Famous in Love (2017) TV Series Free Watch

A college student's big break in a Hollywood blockbuster leaves her navigating through an undeniable chemistry, and uncovering the truth about a missing popstar.

Year: 2017

Duration: 40 min

Genres: Drama, Romance

Writers: I. Marlene King, Rebecca Serle

Stars: Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins, Charlie DePew, Georgie Flores

IMDb: TT4578474

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Paige Townsen, a college girl working on her business degree, gets the leading role in the new Locked film.
14 links 18 Apr 2017
A Star Is Torn E2. A Star Is Torn
Paige is nervous about telling her parents the truth; Nina is determined to shut down the gossip about Rainer and Jordan's fight.
19 links 18 Apr 2017
Not So Easy A E3. Not So Easy A
Paige struggles to balance school and the film's schedule; Nina must make cuts to the film's budget; Jake meets with an agent about his script.
17 links 19 Apr 2017
Prelude to a Diss E4. Prelude to a Diss
Paige's first day on set is riddled with difficulties; Cassie's schooling is in jeopardy; Tangey and her mother argue over the future direction of her career.
19 links 19 Apr 2017
Some Like It Not E5. Some Like It Not
Jordan and Tangey renew their relationship in secret; Rainer surprises everyone when he throws Paige a surprise birthday party, but things don't turn out as expected when Jake arri...
19 links 18 Apr 2017
Found in Translation E6. Found in Translation
Nina and Rainer take a last-minute trip to China to rescue Locked from a new setback; Cassie's financial problems continue; Jordan deals with issues involving his mother.
19 links 19 Apr 2017
Secrets & Pies E7. Secrets & Pies
Issues in Paige and Cassie's friendship are revealed; Jake learns the reality of what it means to sell a script in Hollywood; Alexis embraces her role as Producer; Jordan's problem...
16 links 18 Apr 2017
Crazy Scripted Love E8. Crazy Scripted Love
Paige and Cassie's fight impacts Paige's performance, where Rainer offers his own advice; Jake's career takes an unexpected turn; Alan and Rainer spending time together concerns Ni...
16 links 18 Apr 2017
Fifty Shades of Red E9. Fifty Shades of Red
Paige deals with Jake's impending move to Austin, and a revelation about Cassie fractures their friendship. Meanwhile, Rainer starts searching for his real father, but he's thrown ...
16 links 18 Apr 2017
Leaving Los Angeles E10. Leaving Los Angeles
Paige searches for Rainer after he disappears; Alexis takes revenge on Rachel; Jordan attempts to handle the Barrett Hopper problem with an exclusive, but a shocking event stops th...
19 links 18 Apr 2017
Season 2
Season 2
The Players E1. The Players
3 links 04 Apr 2018
La La Locked E2. La La Locked
3 links 04 Apr 2018
Totes on a Scandal E3. Totes on a Scandal
2 links 11 Apr 2018
The Kids Aren't All Right E4. The Kids Aren't All Right
2 links 18 Apr 2018
Reality Bites Back E5. Reality Bites Back
4 links 25 Apr 2018
The Goodbye Boy E6. The Goodbye Boy
4 links 02 May 2018
Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Sundance? E7. Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Sundance?
7 links 09 May 2018
Look Who's Stalking E8. Look Who's Stalking
7 links 16 May 2018
Full Mental Jacket E9. Full Mental Jacket
23 May 2018
The Good, the Bad and the Crazy E10. The Good, the Bad and the Crazy
30 May 2018
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