El ministerio del tiempo (2015) TV Series Free Watch

A warrior from the 16th Century, the first female university student from the 19th Century and a nurse from the 21st Century join a secret agency to prevent people from changing the Spanish history by using time-traveling doors.

Years: 2015−2017

Duration: 70 min

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Writers: Javier Olivares, Pablo Olivares

Stars: Nacho Fresneda, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Juan Gea

IMDb: TT4136774

Rating: 8.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
El tiempo es el que es E1. El tiempo es el que es
Three Ministry of Time agents travel to 1808 to recover a modern pistol that could change the course of the Peninsular War if it fell in the wrong hands.
3 links 24 Feb 2015
Tiempo de Gloria E2. Tiempo de Gloria
The Ministry agent in 1588 Lisbon, Gil Pérez, raises the alarm when he notices that would-be famous playwright Lope de Vega has missed his historical appointment to serve in the Sp...
2 links 02 Mar 2015
Cómo se reescribe el tiempo E3. Cómo se reescribe el tiempo
Lola's use of an unregistered time door in 1940 Montserrat Abbey to save Spanish members of the French Resistance goes sour when one is captured and shares his knowledge with Heinr...
2 links 09 Mar 2015
Una negociación a tiempo E4. Una negociación a tiempo
Salvador sends the team to 1491 to save the first discoverer of the time doors from the Spanish Inquisition, and Amelia hides her job at the Ministry by telling her 1880 parents th...
2 links 16 Mar 2015
Cualquier tiempo pasado E5. Cualquier tiempo pasado
The team is tasked to recover one of three receipts for Picasso's 1939 painting, "Guernica". If they don't succeed, the painting will not return to Spain in 1981. But while in the ...
2 links 23 Mar 2015
Tiempo de pícaros E6. Tiempo de pícaros
The Ministry is called to investigate when archaeologists find a cell phone belonging to a missing 21st century corrupt executive in a room that was sealed off in 1520.
2 links 30 Mar 2015
Tiempo de venganza E7. Tiempo de venganza
Armando Leiva faked his death and is ready to strike back against the Ministry of Time - in 1844, when it was visited by young Queen Isabel II.
2 links 06 Apr 2015
La leyenda del tiempo E8. La leyenda del tiempo
The team travels to Madrid's Student Residence in 1924 after a Dalí painting depicting a graphics tablet is found. Once there, they find strange photographs that were seemingly pla...
2 links 13 Apr 2015
Season 2
Season 2
Tiempo de leyenda E1. Tiempo de leyenda
The Ministry must investigate why DNA recovered from El Cid's 1099 tomb doesn't match a sample taken from the man's young self in 1053, but Julián isn't allowed to join his compani...
3 links 15 Feb 2016
El tiempo en sus manos E2. El tiempo en sus manos
Pacino, a tough cop in 1981 Madrid, is arrested in 2016 after following a murderer into a closet. Pacino's father, also a cop, saw the same murderer disappearing into the same clos...
2 links 22 Feb 2016
Tiempo de hidalgos E3. Tiempo de hidalgos
Pacino's first mission with the squad will take him to 1604, to make sure Cervantes will publish the Quixote.
2 links 29 Feb 2016
El Monasterio del Tiempo E4. El Monasterio del Tiempo
The squad must travel to 1808 to ensure the survival of an ancestor to Adolfo Suarez, former President and key figure of Spanish Transition from a dictatorship to a democracy.
2 links 07 Mar 2016
Un virus de otro tiempo E5. Un virus de otro tiempo
Susana ignores procedure when she orders that Irene be brought back from 1918 after catching the Spanish Flu, putting the modern day Ministry HQ at risk.
2 links 14 Mar 2016
Tiempo de magia E6. Tiempo de magia
The 1924 Ministry contacts its 2016 self, concerned that one of its top agents plans to sell the secret of time travel to the highest bidder.
2 links 21 Mar 2016
Tiempo de valientes (I) E7. Tiempo de valientes (I)
While hiding in Manila in 1898, Julián promises a dying soldier that he will carry a jewel of his mother to his Filipina lover in Baler. Meanwhile, the 2016 Ministry must make an a...
3 links 28 Mar 2016
Tiempo de valientes (II) E8. Tiempo de valientes (II)
After learning of Julián's whereabouts, the Ministry sends Alonso on a top secret mission to bring him to the present day. Meanwhile, Pacino returns to 1981 to attend his father's ...
3 links 04 Apr 2016
Óleo sobre tiempo E9. Óleo sobre tiempo
The team visits Madrid's Royal Palace in 1734 after paintings that were lost in a fire then begin to appear in modern day auctions.
2 links 25 Apr 2016
Separadas por el tiempo E10. Separadas por el tiempo
A modern schoolteacher faints when she sees her image in a photo of 'Las Sinsombrero', a forgotten group of Interwar female artists. Meanwhile, the Ministry looks for a 1912 child ...
3 links 02 May 2016
Tiempo de lo oculto E11. Tiempo de lo oculto
When a paranormal show host reveals the existence of the Ministry on the internet, Salvador tries to convince him that he is mistaken by inviting him to HQ - all while pretending t...
2 links 09 May 2016
Hasta que el tiempo nos separe E12. Hasta que el tiempo nos separe
Everyone in the Ministry is invited to Ortigosa's wedding. Julián and Amelia have a long overdue conversation.
3 links 16 May 2016
Cambio de tiempo E13. Cambio de tiempo
Following the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, a desperate King Philip II violates the norms of the Time Ministry and travels forward in time to 2016 to ensure the victory of ...
3 links 23 May 2016
Season 3
Season 3
Con el tiempo en los talones E1. Con el tiempo en los talones
In 2017, with the Ministry in renovation and following the aftermath of a tragic death among its own ranks, the patrol must face a conspiracy involving Alfred Hitchcock's visit to ...
4 links 01 Jun 2017
Tiempo de espías E2. Tiempo de espías
1943: Operation Mincemeat, key to the allied victory in WW2, is at stake. It all lies in a captured Spanish spy in Nazi-occupied France, who turns out to be an important figure in ...
3 links 08 Jun 2017
Tiempo de hechizos E3. Tiempo de hechizos
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer writes a tenth letter to the nine original ones from "From My Cell". As they attempt to correct this, the Ministry of Time tumbles into the supernatural when...
3 links 15 Jun 2017
Tiempo de ilustrados E4. Tiempo de ilustrados
Goya's the Naked Maja is slashed by an unseen force. As the trio travels to XIX century Spain to convince an old, bitter Goya to paint it again, they must deal with intrigues, brok...
2 links 22 Jun 2017
Tiempo de esplendor E5. Tiempo de esplendor
The Peace Treaty between Philip III and Great Britain is in jeopardy by agents of a sinister time-traveling organization. In the height of the Spanish Golden Age, the trio walks in...
2 links 29 Jun 2017
Tiempo de esclavos E6. Tiempo de esclavos
A race against time to save King Alfonso XII from an early death gets out of hand. As the Ministry is forced into Spain's dark past in the slave trade, the discovery of an anti-mon...
2 links 06 Jul 2017
Tiempo de censura E7. Tiempo de censura
Irene must face her past once again when she joins Pacino and Alonso in a mission to help Buñuel's Viridiana pass the strict Francoist censorship in 1961.
2 links 18 Sep 2017
Tiempo de conquista E8. Tiempo de conquista
Back in the XVI century, Pacino and Alonso must ensure the survival of two Spaniards, a conquistador turned native and a priest with a key role in Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs, i...
2 links 25 Sep 2017
El cisma del tiempo E9. El cisma del tiempo
The 'Exterminating Angel' abducts Rabbi Levi in a bid to make him find a door to the future after 2017, but he escapes to the room of Antipope Benedict XIII in 1417 Peñiscola.
2 links 02 Oct 2017
Refugiados en el tiempo E10. Refugiados en el tiempo
The Ministry must fight in three fronts as a group of Morish refugees from the XV century marches into 2017 and their headquarters. In the meanwhile, a crisis erupts in the court o...
2 links 09 Oct 2017
Tiempo de verbena E11. Tiempo de verbena
Pacino and Lola must ensure the successful premiere of La Verbena de la Paloma in 1894 with the help of Angustias. In the present, the ministry deals with Martha's loss of memory a...
3 links 16 Oct 2017
Contratiempos E12. Contratiempos
President Adolfo Suarez's election must be protected to ensure the democratic transition in Spain. As the Ministry suspects of the Exterminating Angel, an opportunity to defeat bot...
25 Oct 2017
Entre dos tiempos E13. Entre dos tiempos
The Ministry must face its most difficult trial yet...at the hands of a television studio. When a TV series of 1966 starts copying real events, everyone steps in, but their solutio...
01 Nov 2017
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