Finding Escobar's Millions (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2017

Duration: 41 min

Genre: Documentary

Writer: Douglas Laux

Stars: Douglas Laux, Ben Smith, Paul Bauman

IMDb: TT7296380

Rating: 3.9/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Don E1. The Don
Upon arriving in Colombia, Doug connects with a source, Juan Esteban, who shows them one of Escobar's safehouses. Ben's research provides proof of the caletas existence, and he and...
03 Nov 2017
La Familia E2. La Familia
After discovering a motorcycle likely buried with one of Pablo's sicarios, Doug and Ben decide to infiltrate Pablo's inner circle. Ben focuses on Pablo's family, the tech team scou...
10 Nov 2017
The Prisoner E3. The Prisoner
After a tense meeting with Popeye, Ex-DEA boss, Joe Toft connects Doug and Ben with a former guard where Escobar was imprisoned. The duo arrives at La Catedral, Pablo's self-built ...
17 Nov 2017
The Jungle E4. The Jungle
Popeye tells Doug about Escobar's jungle escape routes outside of Hacienda Napoles, and Doug and Ben search the premises with an American drug runner who knows the routes. Searchin...
24 Nov 2017
The Good Life E5. The Good Life
The team must change their strategy, as Doug is put in contact with a fixer in Cartagena, a key smuggling route for Pablo. Ben leads his team to Pablo's residence on the Rosario Is...
02 Dec 2017
The X E6. The X
Meeting with Pablo's former lawyer, Doug and Ben discover that Escobar's partner, Gacha, was the one who buried the millions, and head to his properties to dig. After recovering no...
15 Jan 2018
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