Extreme Cheapskates (2011) TV Series Free Watch

Exploration of people who go to remarkable lengths to save money for themselves and their families.

Year: 2011

Country: USA

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: David Kaye, Melody Rose, Shelley Watson

IMDb: TT2152721

Rating: 4.9/10

Season -1
Season -1
Episode dated 30 October 2013 E-1. Episode dated 30 October 2013
30 Oct 2013
Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E0. Pilot
E1. Kate
Meet Extreme Cheapskate and dumpster diver Kate who takes us through her super cheap lifestyle in New York City.
2 links 16 Oct 2012
E2. Terence/Greg
Extreme Cheapskates Terence and Greg cause friction when others rebel against their bare-bones budgets.
16 Oct 2012
E3. Victoria
Witness Extreme Cheapskate Victoria as her boyfriend Steve moves in on a trial basis to see if he can handle her jarring and flush free lifestyle.
2 links 23 Oct 2012
E4. Abdul/Vickie
Extreme Cheapskates Abdul and Vickie take cheapness to a whole new level, from haggling the price of an anniversary cake to using road kill for gifts.
23 Oct 2012
E5. Jeff
Extreme Cheapskate Jeff travels by bike to save on gas, crashes on his friends' couch, and repays their kindness by serving a cringe-worthy meal.
30 Oct 2012
E6. Roy/Ben
Extreme Cheapskates Ben and Roy show off their frugal lifestyles. Ben throws a party on a $4 dollar budget and Roy shows how he freezes his assets.
30 Oct 2012
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Rick & Karissa/Torski
Karissa and her husband Rick have been competing to be cheaper than the other since their wedding five years ago. By sharing everything from their shower to a single toothbrush, th...
3 links 30 Oct 2013
Shelly E2. Shelly
2 links
Angel/Mark E3. Angel/Mark
2 links
Melody/Marlin E4. Melody/Marlin
Matt/Sarah E5. Matt/Sarah
1 link
The O'Briens E6. The O'Briens
Jordan/Michael E7. Jordan/Michael
2 links
Stephanie/Larry E8. Stephanie/Larry
Most Extreme Moments E9. Most Extreme Moments
2 links 01 Jan 2014
Season 3
Season 3
E0. Extreme Cheapskates: Guide to Love
From taking funeral flowers for a date, redoing a bedroom with used hotel sheets, buying thrift store lingerie, or planning a vow renewal on a shoestring budget, Extreme Cheapskate...
24 Sep 2014
E1. In Sickness and in Wealth
Extreme Cheapskates Karen and Barry cannot stand the idea of spending money. Whether it's frying breakfast on the car engine or pulling out their own tooth at home, no task is too ...
2 links 01 Oct 2014
Episode #3.2 E2. Episode #3.2
2 links 01 Oct 2014
E3. Home Is Where the Cart Is
Flight attendant Steffanie takes her boyfriend to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in hopes of pushing their relationship to the next level. Professional doorman RJ Andrews has no fixe...
2 links 08 Oct 2014
E4. Cheap Hair Day
Kelley saves money by insulating her entire house with plastic. Now she's bringing her Pilates studio into the home to save $800 a month. Pelin cuts hair and costs at her salon and...
08 Oct 2014
E5. Father Knows Debt
Patriarch Raul Pinto scours through vacuum canisters at the car wash in hopes of finding spare change. And Kia Cambridge limits herself to one piece of gum, every three days.
16 Oct 2014
E6. Pool Rules: No Spending
Homemaker Jeni Cox goes to sporting good stores, using the exercise equipment on display in lieu of a gym membership. Realtor Lisa DiMercurio spends just three dollars to stage and...
16 Oct 2014
E7. Nobody Pays Retail
Lydia Abate scours the obituaries, then visits surviving family members in hopes of taking the deceased person's clothing off of their hands. Mason Roberts introduces his wife to h...
1 link 22 Oct 2014
Episode #3.8 E8. Episode #3.8
2 links 29 Oct 2014
E9. Feast or Famine
Ron S. shows us how to cook for lobster taste on a tuna fish budget.
2 links 05 Nov 2014
Episode #3.10 E10. Episode #3.10
1 link 12 Nov 2014
E12. Vacations!
Follow a group of penny-pinching Americans who want to hit the open road without breaking open their wallets including a family of four who share one bunk bed at a Dude Ranch and a...
5 links 19 Nov 2014
E13. Merry Cheapskate Christmas
Sarah Gracel visits junkyards for her family's Christmas gifts. Shelley Watson creates a Christmas turkey mutation out of ground meat, chicken and turkey legs.
10 Dec 2014
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