Curious and Unusual Deaths (2009) TV Series Free Watch

A tv show that re tells the true stories of people who have died in unlikely, strange and unusual ways. Each episode typically contains 3 different stories told over an hour.

Year: 2009

Duration: 30 min

Genres: History, Mystery

Stars: Lou Bloomfield, Steve Herringer, Peter Lin

IMDb: TT1535158

Rating: 6.8/10

Season -1
Season -1
The Leaping Dancer E-1. The Leaping Dancer
Shotgun House E-1. Shotgun House
Car Wash E-1. Car Wash
Season 1
Season 1
At Work E1. At Work
31 Oct 2009
At Home E2. At Home
31 Oct 2009
In a Contest E3. In a Contest
31 Oct 2009
From the Deep E4. From the Deep
31 Oct 2009
Against the Clock E5. Against the Clock
28 Nov 2009
By Their Own Invention E6. By Their Own Invention
05 Dec 2009
Season 2
Season 2
Death by Sports E1. Death by Sports
Today's lessons to help you stay alive: From baseball - don't try to predict an unpredictable pitch. From fishing - don't turn your back on the ocean. It will get in ways you'll ne...
16 Mar 2011
Death by Security Measures E2. Death by Security Measures
As if it's not embarrassing enough to die in a freak accident, how about being killed by your own security system. These victims are killed by a home made electric fence, his own b...
16 Mar 2012
Death by Handiwork E3. Death by Handiwork
Thinking that doing your own repairs isn't dangerous is almost as stupid as what these people did. These do it yourselfers do it to themselves with a home made sauna, electric chai...
23 Mar 2012
Deaths in New York E4. Deaths in New York
The infrastructure of a city the size of New York needs daily repairs. WHen servicing systems that big and complex you better know what you're doing. When you don't; A city works i...
23 Mar 2012
Rich and Famous Deaths E5. Rich and Famous Deaths
Unusual deaths don't happen only to usual people. Brandon Lee, Rasputin and Isadora Duncan died in curious ways. Though in Rasputin's case he had even more curious cases of survivi...
30 Mar 2012
Death by a Remedy E6. Death by a Remedy
You'd think turning orange would be a hint to cut back on the mega-, make that giga-doses of carotene and vitamin A. But you wouldn't expect your wardrobe to hold you captive in a ...
30 Mar 2012
Death by the Great Outdoors E7. Death by the Great Outdoors
Mother Nature isn't always nurturing and she was out to get an overly ambitious kite flyer. But a snake shouldn't kill after it's pickled in beer. And golf isn't a particularly let...
06 Apr 2012
Death by Innocent Pastimes E8. Death by Innocent Pastimes
If you eat food in a chem lab, even gum, don't complain once you're dead. But you can't be blamed for being infected by a virus on a search and destroy mission. But what's the harm...
06 Apr 2012
Death by Routine Maintenance E9. Death by Routine Maintenance
In Michigan, an attendant at a car wash dies after he is entangled in the spinning brushes at the wash. In Dallas, Texas, theater director Margo Jones dies after being exposed to t...
13 Apr 2012
Death by Mechanical Breakdown E10. Death by Mechanical Breakdown
In Indiana, a woman cooking beets in a pressure cooker is kipped by shrapnel when it explodes. In Michigan, a college wrestler trying to make weight dies of hyperthermia when he ex...
13 Apr 2012
Trapped in Death E11. Trapped in Death
In Connecticut, a teenager falls into a sand hole on a beach and dies after it entombs him in sand. In Utah, a man crawls into a small crevice in a cave and dies after becoming tra...
20 Apr 2012
Death by Hardware E12. Death by Hardware
20 Apr 2012
Death Under Pressure E13. Death Under Pressure
27 Apr 2012
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