Engineering Disasters (2015) TV Series Free Watch

Spun off from Modern Marvels, Engineering Disasters spotlights what happens when human error and the right circumstances conspire to create major disasters and tragedies.

Year: 2015

Duration: 43 min

Genres: Documentary, History

IMDb: TT4788946

Rating: 7.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
Heartland Explosion E1. Heartland Explosion
On this episode, a massive explosion rocks a small Texas town killing 15 residents. A bridge in Washington collapses sending cars plunging into the river. Two construction cranes i...
6 links 11 Apr 2015
Freight Train Collision E2. Freight Train Collision
This episode investigates a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that leaves seven concertgoers dead. Is a gas leak to blame for an explosion in New York City that levels two b...
2 links 18 Apr 2015
Kentucky Sink Hole E3. Kentucky Sink Hole
Why did a 72 oil-car runaway train crash, killing 47 people and leveling half a town? Was it the brakes? Also, can engineers do anything to fix a gaping sinkhole at the National Co...
4 links 25 Apr 2015
Colorado Dam Disaster E4. Colorado Dam Disaster
On this episode, a storm of the century takes out nine dams in Colorado, flooding entire towns and leaving thousands stranded. A train carrying hazardous materials derails, releasi...
2 links 02 May 2015
California Pipeline Catastrophe E5. California Pipeline Catastrophe
On this episode, an explosion in a San Bruno, California neighborhood destroys homes and kills residents. An experienced captain and crew sail their ship into the path of Hurricane...
4 links 09 Apr 2015
Trapped Under Seattle E6. Trapped Under Seattle
Why did Asiana flight 214, packed with passengers, suddenly crash land and cartwheel across San Francisco International Airport's runway? Three families of the dead want answers. A...
3 links 16 May 2015
Raging Rocket E7. Raging Rocket
This episode investigates a mudslide that swallows an entire neighborhood, leaving scientists baffled. A rocket on its way to the international space station suddenly bursts into f...
8 links 23 May 2015
Man Hole Explosions E8. Man Hole Explosions
5 links 23 May 2015
The Sherman Tank. E9. The Sherman Tank.
08 Jan 2017
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