Diablo Guardián (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Genres: Action, Drama

Writers: Catalina Aguilar Mastretta, Samara Ibrahim, María López Castaño

Stars: Paulina Gaitan, Andrés Almeida, Adrian Ladron

IMDb: TT6121710

Rating: 6.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Quien de ellos no era yo? E1. Quien de ellos no era yo?
Pig visits Violetta's grave and discovers a tape recording that reveals the story of Rosa del Alba Valdivia. Violetta narrates to Pig how she found the way to escape her mediocre l...
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Más Rápida que Supermán E2. Más Rápida que Supermán
Violetta crosses the border with the money she stole from her parents. There she meets Eric, a handsome young Texan with whom she travels to New York. In between sightseeing and sh...
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New York ¿Truco o Trato? E3. New York ¿Truco o Trato?
Violetta discovers that Superman used some of her money to rent an apartment, while disappointed at first, she gives in to the routine of a serious relationship. She soon gets bore...
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Ser o no ser... yo E4. Ser o no ser... yo
After being fooled, Violetta attempts to make some money by using her old tricks on the Vanderbilt clients. Seeing that luck is not on her side, she realizes her body is her best m...
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Violetta & Associates: porquerías a domicilio E5. Violetta & Associates: porquerías a domicilio
Violetta enjoys her new career until Martha, the hotel manager, discovers her. Not finding success elsewhere, she decides to trust Martha, but ends up getting kicked out of the hot...
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The Next Level E6. The Next Level
Violetta arrives in Las Vegas. There she meets Super Mario and discovers a taste for cocaine. Soon she runs out of money and decides to go back to her tricks. Now in a mess of trou...
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La sombra de Nefastófeles E7. La sombra de Nefastófeles
Pig and Rosalba begin an affair. Rosalba's mysterious past awakens Pig's curiosity. In New York, Violetta starts a relationship with Nefas, who quickly shows his dark side. Her ing...
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Mucha mierda, poco tiempo E8. Mucha mierda, poco tiempo
Violetta attempts to be smarter than Nefas and to work directly with El Gallego, but Henry figures out her plan. Violetta feels trapped in a life she didn't envision for herself an...
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Postales sin remitente E9. Postales sin remitente
Violetta's plan fails. Gallego forgives her but hands her back to Nefas so he can pimp her out. When everything seems to be going wrong, Superman reappears. Without knowing her sto...
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Bye bye Miss Nobody E10. Bye bye Miss Nobody
After turning down Eric and discovering that Nefas never planned on helping with her visa, Violetta escapes and finds an accomplice in Henry, disappointed he confronts Nefas. Viole...
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