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Bill Davis is a highly paid and successful engineer living in a large apartment in New York with his valet, Mr. Giles French . His life is suddenly changed when his niece, Buffy shows up. ... See full summary »

Years: 1966−1971

Duration: 30 min

Country: USA

Genres: Comedy, Family

Writers: Edmund L. Hartmann, Don Fedderson

Stars: Brian Keith, Kathy Garver, Anissa Jones

IMDb: TT0059982

Rating: 6.8/10

Season 1
Season 1
Buffy E1. Buffy
Bill Davis, owner of a successful construction company, is entertaining a date at his New York apartment. Then, Buffy, his niece and daughter of his dead brother, is brought to him...
1 link 12 Sep 1966
Jody and Cissy E2. Jody and Cissy
Jody, Buffy's twin brother, and Cissy arrive while Bill is away. When he returns, he must make a decision as to what to do that would be best for the children.
19 Sep 1966
The Gift Horse E3. The Gift Horse
When Bill returns from Africa bearing gifts, Cissy presents him with a hand-knitted tie. Buffy and Jody also want to give Bill a gift, and end up purchasing a horse for him from a ...
26 Sep 1966
The Matter of School E4. The Matter of School
Bill decides to send Cissy to a private girls' school in Connecticut, and even though she would prefer to attend high school locally, she reluctantly agrees to go, thinking Bill wa...
03 Oct 1966
Marmalade E5. Marmalade
An acquaintance of Bill's hires Mr. French to appear in an ad for marmalade that her advertising company is promoting.
10 Oct 1966
Room with a Viewpoint E6. Room with a Viewpoint
When Bill gets Cissy her own phone and arranges for an interior decorator to redo Cissy's and Buffy's bedroom, Buffy becomes withdrawn as the changes appear to separate the room an...
17 Oct 1966
Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You? E7. Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?
Buffy leaves Mrs. Beasley with Mr. French, who accidentally knocks the doll off the terrace. When Bill learns from Cissy the importance of Mrs. Beasley to Buffy, he goes on an earn...
24 Oct 1966
Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni? E8. Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?
The owner of a Middle East Delicacies store, upon learning Mr. French is unmarried and knowing he is wealthy, introduces him to his cousin, Nural Shpeni, who he and her brothers wa...
07 Nov 1966
A Matter for Experts E9. A Matter for Experts
The vice principal and a child psychologist are concerned that Buffy and Jody only spend time with each other instead of playing with the other children, and state that it would be...
14 Nov 1966
Beware the Other Woman E10. Beware the Other Woman
Cissy thinks Bill is planning to get married to an old friend, but when her new friend tells her how her stepmothers sent her away, Cissy then suspects that the woman will send her...
21 Nov 1966
Take Two Aspirin E11. Take Two Aspirin
Restless, Bill takes a job in the Yutacan, but then starts to miss the family. It gets worse when he is led to believe, through miscommunication by phone, that Mr. French has the f...
28 Nov 1966
Love Me, Love Me Not E12. Love Me, Love Me Not
Jody doesn't think Bill loves him because he won't punish him, so Jody looks for ways to get in trouble, but his plans backfire.
05 Dec 1966
The Thursday Man E13. The Thursday Man
For a school project, Cissy wants to write a story about Mr French. She starts following him and finds out what he does every Thursday.
12 Dec 1966
Think Deep E14. Think Deep
Cissy develops an infatuation with her school teacher who teaches philosophy and spouts big ideals that everyone should follow. Bill finds a way to show that the teacher is just a ...
26 Dec 1966
Hard Hat Jody E15. Hard Hat Jody
Jody talks about having a job with a man who builds buildings and even gets paid for it. Uncle Bill thinks he is making it up. Bill later meets the man and realizes it is the perso...
21 Jun 2013
That Was the Dinner That Wasn't E16. That Was the Dinner That Wasn't
Cissy's school is having a mother / daughter dinner. This makes Cissy miss her mother more.
09 Jan 1967
All Around the Town E17. All Around the Town
Due to a miscommunication of who would watch Buffy and Jody, the twins find themselves all alone in New York City.
16 Jan 1967
One for the Little Boy E18. One for the Little Boy
Giles French leaves town for a month, so his brother Niles comes to help with the Davis'. Jody is tired of always being around the girls and having to do the things they want to do...
23 Jan 1967
Fancy Free E19. Fancy Free
Jody & Buffy are excited to be moved to Upper First Grade at school, but it means more homework. They do not know how to do the math problems nor read some of the new books. Bill i...
30 Jan 1967
A Helping Hand E20. A Helping Hand
Buffy & Jody have problems with a building project for a school. Bill is hosting a large dinner party, and French has to hire an assistant to help serve the food. Adele turns out t...
06 Feb 1967
Once in Love with Buffy E21. Once in Love with Buffy
When Bill has to babysit Buffy and Jody, he tells friends that he is stuck with the kids. Buffy overhears this, and the twins start to decide if they should stay with Bill or move ...
13 Feb 1967
Ballerina Buffy E22. Ballerina Buffy
Buffy gets upset when she does not get the role of The Big Bad Wolf in her ballet recital.
20 Feb 1967
The Mother Tongue E23. The Mother Tongue
Buffy & Jody's new friend at school has them doing things differently. When Marilyn visits, Bill and French learn she speaks only Mandarin, and the kids communicate through child-s...
27 Feb 1967
Everybody Needs Somebody E24. Everybody Needs Somebody
French congratulate a friend on his upcoming wedding, and makes the comment about how wonderful it will be to have a wife and home. Buffy overhears this and tells Jody they need to...
13 Mar 1967
The Way It Was E25. The Way It Was
Uncle Bill and French look forward to a week of quiet when the three children are at different camps during a school break. After a few days, Bill and French realize they have grow...
20 Mar 1967
All Nephews Are Created Equal E26. All Nephews Are Created Equal
French's nephew David visits French at the Davis' home. David surprises French by announcing he is going into dentistry instead of being a gentleman's gentleman.
27 Mar 1967
The Prize E27. The Prize
Buffy & Jody enter a cereal contest, hoping to win a boat. But their prize is a lamb. When it arrives at the apartment, they do not understand why a lamb cannot live in an apartmen...
10 Apr 1967
What Did You Do in the West, Uncle? E28. What Did You Do in the West, Uncle?
Bill takes a week of vacation and plans activities for each day. The Rodeo is in town, and Bill's friend Gabe is one of the cowboys. Bill invites Gabe to stay with them, and the tw...
17 Apr 1967
The Award E29. The Award
Bill thinks the twins take advantage of him and French because they give in to their every wish. Bill says to deny the twins sometimes so they do not get spoiled. Buffy & Jody make...
01 May 1967
The Butler Method E30. The Butler Method
A friend of Bill's is an actor who wants to shadow Mr French is preparation for a movie role. Meanwhile, Cissy has trouble finding someone to ask to the Girls Tag Day Dance.
15 May 1967
Season 2
Season 2
Birds, Bees and Buffy E1. Birds, Bees and Buffy
When a neighboring family has a baby, the children start to ask questions about where babies come from. Uncle Bill has to explain.
11 Sep 1967
First Love E2. First Love
Buffy is in love with Jody's friend, but he has eyes for Cissy.
18 Sep 1967
Go Home, Mr. French E3. Go Home, Mr. French
Mr French encounters an old friend while at the park with the twins. Lorna, the nanny for a Duke & Duchess is visiting in the states. When they are ready to return to England, Mr F...
25 Sep 1967
Arthur, the Invisible Bear E4. Arthur, the Invisible Bear
Jody makes up an invisible friend, but it is a large bear.
02 Oct 1967
The Other Cheek E5. The Other Cheek
A young girl likes Jody, and shows her affection in the only way children know how - she picks on him and hits him.
09 Oct 1967
The Candy Striper E6. The Candy Striper
Bill thinks he will have a relaxing day, but the children come in to ask for his help. Jody wants help with a friend, Buffy needs to go to a Brownie meeting, and Cissy wants him to...
16 Oct 1967
Fat, Fat, the Water Rat E7. Fat, Fat, the Water Rat
Buffy goes to dance class but finds her teacher is not there. While waiting to be picked up, she meets some kids playing a game and joins them. When Mr French sees her new friends,...
23 Oct 1967
The Toy Box E8. The Toy Box
Bill falls over one of the twins toys, and realizes they constantly have toys out which makes the place messy. Bill tells the twins that any toy left out will be taken away from th...
06 Nov 1967
Take Me Out of the Ballgame E9. Take Me Out of the Ballgame
Jody and Buffy try out for the stick-ball team that plays on their street. Only one of the twins has skill and is accepted on the team.
13 Nov 1967
You Like Buffy Better E10. You Like Buffy Better
The twins compete for Uncle Bill's undivided attention. Each seems to think he likes the other twin better.
20 Nov 1967
Freddie E11. Freddie
Bill is scheduled to take Freddie out to dinner, but also has to go to the twins open house at school. Bill takes Freddie to the school, and she just loves it. She starts to think ...
27 Nov 1967
Our Friend Stanley E12. Our Friend Stanley
A new family moves into the apartment building where the Davis' live. Stanley is a child with a physical disability that hinders his walking. Buffy and Jody try to be friends with ...
04 Dec 1967
Somebody Upstairs E13. Somebody Upstairs
Someone new moves into the apartment building where the Davis' live, and it is a Broadway star. Buffy and Jody can't keep their eyes off her.
11 Dec 1967
Star Dust E14. Star Dust
Bill goes to a party where there are famous people. He meets Carol Haven, a movie star. She takes an interest in Bill and they start dating. He considers proposing marriage.
18 Dec 1967
Best of Breed E15. Best of Breed
A dog follows Jody and Buffy home from school and they take it into the apartment. They hid the dog as long as they could until Mr French finds the dog.
25 Dec 1967
Family Reunion E16. Family Reunion
The kid's Aunt Fran invites them and Uncle Bill to Terre Haute for a family reunion. Once there, it is clear Aunt Fran wants the kids to live with her. She tells them Uncle Bill do...
01 Jan 1968
A Man's Place E17. A Man's Place
Mr French considers opening a restaurant after his date starts questioning his life as a gentleman's gentleman.
08 Jan 1968
The Great Kow-Tow E18. The Great Kow-Tow
Bill entertains friends who are Chinese. The twins are interested by their culture. At the New Year celebration, the twins meet the grandfather and they tell him how fascinating he...
15 Jan 1968
The Fish Watchers E19. The Fish Watchers
Uncle Bill is working extra hours and the twins miss spending time with him. A co-worker suggests buying a fish tank and using that as a way to promote togetherness.
22 Jan 1968
The Day Nothing Happened E20. The Day Nothing Happened
Bill is looking forward to a vacation, and Cissy is looking forward to her date with someone new. But the weather turns bad, and there is a blizzard. Everyone is kept at home.
29 Jan 1968
A House in the Country E21. A House in the Country
Bill thinks living in the city is not good for the children, and considers moving to the country.
05 Feb 1968
A Matter of Tonsils E22. A Matter of Tonsils
When Buffy has an operation to remove her tonsils, Jody complains of a sore throat too. Uncle Bill and French think he's simply looking for attention.
12 Feb 1968
A Member of the Family E23. A Member of the Family
Cissy is taking an art class and has been drawing caricature images of the family members, but does not mention one for Mr French. He is hurt at being left out, however, Cissy has ...
16 Aug 2013
His and Hers E24. His and Hers
Uncle Bill & Mr French attend Buffy & Jody's open night at school to view their latest art and work. At school, Bill meets another single parent with two young children and one tee...
26 Feb 1968
The New Cissy E25. The New Cissy
A boy at school likes Buffy but does not talk to her. Cissy thinks the boys do not like her because there is something wrong with her, so Uncle Bill pays to have different people c...
21 Oct 2015
The Family Outing E26. The Family Outing
Uncle Bill decides a weekend camping trip would be a great way for everyone to spend time together. Only two people enjoy the trip.
11 Mar 1968
Mr. French's Holiday E27. Mr. French's Holiday
Mr French takes a two-week vacation to the west with the others staying home. When Bill is called away to South America for work, the children end up flying out west to be with Mr ...
18 Mar 1968
The Beasley Story E28. The Beasley Story
Jody and Buffy accidentally pull off the arm of Mrs Beasley and it is a traumatic event.
25 Mar 1968
The Baby Sitters E29. The Baby Sitters
When French and Bill both have to be out at the same time, Cissy agrees to babysit. Cissy gets a chance to go a concert, so she has a friend take her place. She gets sick, so her m...
01 Apr 1968
Family Portrait E30. Family Portrait
When Bill returns home from a business trip, he finds that Cissy's hair style is different, Buffy has a new tooth, and he does not know who Jody's best friend is. Bill decides to s...
08 Apr 1968
Season 3
Season 3
The Latch Key Kid E1. The Latch Key Kid
Buffy wants more independence. Jody is allowed to go to some places on his own, but Buffy is not allowed the same privilege.
23 Sep 1968
By a Whisker E2. By a Whisker
Jody wants to a club with the big boys, but they tell him he is too young. To prove he is old enough, they tell him he has to cut of some of Mr French's whiskers and bring it to th...
30 Sep 1968
A Waltz from Vienna E3. A Waltz from Vienna
A teenager from a royal family in Vienna wants to marry Cissy, and she wants to marry him. She thinks she is a grown up who can make her own decisions, but Uncle Bill knows she is ...
07 Oct 1968
Your Friend, Jody E4. Your Friend, Jody
A friend of Bill's confides that he is worried about his son growing up in a home with mostly females. That makes Bill wonder about Jody not having enough time with boys. Bill send...
14 Oct 1968
The Substitute Teacher E5. The Substitute Teacher
Jody and Buff's school teacher is out for a few days, and there is a substitute teacher. Jody develops a crush on her.
21 Oct 1968
Oliver E6. Oliver
Uncle Bill allows Buffy & Jody to have a friend stay over for a few days while the parents are out of town. But then Uncle Bill finds out the friend is actually a dog, and pets are...
04 Nov 1968
Christmas Came a Little Early E7. Christmas Came a Little Early
Buffy makes friends with another girl in the apartment building, and finds out the girl is very sick and may not live too much longer. Buffy asks Uncle Bill if they can have a Chri...
27 May 2008
The Unsound of Music E8. The Unsound of Music
Buffy's class is practicing to perform in a singing program, but Buffy's voice is terrible. Uncle Bill hires a singing coach to help her.
18 Nov 1968
Albertine E9. Albertine
Jody and Buffy make friends with a new girl at school whose father seems to always be out of town. Jody and Buffy find out the girl's father has really left the family and may neve...
08 Jun 2007
A Matter of Choice E10. A Matter of Choice
Cissy befriends a girl who uses her to disobey her parents. Uncle Bill feels that Buffy and Jody would benefit from listening to fairy tales than watching war-based programs on TV,...
08 Jun 2007
Ciao, Uncle Bill E11. Ciao, Uncle Bill
While on a job in Rome, Bill falls in love with a much younger woman who he plans to marry, until learning that she has no desire to share his life with Cissy, Buffy and Jody.
11 Jun 2007
A Nanny for All Seasons E12. A Nanny for All Seasons
After Mr. French is ribbed by his gentlemen peers about also being a nanny, he resigns himself to return to his role as a gentlemen's gentleman and starts to shun the children.
11 Jun 2007
Family Plan E13. Family Plan
Bill breaks his leg skiing and Buffy, Jody and Cissy give up all their free time to take care of him. Bill's girlfriend also wants to help him, which he thinks he wants, but realiz...
30 Dec 1968
To Love with Buffy E14. To Love with Buffy
Buffy is delighted to go with Uncle Bill to Puerto Rico because she gets to have his full attention. However, Bill meets a former girlfriend and it seems like he may divide his tim...
31 May 2015
A Family Group E15. A Family Group
Cissy is excited to have her friend over, who she sees as very sophisticated and envies her glamorous lifestyle, until her friend reveals that her parents are separated and all she...
13 Jan 1969
A Lesson for Grown-Ups E16. A Lesson for Grown-Ups
The kids overhear Bill talking about one of his bridge's collapsing. He goes to the construction site to help with the disaster. The kids think they are going to lose all their mon...
20 Jan 1969
Oh, to Be in England E17. Oh, to Be in England
Bill gets a job in England which seems like it might last a year. Everyone plans to move, but then it seems like Bill won't be able to go.
27 Jan 1969
A Matter of Privacy E18. A Matter of Privacy
The twins start using a tape recorder to record conversations other people have in private.
03 Feb 1969
Lost in Spain: Part 1 E19. Lost in Spain: Part 1
Uncle Bill takes everyone on vacation to Spain. As they start the great vacation, Mr French and the twins get separated. Bill and Cissy join Mr French in the search for Buffy and J...
11 Jun 2007
Lost in Spain: Part 2 E20. Lost in Spain: Part 2
Bill, Cissy and Mr French continue to search for Buffy and Jody in Spain. Meanwhile, the twins are being cared for by a married couple at their farm house.
17 Feb 1969
Lost in Spain: Part 3 E21. Lost in Spain: Part 3
The twins are finally found and reunited with their family.
24 Feb 1969
A Diller, a Dollar E22. A Diller, a Dollar
Buffy likes a boy at school. She starts purposely failing her classes so she does not seem smarter than him. The school thinks Buffy is able to skip a grade but she does not want t...
03 Mar 1969
The Young Man from Bolivia E23. The Young Man from Bolivia
Jody has been exchanging letters with a pen-pal from Bolivia. Finally, the boy gets a chance to visit Jody in New York. When he arrives, everyone is more interested in him than Jod...
10 Mar 1969
Speak for Yourself, Mr. French E24. Speak for Yourself, Mr. French
Mr French has a new admirer. She is an attractive young secretary, and she is determined to spend time with Mr French. He starts falling for her, but soon realizes her ultimate goa...
17 Mar 1969
The Flip Side E25. The Flip Side
Cissy falls for a popular musician who writes songs about her. When he leaves for his next tour date, love-struck Cissy decides to surprise him by going to the concert. She is the ...
24 Mar 1969
The Matter of Dignity E26. The Matter of Dignity
Mr French is accused of sending questionable letters to a young woman. He and Bill take a stint as a detective to find the source.
31 Mar 1969
Flower Power E27. Flower Power
Cissy meets some flower children in the park and wants to be one of them. Uncle Bill is none too pleased.
11 Oct 2007
My Man, the Star E28. My Man, the Star
Movie producer Fred Wallace spots Mr. French in the park and thinks he would be perfect to play Henry VIII in his new production. The very proper French flatly declines. But person...
14 Apr 1969
Season 4
Season 4
No Uncle Is an Island E1. No Uncle Is an Island
Mr. French, Cissy, Buffy and Jody decide to give Bill some time alone for the weekend. Unfortunately, while they are away, a barrage of neighbors stop by, disrupting Bill's relaxat...
25 Sep 1969
The Wings of an Angel E2. The Wings of an Angel
A former friend of Bill's visits, asking for a favor. Harv has just gotten out of prison and needs to find a job. The twins are afraid of Harv, and Cissy thinks she can help him ad...
02 Oct 1969
Uncle Prince Charming E3. Uncle Prince Charming
One of Cissy's friends has a crush on Uncle Bill, and he cannot shake her from this feeling.
09 Oct 1969
Cissy's Apartment E4. Cissy's Apartment
Cissy decides it is time to move out on her own, so she moves into an apartment with a friend. It seems like she hasn't left home when when her family constantly visits her. She te...
16 Oct 1969
The Jody Affair E5. The Jody Affair
When playing at school, a ball thrown breaks a window and Jody is blamed. Jody denies doing it.
23 Oct 1969
With This Ring E6. With This Ring
Since most of Cissy's friends are getting engaged and married, Cissy decides it it is time for her and Gregg to be engaged, even if Gregg does not want it.
30 Oct 1969
What's Funny About a Broken Leg? E7. What's Funny About a Broken Leg?
Buffy breaks her leg while playing games with friends. When Uncle Bill tells her she will not be able to go to the circus, she is sad. Uncle Bill saves the day by bringing the circ...
06 Nov 1969
The Birthday Boy E8. The Birthday Boy
When the twins find out that Mr French's birthday is approaching, they ask Cissy to help them set up a birthday party for Mr French.
13 Nov 1969
The Stowaway E9. The Stowaway
The twins make friends with a boy who does not have any parents and has run away from an orphanage. They hid him in the apartment, moving him from room to room, so the others do no...
20 Nov 1969
Number One Boy E10. Number One Boy
When Bill is in Hong Kong for business, he works with Ng Ho. Bill is impressed with Ng Ho, and invites him to visit in New York. When Ng Ho stays with the Davis' he starts to help ...
04 Dec 1969
A Tale of Two Travels E11. A Tale of Two Travels
Uncle Bill and Mr French take the twins on vacation to Boston while Cissy spends her vacation time in New York. Everyone seems to be off sync as they miss each other.
11 Dec 1969
Maudie E12. Maudie
A former sweetheart of French's, once a common worker, is now a wealthy single woman. She asks Mr French to visit her in England, with the hopes to pursue their relationship.
18 Dec 1969
Goodbye Harold E13. Goodbye Harold
Buffy and Jody's pet hamsters seem to always escape their cage and then get out of the apartment building. The twins realize the hamsters want to be free.
25 Dec 1969
The Girl Graduate E14. The Girl Graduate
Cissy graduates from high school and wants to go to an all-night party with her friends.
01 Jan 1970
Grandpa, Sir E15. Grandpa, Sir
Cissy, Buffy, and Jody's grandfather visits, but cannot seem to get used to the grown-up children from the young children as he remembers them. Worse, the children do not remember ...
08 Jan 1970
Marooned E16. Marooned
While Bill is in Vermont for business, he asks Mr French and the twins to visit there since it is so pretty. As French drives up, a snow storm turns into a blizzard and they are fo...
15 Jan 1970
Mr. Osaki's Tree E17. Mr. Osaki's Tree
Jody is giving a bonsai tree from Mr Osaki. When the tree starts to die as Mr Osaki gets sick, Jody is worried the tree means Mr Osaki will die.
26 Dec 2007
The Language of Love E18. The Language of Love
A friend of Buffy is deaf, and Uncle Bill asks a friend of his, a doctor who specializes in deaf children, to see if he can do anything for the little girl.
26 Dec 2007
The Inheritance E19. The Inheritance
The twins inherit a small amount of money, which to them, seems like riches. They begin to argue about how to spend the money.
26 Dec 2007
There Goes New York E20. There Goes New York
When the twins hear a psychic predict that a tidal wave will wash away New York, nothing and no one can change their minds that this is going to happen.
12 Feb 1970
Wouldn't It Be Loverly E21. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
When Jody & Buffy learn a classmate can do anything he wants in his home, the twins think they should be allowed the same freedom. Uncle Bill and Mr French decide to let them have ...
19 Feb 1970
The Boys Against the Girls E22. The Boys Against the Girls
Jody wants to be one of the boys on a stick ball team, but the boys all make fun of little girls. Jody does not want Buffy's feelings to get hurt.
26 Feb 1970
The Old Cowhand E23. The Old Cowhand
Jody meets Chaps Callahan, an actor who played a cowboy in the movies. Jody worships him, but learns a lesson when he learns that Chaps is now an old man and not able to do everyth...
05 Mar 1970
Angel in the Family E24. Angel in the Family
Mr French tries to help a friend by talking to the daughter about the life of being an actress. His efforts are negated when Bill finds the daughter an acting position.
12 Mar 1970
Family in Paradise: Part 1 E25. Family in Paradise: Part 1
Bill takes the family and Mr French to Tahiti for a vacation. Everyone enjoys the place.
26 Mar 1970
Family in Paradise: Part 2 E26. Family in Paradise: Part 2
Uncle Bill considers having everyone stay in Tahiti and live there.
02 Apr 1970
Season 5
Season 5
The Good Neighbors E1. The Good Neighbors
Buffy & Jody notice that while they know a lot of the tenants in the building, most of them do not know each other. They ask Mr French to help them throw a party for everyone. Some...
17 Sep 1970
Desert Isle: Manhattan Style E2. Desert Isle: Manhattan Style
Bill asks Cissy to babysit the twin while he and French are out. When her boyfriend calls and asks her to go on a trip, she calls someone else to take her place and then just leave...
24 Sep 1970
Eastward Ho E3. Eastward Ho
Bill offers to let Ming Lee stay at his place. Ming Lee is engaged in an arranged marriage to Bill's friend Eng Ho. Cissy and Gregg offer to take Ming Lee out for the evening. She ...
01 Oct 1970
Meet Emily E4. Meet Emily
Bill decides to hire a female employee to help around the house and soften the edges of Mr French's stiffness. It takes a while, but soon the whole family enjoys having Emily aroun...
08 Oct 1970
The Return of Maudie E5. The Return of Maudie
A former friend of Mr French's visits.
15 Oct 1970
It Can't Be Five Years E6. It Can't Be Five Years
Cissy, Jody and Buffy talk about when they first came to live with their Uncle Bill and realize it has been five years. They decide to throw a party for the occasion but Bill almos...
22 Oct 1970
Travels with Cissy E7. Travels with Cissy
Love goes awry when Bill tries to stop Cissy from marrying Gregg. Bill takes Cissy to a party to distract her. Cissy meets a man named Steve and realizes she is not in love with Gr...
29 Oct 1970
Stamp of Approval E8. Stamp of Approval
Bill and Jody try to get on the good side of female friends in order to get something they want. Bill wants a job at her company, and Jody wants a stamp for his collection.
09 Nov 2011
And Baby Makes Eight E9. And Baby Makes Eight
Cissy's friend Kathy is pregnant, and her husband is out of town.
12 Nov 1970
Say Uncle E10. Say Uncle
Jody and a classmate taunt each other with claims of "my father can beat your father", but the parents refuse to fight each other.
19 Nov 1970
Class Clown E11. Class Clown
Laughter is the best medicine but not for every date. Bill goes out with a female comedian who seems to always be performing her act.
26 Nov 1970
The Unsinkable Mr. French E12. The Unsinkable Mr. French
Everything at the Davis' place seems to be in a state of chaos, but Mr French manages to keep things under control. That is, until one more thing goes wrong.
03 Dec 1970
Wish You Were Here E13. Wish You Were Here
The family goes on vacation to Indiana, where Cissy, Buffy and Jody grew up. Bill wants them to touch base with the relatives still living there, and to see their hometown.
06 Jan 2010
Feat of Clay E14. Feat of Clay
Buffy and Jody accidentally break a small statue originally from Columbia and try to fix it before Uncle Bill finds out about it.
17 Dec 1970
Heroes Are Born E15. Heroes Are Born
Jody's newest hero figure is a football superstar who is Uncle Ken to one of Jody's friend. When Jody finds out that Ken is suspended from the team for placing bets, Jody is disill...
31 Dec 1970
Nobody Here But Us Uncles E16. Nobody Here But Us Uncles
The twins play matchmaker for Uncle Bill so he has someone in his life when they get older and move out.
07 Jan 1971
Too Late, Too Soon E17. Too Late, Too Soon
Emily Turner plays matchmaker to Mr French and Miss Faversham, while being the match-breaker for her son Jim Turner and Cissy's relationship.
14 Jan 1971
The Littlest Exile E18. The Littlest Exile
Buffy & Jody make a new friend with Johnnie. Johnnie and his mother are hiding from militants who are interested in finding their father.
21 Jan 1971
Put Your Dreams Away E19. Put Your Dreams Away
Russ Brook is a former friend of Cissy's who is now in the Peace Corps. Russ asks Cissy to join him on a mission to Chile.
28 Jan 1971
The Joiners E20. The Joiners
Buffy wants to join a popular group at school, but the group does not think she is right for them.
08 Jun 2007
Cinder-Emily E21. Cinder-Emily
Jody and Buffy decide to help Emily go to her son Jim's graduation celebration. She wants a new outfit and someone to take her.
11 Feb 1971
Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley E22. Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley
One of Buffy's friends tells her it is time to give up her doll, Mrs Beasley, as it is a child's toy. They go to a toy store where the owner looks like Mrs Beasley.
11 Jun 2007
Buffy's Fair Lady E23. Buffy's Fair Lady
Buffy helps a shy friend meet new new friends. Buffy throws a party for Angela and friends, but finds some unexpected results
25 Feb 1971
You Can't Fight City Hall E24. You Can't Fight City Hall
Buffy, Jody and their friend Ricky find a great place to play in the neighborhood. Then they find out a parking lot is going to be built in the space.
04 Mar 1971
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