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M. William Phelps is an American crime author and researcher. Starting from January 2012, he hosted and produced the dramatized Discovery Network series Dark Minds, featuring unsolved ... See full summary »

Year: 2012

Duration: 30 min

Genres: Crime, Documentary

Stars: Shane Imbert, M. William Phelps, Jessica Drew

IMDb: TT2009826

Rating: 6.2/10

Season -1
Season -1
4 Torrey Pines Killer E-1. 4 Torrey Pines Killer
02 Apr 2014
Texas Killing Fields E-1. Texas Killing Fields
20 Mar 2013
Season 1
Season 1
The Valley Killer E1. The Valley Killer
1 link 30 Jan 2012
The Eastbound Strangler E2. The Eastbound Strangler
A research of the journalist to find hints about the "strangler" of 4 women on Atlantic city.
1 link 01 Feb 2012
The Babysitter Killer E3. The Babysitter Killer
1 link 21 Dec 2016
The Woodsman E4. The Woodsman
1 link 15 Feb 2012
Double Initial Murders E5. Double Initial Murders
1 link 22 Feb 2012
Brutal Bayout E6. Brutal Bayout
Phelps travels to the Deep South to investigate the murder of 8 girls over 4 years. But a maverick private investigator, multiple persons of interest, and rumors of police corrupti...
1 link 29 Feb 2012
Mississippi Five E7. Mississippi Five
1 link 07 Mar 2012
Dance with the Devil E8. Dance with the Devil
Edwin Snelgrove is a convicted murderer, currently serving 60 years for the murder of two women. One, a Hartford Connecticut woman named Carmen Rodriguez. He was also convicted of ...
1 link 14 Mar 2012
Season 2
Season 2
Night Stalker E1. Night Stalker
Blonde, Blue-Eyed, and Gone E2. Blonde, Blue-Eyed, and Gone
3 links 06 Mar 2013
The Coastal Killer E3. The Coastal Killer
1 link
The Texas Killing Field E4. The Texas Killing Field
2 links 20 Mar 2013
The I-70 Killer E6. The I-70 Killer
1 link 15 Jan 2013
The Colonial Parkway Murders E7. The Colonial Parkway Murders
1 link 10 Apr 2013
The Highway of Tears E8. The Highway of Tears
2 links 17 Apr 2013
Season 3
Season 3
The Original Night Stalker E1. The Original Night Stalker
3 links 27 Feb 2014
The Secrets of Israel Keyes E2. The Secrets of Israel Keyes
Israel Keyes may be one of the worst serial killers we've ever seen. He took great care in hiding his victims, which means finding them has become a new nightmare. Can the Dark Min...
26 Jan 2016
The Phantom of Civil Theater E3. The Phantom of Civil Theater
In the quiet town of Lewiston, Idaho, an eerie local theatre has dark past. Three people went missing here, 2 turned up dead. Is it a local killer, connected to a string of other m...
2 links 09 Apr 2014
Long Island Serial Killer E5. Long Island Serial Killer
The discovery of a naked woman's body on Ocean Parkway in 2011 was just the beginning. How many women has the Long Island Serial Killer brutalized and murdered? The Dark Minds team...
3 links 23 Apr 2014
Aurora Murders E6. Aurora Murders
4 links 01 Apr 2014
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