated 1 February 2010
01 Feb 2010
Season 1
Season 1
E1. A Tall Glass of Chardonnay
Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Ray Jay has traveled the world and lived the life of a superstar, but now he's ready to find true love. 14 lovely women join Ray at an exclusive conce...
02 Feb 2009
E2. Video Thrilled the Radio Star
Because Ray is on the road as a performer so much, he's looking for a woman who can keep him interested and entertained while he's away from home. So Ray challenges his ladies to i...
09 Feb 2009
E3. The Foxes Are Feuding
Ray J's house has quickly become divided between the diva/party girls and the darling/conservative girls. In search of a girl who really knows him, Ray creates a challenge to test ...
16 Feb 2009
E4. There's Something About Larry
Ray's down to 9 girls, so he challenges them to see if they can be a part of his musical life with a Motown-inspired singing challenge! The girls will be judged on singing ability,...
23 Feb 2009
E5. The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil
A lot of tension has been building in the house between the girls so Ray decides everyone needs to blow off some steam for the next challenge. With the help of renowned boxing trai...
02 Mar 2009
E6. Bad Girls, Bad Girls Watcha Gonna Do?
Tensions continue to rise as the cliques in the house clash even further. Ray asks to find out about the girls' passions and it turns out that four of them love to be scantily clad...
16 Mar 2009
E7. Rock and Roll All Night, and Fiesty Every Day
If Ray is going to choose one of the girls to be his one and only, she's going to have to not only work well with children but also cook a mean meal. So Ray sets up a challenge to ...
23 Mar 2009
E8. To Tell the Truth
To help with his next challenge Ray invites someone he trusts the most to ask the toughest questions of all the girls through a lie detector test. When the truth is laid bare, ever...
30 Mar 2009
E9. Smashing Homies
Ray is down to his final three girls and he pulls out all the stops by introducing them to a grilling by his closest friends and then an intimate yet brutal dinner with his mother ...
06 Apr 2009
E10. Clip Show
In this hour-long special, Ray sits down with the viewers to reveal never-before-seen footage of moments in and out of the house. Also, Ray revisits some of the classic moments fro...
13 Apr 2009
E11. What Doesn't Happen in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
After the three remaining girls were given a chance to meet all of Ray's friends and family, Ray decides he needs to flip the script and go and meet their families. In a shocking f...
20 Apr 2009
E12. Reunion Special
Ray and all of his ladies have gathered together for one of the most emotional reunions ever. Together they'll revisit the twists and turns that sent 13 ladies home and left one be...
27 Apr 2009
Season 2
Season 2
E1. That's What's Up
Ray will bring 19 of the finest girls from around the country to his mansion and put them through challenges, dates and eliminations to find the ladies that are smart, funny and be...
02 Nov 2009
E2. Ray's Leading Ladies
Ray is looking for his very own leading lady, so in their first challenge the girls have to create movie scenes to act out with Ray.
09 Nov 2009
E3. Not Again Dre...
Ray is pumped to watch his girls compete in a dance battle challenge.
16 Nov 2009
E4. Too Little Too Late
It's down to twelve girls and for their next challenge they must style Ray for a Sean John photo shoot.
23 Nov 2009
E5. Mean Girls
The pressure to make an impression on Ray leads some girls to pick on the one they think is Ray's favorite.
30 Nov 2009
E6. Ray J Fever
Ray's sister Brandy lends a helping hand as the girls pull out all the stops to write, sing, and dance their way into Ray's heart.
07 Dec 2009
E7. The Amazing Rays
The ladies are in for a wild ride when Ray sends them on a race through Los Angeles.
14 Dec 2009
E8. Dangers Liasons
Seven girls remain and Ray needs a little extra help figuring out who is right or wrong for him. Danger (an intense woman who nearly won Ray's heart last season and is now his clos...
21 Dec 2009
E9. The Truth Will Set You Free
With five girls left, close-knit friendships will be put to the ultimate test as Ray asks the girls to investigate each other.
04 Jan 2010
E10. The Breaking Point
Even though Ray cares deeply for all four girls left, he is forced to break someone's heart in the toughest elimination yet.
11 Jan 2010
E11. Homie Invasion
Only three ladies remain and the stakes have never been higher as Ray brings friends and family to meet the girls.
18 Jan 2010
E12. Come Away with Me
Only two ladies remain vying for Ray's love. With the final elimination looming, Ray whisks each girl away for a private overnight date.
25 Jan 2010
Episode #2.13 E13. Episode #2.13
E14. Reunion Special
It's reunion time, so all of Ray's girls and a few very special guests have gathered to talk about everything that went down this season. Before it's all over, one lady's shocking ...
08 Feb 2010
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