Dear White People (2017) TV Series Free Watch

At a predominantly white Ivy League college, a diverse group of students navigate various forms of racial and other types of discrimination.

Year: 2017

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writer: Justin Simien

Stars: Giancarlo Esposito, John Patrick Amedori, Logan Browning, Antoinette Robertson, Brandon P Bell, Marque Richardson, Ashley Blaine Featherson, DeRon Horton

IMDb: TT5707802

Rating: 6.4/10

Season -1
Season -1
#2.2 E-1. #2.2
Season 1
Season 1
Chapter I E1. Chapter I
As college radio host Samantha White leads the outcry over a blackface party by a campus fraternity, a revelation about her love life puts her in an awkward spot.
6 links 28 Apr 2017
Chapter II E2. Chapter II
Buoyed by his front-page story on the blackface party, shy reporter Lionel begins to come out of his shell and embrace his true identity.
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Chapter III E3. Chapter III
Golden boy Troy schmoozes his way around campus at his father's behest, campaigning for student body president. But his smile hides nagging doubts.
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Chapter IV E4. Chapter IV
As Coco gears up for an exclusive soiree, a fight with Sam stirs up memories of their friendship; and the differences that drove them apart.
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Chapter V E5. Chapter V
Friends drag Reggie out on the town to stop him from brooding over the revolution and Sam's new beau. But the night takes a harrowing turn.
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Chapter VI E6. Chapter VI
Shell-shocked, Sam and company plan a protest against the campus police, while Reggie finds his own way to process the ordeal.
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Chapter VII E7. Chapter VII
Picking up on the chemistry between Sam and Reggie, Gabe obsesses over the state of his relationship; and makes a startling confession to Joelle.
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Chapter VIII E8. Chapter VIII
To show just how pervasive Winchester's race problems are, Lionel sets out to write a feature on Troy and makes some unexpected discoveries.
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Chapter IX E9. Chapter IX
Coco jumps at the chance to join Troy at a party for wealthy donors, but the evening leaves her questioning his priorities.
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Chapter X E10. Chapter X
With tensions running high before the town hall, Sam tries to patch up her relationship, Coco steals Troy's thunder, and Lionel makes a bold move.
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Season 2
Season 2
Episode #2.1 E1. Episode #2.1
04 May 2018
Episode #2.2 E2. Episode #2.2
Episode #2.3 E3. Episode #2.3
Episode #2.4 E4. Episode #2.4
Episode #2.5 E5. Episode #2.5
04 May 2018
Episode #2.6 E6. Episode #2.6
Episode #2.7 E7. Episode #2.7
Episode #2.8 E8. Episode #2.8
Episode #2.9 E9. Episode #2.9
Episode #2.10 E10. Episode #2.10
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