Fight Science (2006) TV Series Free Watch

Infrared cameras, sensors and computerized test dummies allow engineers to exactly calculate the incredible physics and physiology that produce martial arts' devastating force-at last, separating myth from reality.

Year: 2006

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary

Writer: Michael Stern

Stars: Bren Foster, Robert Leigh, Cynthia Bir

IMDb: TT1062160

Rating: 8.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
Mixed Martial Arts E1. Mixed Martial Arts
Special Ops E2. Special Ops
Fighting Back E3. Fighting Back
In the life-or-death world of self-defense, no one has to be a victim. The secret isn't skill or strength, it's knowledge. Six masters of self-defense - a 5th Degree Black Belt in ...
09 Jun 2008
Fight Like an Animal E4. Fight Like an Animal
Comparing humans to animals such as snakes, monkeys and tigers, which have inspired kung fu masters for hundreds of years.
04 Feb 2010
Stealth Fighters E5. Stealth Fighters
Technical specialists, sports physiologists and biomechanical engineers use extreme conditions to test the skills of elite martial artists.
01 May 2008
Human Weapon E6. Human Weapon
Self-defense specialists have revealed two techniques that can decrease the odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime.
18 Feb 2010
Super Cops E7. Super Cops
How law enforcement utilizes less-lethal weapons and tactics: flash bangs, kinetic energy munitions (rubber bullets), Trooper Special Intervention System (water cannons), police do...
25 Feb 2010
Ultimate Soliders E8. Ultimate Soliders
A team of self-defense specialists reveal vital tips on how to fend off attackers in the event of a violent crime.
01 Jan 2010
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