Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Holistic detective Dirk Gently investigates cases involving the supernatural.

Year: 2016

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi

Writer: Max Landis

Stars: Elijah Wood, Hannah Marks, Samuel Barnett

IMDb: TT4047038

Rating: 8.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Horizons
After Todd Brotzman happens upon a murder scene, he meets self-proclaimed detective, Dirk Gently; and is drawn into a case involving the death of reclusive millionaire, Patrick Spr...
12 links 11 Dec 2016
E2. Lost & Found
Todd is drawn further into the case as they learn more about the fiends who captured Patrick Spring's daughter, Lydia. Mysterious characters take a step closer to a collision.
15 links 29 Oct 2016
E3. Rogue Wall Enthusiasts
Digging into Patrick Spring's past, Farah and Dirk discover the first really big clue into his murder. Todd goes to the police only to learn he has no safe harbor left.
15 links 05 Nov 2016
E4. Watkin
Dirk and Todd find themselves in a complicated and dangerous situation left behind by Patrick Spring. As the police begin putting together the pieces of their imponderable case, an...
12 links 12 Nov 2016
E5. Very Erectus
As Dirk and Todd embark on a hunt for Patrick Spring's dark enigmas, Todd reveals a secret of his own. Detectives Estevez and Zimmerfield take big risks as they inch closer to the ...
12 links 19 Nov 2016
Fix Everything E6. Fix Everything
Everything connects. Cops, cult, assassins, detectives, Pararibulitis, vampires, lottery ticket, a corgi and Ken, all come to a head.
5 links 26 Nov 2016
E7. Weaponized Soul
Flung backwards through time, Dirk and Todd make a horrifying discovery about the nature of their case, and find themselves with a unique opportunity: solve their case before it ev...
14 links 03 Dec 2016
E8. Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things
As dark forces converge, Dirk, Todd, Farah, and Detective Estevez are forced into a final battle: save Lydia Spring, face certain death, or both.
13 links 10 Dec 2016
Season 2
Season 2
Space Rabbit E1. Space Rabbit
19 links 15 Oct 2017
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