8 Days That Made Rome (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Historian Bettany Hughes selects eight pivotal days that defined the Roman Empire and its establishment as the world's first superpower.

Year: 2017

Genre: History

Stars: Bettany Hughes, Sam Barriscale, Nathan Dean Williams, James Sutton, Gary Finan

IMDb: TT7532674

Rating: 8/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Hannibal's Last Stand
Bettany Hughes begins by examining the day in 202BC when Rome defeated the might of Carthage at the Battle of Zama. This decisive moment set Rome on the path to greatness.
6 links 27 Oct 2017
E2. The Spartacus Revolt
Bettany Hughes relates the events of 73BC when a Thracian gladiator started a slave revolt that so panicked the Roman elite that they offered power to a single man, foreshadowing R...
9 links 03 Nov 2017
E3. Caesar Crosses the Rubicon
In 49 BC, Julius Caesar leads an ambitious campaign to cross the Rubicon river; this would culminate in Rome evolving from Republic to Empire.
11 links 10 Nov 2017
E4. Rome's First Emperor
Octavian, considered by many to be the man who kickstarted the Roman Empire, begins his rise to power in 32 BC when he steals the secret will of his rival, the infamous Mark Antony...
9 links 17 Nov 2017
E5. Boudica's Revenge
In 60 AD, Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, a ferocious warrior tribe from Britannia, leads a rebellion against the Romans to free her people from the empire's control.
11 links 24 Nov 2017
E6. The Downfall of Nero
68 AD. Nero, the Roman emperor whose reign has now become a byword for tyranny and cruelty, ends his own life; subsequently Rome's first dynasty dies with him.
10 links 01 Dec 2017
E7. The Colosseum's Grand Opening
In 80 AD, Rome's greatest amphitheater The Colosseum is opened by Emperor Titus. This new arena exhibits men and wild animals battling to the death. Why did the Romans enjoy these ...
10 links 08 Dec 2017
E8. The Rebirth of Rome
In 337 AD, Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity, which kickstarts the Romans renouncing their thousand years worship of the pagan gods.
12 links 15 Dec 2017
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