Escape the Night (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2016

Duration: 23 min

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Game-Show, Horror, Mystery

Writer: Joey Graceffa

Stars: Joey Graceffa, David Hutchison, Eva Gutowski, Katia Hayes

IMDb: TT5838282

Rating: 6.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
An Invitation E1. An Invitation
The guests arrive at the house and their dinner party meets with a tragic end (the death of a guest). They discover the house is evil and they must gather special artifacts to free...
22 Jun 2016
The Ungodly Machine E2. The Ungodly Machine
The guests work through a mad scientist's clues and end up facing his most evil creation, the "Ungodly Machine."
22 Jun 2016
Buried Alive E3. Buried Alive
The guests perform a seance to learn the location of a grave only to find one of them must be buried inside it.
29 Jun 2016
Mannequins E4. Mannequins
The guests uncover clues hidden inside macabre mannequin displays that represent a serial killers' finest works.
06 Jul 2016
Freak Show E5. Freak Show
The characters must play a game with the guardian of the house in order to uncover the carnival of the dead. Tim and Oli perform in order to get the last artifact.
13 Jul 2016
Did Someone Call for an Exorcist? E6. Did Someone Call for an Exorcist?
The ritual to bind the evil failed and they soon realize that they did the wrong one. Matt and Sierra must go in the basement to try to exersize a demon.
20 Jul 2016
Mermaid Tails E7. Mermaid Tails
The guests are on the lookout for another house owner, which, to completely set them free, will involve diving deep into a pool, and the death of a house guest.
27 Jul 2016
All Out War E8. All Out War
The guests discover a former owner of the house who was a soldier in world war 1; 2 guests compete in a "Russian Rulette" battleship game; One guest fatally dies; and they become o...
03 Aug 2016
Wicked Hallucinations E9. Wicked Hallucinations
The guests find another former owner of the house, Vincent. They must dive into his hallucinations to find the three keys to free him.
10 Aug 2016
Betrayal at the House on the Hill E10. Betrayal at the House on the Hill
The guests must run around the house trying to find Arthur's brother in order to end this horror of a night. They have to do it all without being seen by Arthur, Sarah, and Marvin....
17 Aug 2016
Season 2
Season 2
The Masquerade Ball Part 1 E1. The Masquerade Ball Part 1
Evil is back to terrorize a brand new cast of YouTubers. Witness a new estate, a new era and a new evil descend on Joey's nine unsuspecting guests. Everybody runs, but who will Esc...
22 Jun 2017
The Masquerade Ball Part 2 E2. The Masquerade Ball Part 2
Andrea disguises herself in the bloodiest of masquerades to help slay the king of vampires; 2 guests are put into a challenge, but only one will make it out alive; and the guests r...
22 Jun 2017
Tangled Web E3. Tangled Web
Thought the vampires were bad enough? Well now there's spiders; Jesse and DeStorm get abducted by the two black widow maidens; Tana and Gabbie are put into a challenge; The evil so...
28 Jun 2017
A Nation Divided E4. A Nation Divided
Someone is going to die; Joey is given a choice that is designed to drive a wedge between friends; They receive a third gem and become one step closer to escaping the night.
05 Jul 2017
The Gingerbread Woman E5. The Gingerbread Woman
The sorceress gives the guests a somewhat pleasant surprise; The guests must free 2 children, before the time runs out, and the gingerbread lady is released; 2 guests are put into ...
12 Jul 2017
Endless Winter Night E6. Endless Winter Night
A warrior from another realm returns with a wizard named Sireen to defeat the ice queen; 2 guests are put into a challenge; Someone is going to die; and the guests have to walk the...
19 Jul 2017
Automaton Love Story E7. Automaton Love Story
The guests are nearly killed, but quickly saved by jet pack girl; they learn they need to assemble a robotic bride, but by doing that, they need a human heart, putting two people i...
26 Jul 2017
Full Moon Slaughter E8. Full Moon Slaughter
Midnight is just around the corner, and the guests learn some new troubling information; someone is going to die; and the next Lieutenant is revealed.
02 Aug 2017
The Dark Dimension E9. The Dark Dimension
After the shocking twist of midnight, the guests are chased down by a monster; someone is going to die; and only two gems are needed to escape the night.
09 Aug 2017
The Sorceress E10. The Sorceress
The guests have been through enough already. Vampires, spiders, wars and even psychotic ginger bread ladies were on their tales. But with the pieces falling into place, and the evi...
16 Aug 2017
The Monsters ball E11. The Monsters ball
In Episode 11, The Monster's Ball, the creators of the show delve into the creation of the horrific monsters you see on the show. Revealing the Devourer, the Harpies, the Gingerbre...
Episode #2.12 E12. Episode #2.12
Episode #2.13 E13. Episode #2.13
Season 3
Season 3
The Clowns Here Kill Part 1 E1. The Clowns Here Kill Part 1
The guests are trapped in the 1970's in a town called Everlock. They are all enjoying the carnival that arrived, but soon find out that they must find 8 artifacts to save themselve...
21 Jun 2018
The Clowns Here Kill Part 2 E2. The Clowns Here Kill Part 2
All hope seems lost when Joey and friends are captured by the Killer Clowns. The group learns they must restore the Carnival Master's wicked artifacts to free the town--a mission t...
21 Jun 2018
Venomous Affections E3. Venomous Affections
A spy is caught, but Joey and his friends learn that the real treachery is among them. They also learn the location of the next artifact, but at a cost.
28 Jun 2018
The Man with No Name E4. The Man with No Name
A dead body is tossed from the balcony, giving a clue about the third artifact. The youtubers form two hunting parties, but the team that fails to recover the missing pieces must f...
04 Jul 2018
Strong Like a Demon E5. Strong Like a Demon
A strong man is in town and the YouTubers must prove who amongst them is strongest. Joey reveals the dark secret he's desperately been trying to keep. As his friends turn on him, t...
11 Jul 2018
Twin dolls E6. Twin dolls
The doll maker's puppets come to life, chasing Joey and his friends. The only way the YouTubers can cleanse the new artifact is by uncovering the mysterious Maiden of Madness and l...
18 Jul 2018
Funhouse E7. Funhouse
The Funhouse is open for business. Bloody business. The YouTubers must survive its twisted rooms. Just when they think they've mastered all its tricks, the Funhouse has one final t...
25 Jul 2018
Wicked Witches E8. Wicked Witches
The Wicked Witches' Of The Town Have Come To Play. The Guest's Must save some of the cursed citizens by casting spell's of their own. But The Witches Wont Give Up Until They Have M...
01 Aug 2018
Control Issues E9. Control Issues
The Carnival Master's daughter turns one YouTuber against the others. As friends fight friends, the daughter's flesh-eating pet demon must be slain if the YouTubers want to cleanse...
Episode #3.10 E10. Episode #3.10
Episode #3.12 E12. Episode #3.12
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