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An elite department within Interpol, Department S inherited those cases which the other member groups had failed to solve. The brains of the group was Jason King, a hedonistic maverick who ... See full summary »

Years: 1969−1970

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Writers: Monty Berman, Dennis Spooner

Stars: Joel Fabiani, Peter Wyngarde, Rosemary Nicols

IMDb: TT0063893

Rating: 7.2/10

Season 1
Season 1
Six Days E1. Six Days
An air-liner arriving in London from Rome is not thirty minutes early,as the pilot assumes, but in fact six days late. None of the crew or passengers - who have a mysterious bruise...
1 link 27 Mar 2017
The Trojan Tanker E2. The Trojan Tanker
In rural England a petrol tanker skids and collides with a van,killing its driver. When the van driver investigates,he finds that the tanker is not carrying fuel but its interior i...
1 link 16 Mar 1969
A Cellar Full of Silence E3. A Cellar Full of Silence
Four men in fancy dress costumes are celebrating committing a robbery in a house near a building site when they are gunned down. When a man's body is recovered, locked in a trunk i...
1 link 23 Mar 1969
The Pied Piper of Hambledown E4. The Pied Piper of Hambledown
Needing to wake early next day to participate in a beauty contest Susan Grant,staying at her father's pub in the village of Hambledown takes a sleeping pill but wakes in the night ...
1 link 30 Dec 2009
One of Our Aircraft Is Empty E5. One of Our Aircraft Is Empty
An aeroplane carrying a hundred and thirty passengers on a flight from New York asks for landing clearance in London but,having safely landed,it is discovered that there is nobody ...
1 link 06 Apr 1969
The Man in the Elegant Room E6. The Man in the Elegant Room
An estate agent shows a client a warehouse on a trading estate in which,to their shock,they discover that the entire ground floor of an elegant house has been constructed - further...
1 link 13 Apr 1969
Handicap Dead E7. Handicap Dead
Stewart is at Colindale golf course in Scotland for a tournament but one of the players,Johnnie Collins,already disqualified for turning up late,is found dead on a beach. Nothing s...
1 link 20 Apr 1969
Black Out E8. Black Out
Three days after he disappeared on his way to see 'Don Giovanni' at Covent Garden, food critic Robin Skelton is found wandering in the Mexican desert. The Department is called in t...
1 link 27 Apr 1969
Season 2
Season 2
Who Plays the Dummy? E1. Who Plays the Dummy?
Spanish police attempt to flag down a white Chevrolet but it crashes and is revealed to have been 'driven' by a dummy and worked by remote control. Jason notes that the dummy is we...
01 Oct 1969
The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol E2. The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol
Cal and Thorn,two Americans,go deep sea diving on the Costa Del Sol and,having brought ashore a fish,proceed to double-cross and kill each other. The fish turns out to be plastic a...
08 Oct 1969
The Man Who Got a New Face E3. The Man Who Got a New Face
An intruder named Gerhard breaks into the heavily guarded grounds of a villa belonging to a man named Kolliatis,who has just gone to sleep after watching a home movie. Rather than ...
15 Oct 1969
Les Fleurs du Mal E4. Les Fleurs du Mal
In Rome Johnnie is visited by 'the brothers' and there is a shoot-out, resulting in carnage. Johnnie has given the tipsy Stacey a package to be delivered to Paris and when a curiou...
22 Oct 1969
The Shift That Never Was E5. The Shift That Never Was
Something strange has happened at the Bellman-Parsons chemical factory. Although locals claim that they saw the work force arriving as normal,the management report that all of the ...
29 Oct 1969
The Man from 'X' E6. The Man from 'X'
Safe-cracker James Rankin dies,wearing the space-suit he stole from as aerospace institute in Farnham. Jason finds out from his sister Leila that he was about to take part in the r...
15 Jan 2010
Dead Men Die Twice E7. Dead Men Die Twice
In the South of France two hitmen study a photograph of a man taken in a festival square. They then go to his house with the intention of killing him but he drops down dead of a he...
12 Nov 1969
The Perfect Operation E8. The Perfect Operation
At the City of Southwark hospital senior British civil servant Peregrine Haslett-Smith is about to undergo a tricky operation but Mr. Walker,the surgeon responsible,is knocked unco...
06 Dec 2013
The Duplicated Man E9. The Duplicated Man
An aeroplane carrying MI5 agent Anthony James Harvey explodes over the English Channel and eye witnesses claim that nobody could have survived. However,evidence washed up on the Ke...
03 Dec 1969
The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine E10. The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine
After the voice of an airline pilot announces to the passengers that they are on their way to Athens, one of the travelers turns around and shoots another one through the back of h...
09 Dec 2013
Death on Reflection E11. Death on Reflection
Sir Curtis and a lady friend are at an antiques auction in Bond street,where a mirror sells for an astronomically high sum in view of its appearance. Later Gresford, the man who bo...
17 Dec 1969
The Last Train to Redbridge E12. The Last Train to Redbridge
A tube train arrives at Redbridge station with all its passengers dead and the conductor who found it is also knocked out by nerve gas. Whilst Annabelle is escorting Mrs. Taylor,th...
14 Jan 1970
A Small War of Nerves E13. A Small War of Nerves
Greg Halliday, disgruntled employee at a chemical works, leaves the plant with a phial of deadly nerve gas. He is captured by enemy agents out to obtain his lethal product but save...
18 Aug 2012
The Bones of Byrom Blain E14. The Bones of Byrom Blain
Arriving at Marling Dale Ministry of Defence building in the countryside the chauffeur driving government official Byrom Blain opens his passenger's door to find only a skeleton. D...
08 Jan 2010
Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old E15. Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old
Having thrown away his passport Spencer Bodily shoots and kills himself in Hyde park. At the inquest the coroner declares that his organs are those of a man in his sixties but he o...
11 Feb 1970
The Ghost of Mary Burnham E16. The Ghost of Mary Burnham
Economist John Burnham is due to become the next head of the International Monetary Fund and he has progressive ideas which certain Communist agents do not want to see put into pla...
30 Dec 2009
A Fish Out of Water E17. A Fish Out of Water
Interpol agent Birney arrives in Beirut and soon afterwards his body is found washed up on a beach. Sir Curtis believes he drowned accidentally whilst out swimming but Stewart, a p...
25 Feb 1970
The Soup of the Day E18. The Soup of the Day
In Liverpool four men break into a bonded warehouse and smash through a wall all to steal a crate containing a hundred and forty four cans of Supa De Mariscos fish soup imported fr...
04 Mar 1970
A Ticket to Nowhere E19. A Ticket to Nowhere
An elderly man, wandering on an airport runway in his night wear, is killed by an incoming plane. Jason talks to the man's niece and discovers he was a scientist working on an adva...
11 Mar 1970
The Double Death of Charlie Crippen E20. The Double Death of Charlie Crippen
Near Naples a car is stopped by a land-mine, then riddled with bullets by attackers. However, the 'victim' in the back seat turns out to be a dummy, whom Jason nicknames Charlie Cr...
24 Mar 1970
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