Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 29 min

Genres: Adventure, Documentary, Family

Star: Steve Backshall

IMDb: TT8591588

Season 1
Season 1
Land of Giants E1. Land of Giants
Steve showcases some of the largest deadly dinosaurs of all time.
1 link 13 Jun 2018
Deadly Defenders E2. Deadly Defenders
Steve is on a quest to track down the deadliest of all dinosaur defenders such as the armored Nodosaurus, the mighty Iguanodon and the rampaging Ankylosaurus.
20 Jun 2018
King of the Killers E3. King of the Killers
Steve is on a quest to find the most dangerous dinosaur of all time such as the deadly T-rex, the axe-like Allosaurus, and the tank-like Spinosaurus.
27 Jun 2018
Freak or Unique E4. Freak or Unique
Steve looks for the weirdest dinosaur ever such as Gigantoraptor, which laid the biggest eggs of all time, the minuscule Magyarosaurus, and the biggest headbutter of them all that ...
2 links 04 Jul 2018
Kings of the Sky E5. Kings of the Sky
Steve searches for the greatest terrors from the skies such as the bird-like Microraptor or the possibly largest flier ever - Hatzegopteryx.
11 Jul 2018
Aquatic Terrors E6. Aquatic Terrors
Steve searches for the greatest terrors from the deep such as the dolphin-like Ophthalmosaurus, the giant croc-like Sarcosuchus or the monstrous Pliosaurus (infamously also known a...
18 Jul 2018
Super Senses E7. Super Senses
Secret Skills E8. Secret Skills
Deadlier Than the Dinosaurs E9. Deadlier Than the Dinosaurs
08 Aug 2018
Backshall's Ultimate Dinosaur E10. Backshall's Ultimate Dinosaur
15 Aug 2018
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