First Family of Hip Hop (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2017

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Michael Kuluva, Eseni Ellington, Antonio Jordan, Lady Luck, Eleven

IMDb: TT6408120

Rating: 5.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. The Empire Strikes Back
Leland wants to sit back while the publishing checks roll in. The younger generation is racing to get their own piece of the pie. LeA is working with Lady Luck to create new music,...
12 links 15 Jan 2017
E2. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner
Drama continues to follow the Robinson family as Leland struggles to assert his role as boss in the face of challenges with the younger generation. Darnell's argument with Eseni an...
13 links 22 Jan 2017
E3. Step Up or Shut Up
A talk with rapper Raekwon lights a fire under Rhondo to show he's the heir to the Sugarhill throne, while Leland's friend Biz Markie champions that the kids are the future of the ...
14 links 29 Jan 2017
E4. Who's Got Game?
Darnell splurges to prove his love to Eseni. Leland attempts to unite the Robinsons by throwing a family basketball game, but his hope for family harmony is short-lived when Shanel...
7 links 05 Feb 2017
E5. Hostile Takeover
Leland makes LeA an offer. Rhondo rallies the rest of the men to confront Big Lee with their concerns about how he's running Sugarhill Records. Darnell and Eseni have another huge ...
11 links 19 Feb 2017
E6. Papa Said Knock It Off
9 links 05 Mar 2017
E7. Facing the Music
With the big presentation for Leland looming, the Robinsons are pitted against each other in the battle for the Sugarhill throne. Rhondo and LeA make nice with Shanell but still do...
11 links 12 Mar 2017
E8. Passing the Torch
Leland is ready to pick a successor at Sugarhill. The family takes the stage to show him what each one of them has to offer the label, and old conflicts resurface. Shanell makes a ...
14 links 19 Mar 2017
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