Criminal Minds (2005) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2005

Duration: 42 min

Countries: USA, Canada

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writer: Jeff Davis

Stars: Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness

IMDb: TT0452046

Rating: 8.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Extreme Aggressor
The team travels to Seattle to find the captor of four missing women.
14 links 13 Aug 2006
E2. Compulsion
The team are called to an Arizona college when an arsonist who operates in a very unusual way kills a student.
15 links 20 Aug 2006
E3. Won't Get Fooled Again
A bomber in Palm Beach forces Gideon to confront an old adversary.
13 links 27 Aug 2006
E4. Plain Sight
A serial rapist-killer active in San Diego targeting middle class women glues his victims eyes open.
14 links 03 Sep 2006
E5. Broken Mirror
One of a lawyer's identical twin daughters is kidnapped. The kidnapper contacts him and demands ransom money. The team's investigation, however, reveals that he doesn't really want...
17 links 10 Sep 2006
E6. L.D.S.K.
The team chases a sniper in Des Plaines, Illinois who for some reason only wounds his victims.
15 links 17 Sep 2006
E7. The Fox
The team attempts to catch a killer who preys on families while they are supposed to be on vacation.
17 links 24 Sep 2006
E8. Natural Born Killer
The disappearance of an undercover officer in relation to a triple murder puts the BAU on the hunt of a possible serial killer who's turned it into a profession.
13 links 01 Oct 2006
E9. Derailed
A paranoid schizophrenic takes other passengers on a train hostage, including Elle.
17 links 08 Oct 2006
E10. The Popular Kids
The apparent death by Satanic ritual brings the BAU to a small town, and the profiling morphs into a search when it's learned that a teenage girl is missing.
14 links 15 Oct 2006
E11. Blood Hungry
The BAU team must profile a delusional killer in rural Tennessee, and a family member protecting him puts a child at risk.
16 links 22 Oct 2006
E12. What Fresh Hell?
The team must determine whether an abducted girl is the pawn in a bitter divorce, or something more sinister has happened.
16 links 12 Nov 2006
E13. Poison
The apparent spiking of citizens of a town in New Jersey, puts the BAU on the trail of a poisoner who may not be done.
13 links 19 Nov 2006
E14. Riding the Lightning
The team of investigators interview husband and wife serial killers with their execution date set for two days time.
16 links 26 Nov 2006
E15. Unfinished Business
When a serial killer reappears, the team works with a retired BAU agent who just published a book about the perpetrator.
16 links 03 Dec 2006
E16. The Tribe
The massacre of students using Native American rituals leads the team to consult the reservation policeman, who is also an activist.
15 links 10 Dec 2006
E17. A Real Rain
The team travels to Manhattan to work with the NYPD in tracking and apprehending a serial killer who is intent on dispensing his own style of vigilante justice.
14 links 17 Dec 2006
E18. Somebody's Watching
In town to conduct a seminar, Gideon and Reid become involved in a stalker case that has escalated to murder.
15 links 04 Mar 2007
E19. Machismo
The BAU is requested to assist on a case in Mexico to determine if there is a serial killer in the town of a police captain who attended one of Gideon's seminars.
13 links 14 Jan 2007
E20. Charm and Harm
Team members track a known "chameleon" serial killer across the southeastern U.S. trying to stop him before he kills again.
16 links 21 Jan 2007
E21. Secrets and Lies
The BAU team investigates a CIA counter-terrorism unit to identify a traitor who had a fellow agent murdered and who is trying to find and kill the unit's informant, a Saudi woman ...
16 links 11 Mar 2007
E22. The Fisher King: Part 1
Team members become pawns of a psychopathic killer.
14 links 18 Mar 2007
Season 2
Season 2
E1. The Fisher King: Part 2
Elle's fate is unknown, and the unsub continues dropping clues as the team scrambles to identify him before another tragedy occurs.
18 links 02 Apr 2007
E2. P911
The case of a missing boy placed up for auction online by a child pornographer draws the BAU team to work together with a former profiler who now works for the Innocent Images Unit...
15 links 09 Apr 2007
E3. The Perfect Storm
The BAU team investigates a series of murders in Florida, suspecting a partnership between two deviant persons with complementary personalities due to the nature of torture videos ...
15 links 16 Apr 2007
E4. Psychodrama
The team flies to Los Angeles to pursue a bank robber who is quickly disintegrating into an enraged, sexually-motivated, spree killer.
14 links 23 Apr 2007
E5. Aftermath
As the team assists in finding a rapist in Ohio, Elle's actions may compromise her career.
14 links 30 Apr 2007
E6. The Boogeyman
While the team profiles a killer in a small town, Hotch must stay and deal with Elle who is beginning to unravel.
14 links 07 May 2007
E7. North Mammon
Three soccer stars are abducted and the unsub plays games while the B.A.U. desperately tries to narrow down the suspects.
13 links 14 May 2007
E8. Empty Planet
When a bomber targets Seattle, the BAU has to determine if it's a protest group or an individual with a much different agenda.
14 links 21 May 2007
E9. The Last Word
Two serial killers send the BAU to St. Louis, and a new team member reports for duty.
15 links 28 May 2007
E10. Lessons Learned
When a bomb is found at what was thought to be a drug lab BAU is brought in, and while Hotch conducts a state-side investigation Gideon matches wits with a prisoner at Guantánamo B...
16 links 04 Jun 2007
E11. Sex, Birth, Death
A young man seeks out Reid for help regarding his fantasies of killing prostitutes, just as a serial killer starts brutalizing prostitutes near the capitol.
14 links 11 Jun 2007
E12. Profiler, Profiled
Derek is arrested as a serial killer, and the team must delve into his secrets in order to free him.
13 links 18 Jun 2007
E13. No Way Out
Gideon matches wits against the most prolific serial killer ever found, and the results are surprising.
13 links 25 Jun 2007
E14. The Big Game
The slaughter of a wealthy couple just after a super bowl party puts the BAU on the trail of two killers.
13 links 02 Jul 2007
Revelations E15. Revelations
Reid has been kidnapped, and the BAU's only things to profile are a house, a computer, and the live feed the kidnapper is sending to them.
13 links 09 Jul 2007
Fear and Loathing E16. Fear and Loathing
The death of four African-American girls in a a predominately white community brings the BAU in to try to solve the case before racial tensions explode into violence.
13 links 16 Jul 2007
E17. Distress
The seemingly random killings in a Houston ward bring the BAU down for the profile, but finding the pattern proves difficult.
12 links 23 Jul 2007
E18. Jones
The BAU travels to New Orleans' French Quarter where a Jack the Ripper type serial killer is on the loose.
13 links 30 Jul 2007
E19. Ashes and Dust
The team tries to identify a serial arsonist who has escalated to murder.
14 links 06 Aug 2007
Honor Among Thieves E20. Honor Among Thieves
The BAU finds themselves sparring with the Russian Mob, but even more puzzling is the behavior of one of the victims.
15 links 13 Aug 2007
E21. Open Season
The team is called to investigate when bodies of missing people are discovered in the Idaho wilderness. This leads the team to determine that the subjects they are profiling have b...
15 links 20 Aug 2007
E22. Legacy
A detective presents himself at the BAU, asking for help because the homeless in his area have begun to disappear.
11 links 27 Aug 2007
E23. No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank
Frank is back on the hunt, and the team must protect Gideon while he profiles Frank again. Elsewhere, the team faces a review with some surprising results.
10 links 03 Sep 2007
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Doubt
The team tries to identify a serial killer based on a shaky profile with devastating consequences.
13 links 31 Aug 2008
E2. In Name and Blood
With Gideon still missing, Hotchner puts in for a transfer and Prentiss tenders her resignation, but both are drawn back to work by a serial killer targeting women in a particularl...
13 links 07 Sep 2008
E3. Scared to Death
The unit tracks a man working through his fears by working them out on others.
13 links 14 Sep 2008
Children of the Dark E4. Children of the Dark
The BAU travels to Denver, Colorado, where they investigate a series of home invasions that end in the murders of entire families. However, the case takes a turn when they begin to...
15 links 21 Sep 2008
E5. Seven Seconds
The unit works against the clock when a little girl disappears in a mall, believing a serial killer has struck a second time and the first girl died within an hour of abduction.
15 links 28 Sep 2008
E6. About Face
The team gains a new, familiar. member and some growing pains while trying to find the latest victim of a killer who puts up wanted posters of his victims before he abducts them.
15 links 05 Oct 2008
E7. Identity
The unit has to deal with the militia when they're called to rural Montana to track a killer who's obsessed with his mentor.
16 links 12 Oct 2008
E8. Lucky
A killer is abducting women and forcing them to eat fingers before killing them, Rossi plays with Morgan's head, and Garcia meets a man at the local coffee shop.
16 links 19 Oct 2008
E9. Penelope
More is learned about Garcia while the team tries to find the persistent unsub threatening her.
13 links 26 Oct 2008
E10. True Night
The team heads to LA to investigate a number of brutal killings which turn out to be related to the creator of a graphic novel, Jonny McHale.
15 links 02 Nov 2008
E11. Birthright
The team travels to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where women are being abducted, burned and mutilated. Soon it turns out that similar killings happened in the 1980s.
15 links 09 Nov 2008
E12. 3rd Life
Two teenage girls go missing, one of which is soon found dead and freshly buried. The team soon suspects that the killings are related to the witness protection program.
16 links 16 Nov 2008
E13. Limelight
The auction of the contents of a self-storage facility in Philadelphia reveal a possible serial killer in the making.
14 links 23 Nov 2008
E14. Damaged
Rossi determines that the case that haunts him has gone unsolved too long on its 20th anniversary, and the team horns in on his investigation despite his displeasure. Elsewhere, Re...
19 links 30 Nov 2008
E15. A Higher Power
An unusually high suicide rate in Pittsburgh appears to be the work of an Angel of Death.
16 links 07 Dec 2008
E16. Elephant's Memory
When a spree killing begins in a small Texas town, Reid's identification with the killer may endanger the girl with him, and cause Reid to put his own life in jeopardy.
16 links 14 Dec 2008
In Heat E17. In Heat
The team travels to Miami in pursuit of a serial killer whose conflicted sexual identity fuels his crimes.
14 links 21 Dec 2008
E18. The Crossing
As a favor to the D.A. in Boston, Hotchner and Rossi profile a woman who murdered her husband, though the D.A. may not like their findings. Back at the office, J.J.'s personalizati...
16 links 28 Dec 2008
E19. Tabula Rasa
A suspected serial killer who's been in a coma since 2004 due to an accident when he was arrested wakes up 4 years later, with no memory of his past, not even his name. While he is...
16 links 04 Jan 2009
E20. Lo-Fi
People who apparently have nothing in common are being shot randomly in New York City and the team must determine whether it is the work of a single shooter or a team.
15 links 11 Jan 2009
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Mayhem
As the city is on high alert, the team begins to believe that they have made a mistake with the profile and that everything the terrorists have done so far may in fact just have be...
11 links 30 Aug 2009
The Angel Maker E2. The Angel Maker
On the anniversary of a serial killer's execution, a murder spree which appears to be connected to him begins and the team must try and understand his mind in order to stop it.
13 links 06 Sep 2009
Minimal Loss E3. Minimal Loss
Reid and Prentiss, having gone undercover into an underground cult to investigate child abuse, get trapped inside the compound when a federal raid on it goes bad.
13 links 20 Sep 2009
Paradise E4. Paradise
A serial killer targeting couples stages their bodies in a way to make their deaths look like car accidents.
12 links 27 Sep 2009
Catching Out E5. Catching Out
A man is jumping trains along Highway 99, brutally killing couples in their homes whenever he stops.
14 links 04 Oct 2009
The Instincts E6. The Instincts
A child abduction case in Las Vegas causes Reid to have strange nightmares which appear to be connected to an event in his past.
11 links 11 Oct 2009
E7. Memoriam
Driven by his nightmares, Reid stays behind in Las Vegas to find his father in order to find out the truth about Riley Jenkins' murder.
13 links 18 Oct 2009
Masterpiece E8. Masterpiece
A serial killer turns himself in and challenges the team to find five people he has hidden somewhere before they die.
14 links 25 Oct 2009
E9. 52 Pickup
A greatly sadistic serial killer who disembowels women and forces them to clean it up before killing them proves difficult to catch thanks to his social charm and simple, yet cleve...
13 links 01 Nov 2009
E10. Brothers in Arms
Morgan, an ex-cop, takes it personally when a serial killer targets police officers in Phoenix, Arizona.
12 links 08 Nov 2009
E11. Normal
A serial killer known as the Road Warrior is gunning down blonde women on roads in Orange County, California and the BAU suspect that the victims are surrogates and that it's only ...
14 links 15 Nov 2009
E12. Soul Mates
The team suspects that a member of an affluent community is responsible for the disappearance of a young woman.
15 links 22 Nov 2009
E13. Bloodline
A family consisting of two parents and their son break into a home, kill the parents and kidnap their daughter. As the investigation proceeds, the BAU team begin to suspect that wh...
13 links 21 Jan 2009
E14. Cold Comfort
A serial killer in the Olympia, Washington area has abducted four blonde, twenty-something women. When the third victim is found embalmed, the BAU are called in and suspect that th...
14 links 29 Nov 2009
E15. Zoe's Reprise
A copycat serial killer is recreating murder techniques used by famous killers from the past.
14 links 06 Dec 2009
E16. Pleasure Is My Business
A high priced call girl that is killing her clients must be found and stopped.
12 links 13 Dec 2009
E17. Demonology
Prentiss learns from an old friend, John Cooley, that their mutual friend, Matthew Benton, just died from a heart attack. Prentiss had not seen either man in several years, both fo...
12 links 20 Dec 2009
E18. Omnivore
After being inactive for 10 years, Hotch's first BAU case, an elusive serial killer known as the Reaper, starts killing again.
14 links 27 Dec 2009
E19. House on Fire
When the kill count of a mass-murdering arsonist active in a small town reaches 31, the BAU are called in.
15 links 03 Jan 2010
E20. Conflicted
Male college students on spring break are being raped and murdered, presumably by a man and a woman working together. The BAU are called in and suspect a shy hotel cleaner and a re...
14 links 10 Jan 2010
E21. A Shade of Gray
An AMBER alert is activated for a young boy in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the BAU suspect it to be the work of a pedophile who has abducted and killed two other boys.
13 links 17 Jan 2010
The Big Wheel E22. The Big Wheel
The team tracks down a highly obsessive-compulsive killer who targets blonde women and leaves messages to the police asking them to stop him.
13 links 24 Jan 2010
E23. Roadkill
A serial killer in Bend, Oregon is deliberately killing people by running them over with his car.
15 links 31 Jan 2010
E24. Amplification
The BAU co-work with the U.S. Army to find the perpetrator behind an anthrax attack on a park in Annapolis, Maryland.
12 links 07 Feb 2010
To Hell... And Back E25. To Hell... And Back
The team head to Canada to investigate the disappearances of a number of homeless people, junkies and prostitutes and uncover something horrific.
16 links 20 May 2009
Season 5
Season 5
Faceless, Nameless E1. Faceless, Nameless
A man is threatening to kill a doctor's son and is killing a man a day until he is successful. Meanwhile, Hotch's absence is noticed by Prentiss.
14 links 04 Apr 2010
E2. Haunted
Darrin Call, a psychotic, suffers a breakdown in a pharmacy in Kentucky and stabs 3 people to death before running off and the BAU are called in to catch him.
12 links 04 Apr 2010
E3. Reckoner
A hitman targeting people in some way guilty of children-related crimes brings the BAU to Rossi's home town.
14 links 11 Apr 2010
Hopeless E4. Hopeless
The BAU go after a pack of killers who mercilessly beat their victims to death simply for the thrill of violence.
12 links 11 Apr 2010
E5. Cradle to Grave
The team hunts a suspect who impregnates young women and has them give birth before murdering them.
15 links 18 Apr 2010
E6. The Eyes Have It
The BAU team tracks a serial killer who keeps the eyes of his victims as souvenirs.
15 links 18 Apr 2010
The Performer E7. The Performer
The BAU team follows a trail of murders that seems to align with the tour schedule of a rock star.
14 links 25 Apr 2010
E8. Outfoxed
While tracking a family annihilator, the BAU must seek advice from "The Fox," one of the most horrific killers from the team's past who has an ominous message for Agent Hotchner.
13 links 25 Apr 2010
100 E9. 100
The BAU team races to help Hotchner find The Reaper and save his family before it's too late.
14 links 02 May 2010
The Slave of Duty E10. The Slave of Duty
While Agent Hotchner takes a leave of absence from the BAU, the team must regroup to solve a home invasion case.
11 links 02 May 2010
E11. Retaliation
The BAU must profile a criminal's past in order to catch him after he escapes from custody and begins a killing spree.
13 links 09 May 2010
E12. The Uncanny Valley
An unusual personal obsession is at the center of a BAU abduction case. Meanwhile, Hotch struggles with his return to work.
15 links 09 May 2010
E13. Risky Business
A rash of startling teen suicides in a small Wyoming town is the focus of a BAU investigation.
14 links 09 Aug 2010
E14. Parasite
The BAU follows the mental decline of a con artist whose schemes have become so complicated that he begins to eliminate the people involved in them.
15 links 16 May 2010
Public Enemy E15. Public Enemy
A serial killer who targets random victims in highly visible places to create a sense of public fear is the subject of a BAU investigation.
16 links 16 May 2010
Mosley Lane E16. Mosley Lane
The BAU profiles a child abductor who may have been keeping children for more than eight years.
11 links 23 May 2010
E17. Solitary Man
The Highway Serial Killer Database exists so that information can be collated for serial murders that would not otherwise be connected due to different police jurisdictions. In rev...
13 links 23 May 2010
E18. The Fight
The BAU team travels to San Francisco to investigate the murders of several homeless men and teams up with a separate group of BAU operatives who are working another case they thin...
14 links 18 Jul 2010
E19. Rite of Passage
The BAU team heads to Texas to track a serial killer targeting illegal immigrants attempting to make safe passage into the U.S..
13 links 18 Jul 2010
E20. ...A Thousand Words
The BAU team must profile a serial killer covered in tattoos who commits suicide, but leaves clues to the whereabouts of his last victim.
13 links 25 Jul 2010
Exit Wounds E21. Exit Wounds
The team, including Garcia, go to the small town of Franklin, Alaska to catch a rapidly escalating serial killer before the locals take justice into their own hands.
13 links 25 Jul 2010
E22. The Internet Is Forever
A serial killer in Boise, Idaho is revealed to have been posting his murders on the Internet, accumulating quite a collection of fans in the process.
13 links 01 Aug 2010
Our Darkest Hour E23. Our Darkest Hour
The BAU are called to California when a sadistic serial killer appears and begins killing people in the dark during the rolling blackouts.
14 links 01 Aug 2010
Season 6
Season 6
E1. The Longest Night
As The Prince of Darkness continues his murderous rampage across California, the BAU go after him to save Detective Spicer's daughter from him.
15 links 22 Sep 2010
While trying to get two suspects to reveal what they've done with a missing woman, the BAU brace themselves for the loss of one of their own.
13 links 29 Sep 2010
E3. Remembrance of Things Past
When several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, Rossi revisits a case that has haunted him for 25 years.
15 links 06 Oct 2010
E4. Compromising Positions
The BAU team searches for a serial killer who is preying on married couples. Also, Hotchner looks to one of the team to fill JJ's vacant role.
16 links 13 Oct 2010
E5. Safe Haven
The BAU team is on the trail of a serial killer targeting families throughout the Midwest. Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned when Ellie runs away from her foster family and pays him a...
14 links 20 Oct 2010
Devil's Night E6. Devil's Night
The BAU go to Detroit to catch a man who burns his victims alive during the pre-Halloween celebration Devil's Night.
15 links 27 Oct 2010
Middle Man E7. Middle Man
When bodies begin turning up in the cornfields of Indiana, the team must catch a pack of serial killers targeting exotic dancers.
16 links 03 Nov 2010
E8. Reflection of Desire
The team hunts a serial killer after a kidnapped woman is found murdered in an alley with her lips cut off.
13 links 10 Nov 2010
E9. Into the Woods
When a boy is found murdered on the Appalachian Trail, the BAU team goes deep into its forests in search of a man lurking in the wilderness who is targeting children.
17 links 17 Nov 2010
What Happens at Home... E10. What Happens at Home...
The team searches a gated community for a killer who has strangled several women.
12 links 08 Dec 2010
E11. 25 to Life
Morgan regrets his decision that a prisoner is ready for parole when the man murders someone days after being released.
13 links 15 Dec 2010
E12. Corazon
While the BAU are in Miami investigating a series of bizarre ritualistic murders, Reid suffers from intense migraines which makes him concerned about his health.
15 links 19 Jan 2011
E13. The Thirteenth Step
While the BAU chases a pair of young lovers on an interstate killing spree, Prentiss is contacted by an old friend with some bad news.
16 links 26 Jan 2011
E14. Sense Memory
The BAU travels to Los Angeles to investigate unusual murders throughout the city. Also, more of Prentiss' mysterious past comes to light.
16 links 09 Feb 2011
E15. Today I Do
The team travels to upstate New York to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances.
14 links 16 Feb 2011
E16. Coda
The BAU are called to Louisiana to get information from an autistic boy who has witnessed his parents' abduction. Meanwhile, Prentiss calls in two old colleagues to track down Ian ...
14 links 23 Feb 2011
Valhalla E17. Valhalla
When a series of killings occur on the BAU's home turf, Prentiss realizes that Ian Doyle is responsible.
16 links 02 Mar 2011
E18. Lauren
While Prentiss has gone missing to track down Ian Doyle and finish him, her team attempts to track down her and digs deeper into her past.
15 links 16 Mar 2011
With Friends Like These E19. With Friends Like These
The BAU travels to Portland to investigate a suspected gang of murderers targeting a new victim each night.
14 links 30 Mar 2011
E20. Hanley Waters
As the BAU investigates targeted killings in Tampa, they also deal with their own feelings about the loss of Prentiss.
12 links 06 Apr 2011
E21. The Stranger
The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under Strauss' scrutiny in the wake of the loss of Prentiss.
13 links 13 Apr 2011
Out of the Light E22. Out of the Light
The BAU is called to a North Carolina mountain town after a woman is found badly injured and another is missing, and they discover that these two are not the only victims.
15 links 04 May 2011
E23. Big Sea
The discovery of bodies buried in the ocean floor off Jacksonville prompts the BAU to intervene; Morgan's aunt suspects her missing daughter may be among the dead.
10 links 11 May 2011
Supply and Demand E24. Supply and Demand
Hotch calls an early morning meeting, the first he's called since Gideon left, which raises the curiosity of the team. He tells them that because of budget issues, there is going t...
12 links 18 May 2011
Season 7
Season 7
E1. It Takes a Village
The BAU team is at a crossroads as they are questioned by a Senate Committee for their retaliatory actions in the wake of Prentiss' loss, but an unexpected familiar face could help...
15 links 21 Sep 2011
E2. Proof
The team travels to Durant, Oklahoma, where two females - both low risk in their late teens, long blond hair and blue eyes - were found sexually assaulted then murdered within a th...
14 links 28 Sep 2011
E3. Dorado Falls
The BAU team investigates a mass murder at an Internet security company in Charlottesville, Va., but clues reveal it is not a typical serial killer at work. Also, Prentiss must com...
13 links 05 Oct 2011
E4. Painless
Ten years ago, Hotch and Rossi, as part of the BAU at the time, worked on a mass murder case in Boise, Idaho, where bright and well liked but narcissistic North Valley High School ...
12 links 12 Oct 2011
From Childhood's Hour E5. From Childhood's Hour
The BAU team investigates the abductions of young children with troubled mothers in St. Louis. Also, Rossi reconnects with his first wife who has shocking news for him.
12 links 19 Oct 2011
E6. Epilogue
The BAU search California's Angeles National Forest after a number of bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Also, Rossi struggles with an agonizing decision rega...
13 links 02 Nov 2011
E7. There's No Place Like Home
When a series of tornadoes hits Kansas, the BAU is called in to investigate bodies of young boys that turn up in the aftermath of the storms. Also, work pressures cause tension on ...
13 links 09 Nov 2011
E8. Hope
Garcia leading a victims' support group is a measure to deal with the guilt associated with the death of her parents when she was a teenager, they who were looking for her past cur...
15 links 16 Nov 2011
E9. Self Fulfilling Prophecy
The BAU team looks into the real reasons behind an apparent mass suicide of a small group of youths at a military academy. Also, Hotch and Morgan butt heads when a team member coul...
14 links 07 Dec 2011
The Bittersweet Science E10. The Bittersweet Science
The BAU team investigates a string of brutal bludgeonings in Philadelphia and is led to the city's boxing scene in search of the killer. Also, Hotch makes a connection with an attr...
13 links 14 Dec 2011
E11. True Genius
The BAU is called to San Francisco to investigate a possible Zodiac Killer copycat. Meanwhile, Reid wonders what he's done in his life as he reaches 30.
12 links 18 Jan 2012
E12. Unknown Subject
The BAU team searches for a serial rapist in Houston known as "The Piano Man" who has resurfaced and is assaulting his previous victims. Also, Prentiss tries to come to terms with ...
9 links 25 Jan 2012
E13. Snake Eyes
Early on a Sunday morning, a just woken up and extremely hung over Garcia is lamenting the fact of the huge argument she and Kevin had the previous night. Not one to face confronta...
11 links 08 Feb 2012
E14. Closing Time
The BAU team hit choppy waters on the beaches of Southern California when they discover a series of bodies hidden in lifeguard towers along the coast.
13 links 15 Feb 2012
E15. A Thin Line
The BAU team investigates a series of brutal home invasions and murders in California's Inland Empire that appear to be gang-related, but their investigation may uncover a more sin...
16 links 22 Feb 2012
E16. A Family Affair
The BAU heads to Atlanta, where stabbings of prostitutes lead the team to suspect more than one unsub.
13 links 29 Feb 2012
E17. I Love You, Tommy Brown
When married couples fostering young children end up being killed in Seattle, the BAU team looks for an unsub with a maternal-yet-murderous instinct. Also, Garcia fears a possible ...
15 links 14 Mar 2012
E18. Foundation
A boy named Angel is found wandering in the desert, and when another boy turns up missing, the BAU searches for the kidnapper.
14 links 04 Apr 2012
E19. Heathridge Manor
When an Oregon woman is found dead in an abandoned asylum, the BAU realizes that the victim is part of a series of gothic, ritualistic murders and the suspect might be a Satanist.
13 links 04 Apr 2012
E20. The Company
The BAU searches for Morgan's cousin in Chicago when his sister Desiree is injured in a car accident after chasing a car presumed to be carrying his cousin.
11 links 11 Apr 2012
E21. Divining Rod
Moments after serial killer Rod Garrett is executed by firing squad at Gunter State Prison, another person kills in Enid, Oklahoma where the prison is located. The victimology and ...
12 links 02 May 2012
E22. Profiling 101
As a favor owed, Rossi presents a lecture to a university undergraduate class, the lecture at which the entire team participates to support their respected colleague. Their present...
16 links 09 May 2012
E23. Hit
It's a lazy Saturday morning, a day off for the BAU. Beth has come over to Hotch's house to spend the day with him and Jack. JJ is playing with Henry while Will goes off to work. M...
11 links 16 May 2012
Run E24. Run
The team is still attending to the latest bank robbery committed by the Face Cards. Following an explosion inside the bank orchestrated by the queen of diamonds, the team, after as...
2 links 16 May 2012
Season 8
Season 8
The Silencer E1. The Silencer
The team tracks an escaped inmate who sews his victims mouths shut.
17 links 10 Jan 2013
The Pact E2. The Pact
The team suspects a pair of killers working together after discovering two seemingly unrelated bodies.
13 links 10 Oct 2012
E3. Through the Looking Glass
The team races to find a connection between two families, one murdered and the other abducted.
13 links 17 Oct 2012
God Complex E4. God Complex
The team pursues a surgeon performing needless amputations.
15 links 24 Oct 2012
E5. The Good Earth
The team attempts to find a common link among four missing men.
14 links 31 Oct 2012
E6. The Apprenticeship
The team travels to Miami to track a killer who murders hookers in a style similar to animal slayings.
13 links 07 Nov 2012
E7. The Fallen
The team investigates the burned bodies of several homeless people near the Santa Monica Pier in California.
12 links 14 Nov 2012
E8. The Wheels on the Bus...
The team searches for a missing school bus filled with students in Washington, DC.
10 links 21 Nov 2012
E9. Magnificent Light
When a follower of a well-known motivational speaker is murdered, the team suspects the speaker himself.
13 links 28 Nov 2012
E10. The Lesson
A number of bizarre, ritualistic murders prompts the team to search for the killer.
12 links 05 Dec 2012
E11. Perennials
The BAU heads south to investigate a fast-moving UnSub whose signature matches that of a serial killer from 30 years ago. Also, the team learns that someone is tracking their cases...
14 links 12 Dec 2012
E12. Zugzwang
When Reid discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by her stalker, he and the BAU team band together to find her before it's too late.
17 links 16 Jan 2013
E13. Magnum Opus
While Reid copes with a loss in his personal life, the rest of the BAU travels to San Francisco to investigate victims discovered in the Mission District.
14 links 23 Jan 2013
E14. All That Remains
When the daughters of Bruce Morrison, a writer whose wife mysteriously vanished a year ago, go missing on the anniversary of their mother's disappearance, the BAU is brought in to ...
16 links 06 Feb 2013
E15. Broken
The BAU heads to Austin to investigate victims found there with their watches set inaccurately, a clue which may connect the crimes.
13 links 20 Feb 2013
E16. Carbon Copy
When victims are found in Philadelphia in a similar style to victims of The Replicator, the stalker who has been tracking the BAU's every move, the team thinks this could be the br...
17 links 27 Feb 2013
E17. The Gathering
The BAU investigates victims who were documenting their personal lives and inner desires on blog posts and social media. Also, Kevin gets jealous when he learns Garcia may have a n...
13 links 20 Mar 2013
E18. Restoration
The BAU goes to Morgan's old neighbourhood in urban Chicago in search of an UnSub targeting middle-aged men, and a clue leads Morgan to believe that they are after someone connecte...
14 links 03 Apr 2013
E19. Pay It Forward
When a time capsule in a small Colorado town is opened 25 years later and contains a gruesome discovery, the BAU investigates that crime and a possible link to the death of a local...
13 links 10 Apr 2013
E20. Alchemy
The BAU travel to Rapid City after two male victims are discovered murdered in a ritualistic manner. Also, Reid continues to grieve over Maeve's death.
16 links 01 May 2013
E21. Nanny Dearest
The BAU travels to Los Angeles looking for an UnSub who is kidnapping nannies and the children they care for on the same day each year.
15 links 08 May 2013
E22. #6
The BAU heads to Detroit when couples are murdered and put in their cars. Meanwhile, Blake's husband shares news with her.
14 links 15 May 2013
E23. Brothers Hotchner
Hotch receives a telephone call from his estranged New York based brother Sean, who he has not heard from in four years and coincidentally while Hotch and Jack are in New York visi...
12 links 22 May 2013
The Replicator E24. The Replicator
Immediately following the Ecstacy case in New York City, the Replicator has hacked into Garcia's computer system, on which he posts photographs of each of the team members in New Y...
22 May 2013
Season 9
Season 9
E1. The Inspiration
The team travels to Glendale, Arizona to search for an increasingly devolving killer.
16 links 25 Sep 2013
E2. The Inspired
The team is called back to Glendale, Arizona, when it is determined that who was arrested for the praying mantis murders was the wrong person. They did not apprehend Wallace Hines ...
16 links 02 Oct 2013
Final Shot E3. Final Shot
On a lunch hour in crowded Archer Plaza in Dallas, Texas, a sniper, firing twelve shots, manages to kill six people. The BAU has to figure out if it is a random attack, a targeted ...
14 links 09 Oct 2013
E4. To Bear Witness
Mateo Cruz has just been introduced as the new section chief. A surprised J.J., who knows him, and Cruz seem not to want to divulge that they have a history. They don't even seem t...
16 links 16 Oct 2013
E5. Route 66
During the BAU's initial briefing for their latest case, Hotch collapses. He is rushed to the hospital suffering from complications resulting from his near fatal stabbing by George...
14 links 23 Oct 2013
E6. In the Blood
The BAU are called to Utah to investigate the murder of a women who died by being buried under stones. All while Penelope plans a Day of the Dead party.
13 links 30 Oct 2013
E7. Gatekeeper
Though Rossi is sad because his favorite bar is closing, the team goes to Boston to solve a series of strangulations.
11 links 06 Nov 2013
E8. The Return
When teenagers who were reported missing are suspected of a series of mass murders in Chicago, the BAU investigates their whereabouts to find a motive for the crimes. Also, Morgan ...
13 links 13 Nov 2013
E9. Strange Fruit
While fixing a burst water main, a city works crew digs up the back yard of the home of the Johnsons - father Charles, mother Tina, and their middle aged son Lyle - upon Tina's app...
14 links 20 Nov 2013
E10. The Caller
The BAU heads to St. Louis, Missouri where ten year old Andrew Taffert has gone missing. The reason it is a BAU case is that the Tafferts - father Malcolm Taffert and mother Lida T...
17 links 27 Nov 2013
E11. Bully
When the BAU is called to Kansas City to investigate a series of murders, a tense reunion ensues between Blake and her father, a retired police captain, and her brother, a detectiv...
15 links 11 Dec 2013
E12. The Black Queen
When a murder investigation opens in San Jose, Garcia is forced to delve into her past as a hacker and reconnect with her former boyfriend to help the BAU solve the case.
17 links 15 Jan 2014
E13. The Road Home
While the BAU looks for a vigilante killer on the loose in Cleveland, Rossi is concerned when his former Marine sergeant goes missing and heads to Los Angeles to find him. Also, th...
18 links 22 Jan 2014
E14. 200
The BAU call Emily Prentiss for help to find JJ, who has been kidnapped. The truth about JJ and Cruz's past is revealed.
16 links 05 Feb 2014
E15. Mr. & Mrs. Anderson
When the BAU investigates several murders in the Pittsburgh area, the team searches for a pair of UnSubs working as a team. Also, Garcia and Morgan share their Valentine's Day plan...
20 links 19 Feb 2014
E16. Gabby
When a 4-year-old girl goes missing while staying with a relative in Mississippi, the BAU uncovers some startling truths as the team races to find the child and bring her to safety...
16 links 26 Feb 2014
E17. Persuasion
When mysteriously drowned bodies are discovered in the Las Vegas desert, the BAU tries to figure out the true cause and motive for the murders.
12 links 05 Mar 2014
E18. Rabid
When three bodies are found with animal and human bite marks in a shallow grave near Milwaukee, the BAU has puzzling questions to answer. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a ...
16 links 12 Mar 2014
E19. The Edge of Winter
As the BAU wraps up an investigation into unusual stabbings in upstate New York, Morgan's visit with a survivor could uncover more questions left for the team to answer.
17 links 19 Mar 2014
E20. Blood Relations
When the bodies of two murder victims are found in a backwoods community in West Virginia, the BAU uncovers a long-simmering feud between two families and must investigate which on...
15 links 02 Apr 2014
E21. What Happens in Mecklinburg...
A series of targeted abductions near Memphis have the BAU searching for a commonality between the missing persons and a motive that will lead them to the unsub. Meanwhile, Savannah...
16 links 09 Apr 2014
E22. Fatal
Victims of arsenic poisoning are found in Long Beach, California. The investigation reveals that the killer has a fascination with Greek mythology, based on handwritten death threa...
17 links 30 Apr 2014
E23. Angels
When the BAU is called to Texas to consult on the murders of prostitutes, evidence points to killings with religious overtones. But as they delve further into the investigation, th...
15 links 07 May 2014
E24. Demons
When Reid is in serious condition after the shootout with the Preacher, the BAU begins to investigate the Sheriff's Deputies.
14 links 14 May 2014
Season 10
Season 10
X E1. X
The team investigates a serial murder case in Bakersfield, California.
22 links 01 Oct 2014
E2. Burn
The team heads to Seattle to hunt for a murderous high school teacher.
21 links 08 Oct 2014
E3. A Thousand Suns
A terrorist hacks a passenger's tablet and uses it to take control of the auto pilot of a plane in order to crash it.
18 links 15 Oct 2014
E4. The Itch
Atlanta PD has invited the BAU in for an equivocal death investigation, that of investigative journalist Albert Stillman, who died being run over late one evening as he wandered in...
21 links 22 Oct 2014
E5. Boxed In
On October 30, 2014, a frightened eleven year old Joshua Parker is found at a Halloween fair in San Diego. He went missing on Halloween day the previous year. His case mimics that ...
19 links 29 Oct 2014
E6. If the Shoe Fits
The BAU is stumped to find the common denominator among male victims in Montana, making it difficult to profile the UnSub. Meanwhile JJ deals with her feelings about a family crisi...
21 links 05 Nov 2014
E7. Hashtag
People in Maryland with large social media followings are murdered by an unsub who takes on the persona of an Internet urban legend. Meanwhile, Morgan and Savannah struggle to find...
23 links 12 Nov 2014
E8. The Boys of Sudworth Place
A former Boston prosecutor turned successful defense attorney is abducted. As the team probes, past secrets of his life surface.
21 links 19 Nov 2014
Fate E9. Fate
Rossi encounters an avid follower with an important secret, and a physically and psychologically damaged woman lets loose with personal murders.
21 links 26 Nov 2014
E10. Amelia Porter
The BAU is called to Salt Lake City, Utah to investigate a suspicious triple-homicide. Throughout the course of their investigation, they eventually discover that a fugitive killer...
22 links 10 Dec 2014
E11. The Forever People
The team head out to Nevada after several frozen bodies are found floating in water somewhere. Whilst the BAU investigate it is revealed the victims were apart of a religious cult ...
19 links 14 Jan 2015
E12. Anonymous
The BAU searches Tallahassee for a serial killer who calls the authorities to report the crimes prior to committing them. Also, as Rossi prepares for a weekend visit with his daugh...
17 links 21 Jan 2015
Nelson's Sparrow E13. Nelson's Sparrow
The members of the BAU team are brought back to their origins as they look at one of Gideon and Rossi's old cases.
18 links 28 Jan 2015
E14. Hero Worship
The BAU heads to Indianapolis, Indiana where a bomb has just exploded at a popular chain coffee house, killing several. The police believe this bomb, crudely made using TNT, is rel...
17 links 04 Feb 2015
E15. Scream
Peter Folkmore was an abused child and is an abuser as an adult. He captures women and abuses them for not reciting the exact instruction Peter gives them.
21 links 11 Feb 2015
E16. Lockdown
Two guards at a privatized maximum security prison in Texas are murdered. The investigation reveals the suspects may be in the prison.
15 links 04 Mar 2015
E17. Breath Play
The BAU hunt a serial killer in Wisconsin and try to find a connection between the victims so they can profile and identify the UnSub. Meanwhile, Kate experiences trouble dealing w...
22 links 11 Mar 2015
E18. Rock Creek Park
When the wife of an increasingly prominent Congressman disappears, the BAU investigate and come to consider his adversaries and political enemies as potential suspects of the abduc...
19 links 25 Mar 2015
E19. Beyond Borders
When an innocent family of four is abducted while vacationing in Barbados, Hotch and Cruz enlist the assistance of the FBI's most elite team in handling international cases. They r...
17 links 08 Apr 2015
E20. A Place at the Table
When a family from Maryland is found murdered at their dining room table, the team tracks down other family members and friends to uncover secrets and details from the past in hope...
18 links 15 Apr 2015
E21. Mr. Scratch
The BAU searches for a suspect who controls minds; the hunt puts one team member in danger.
17 links 22 Apr 2015
E22. Protection
The team heads to Los Angeles, California where three people have been murdered in two separate incidents over three days, each victim shot thirteen times while sitting in a car or...
20 links 29 Apr 2015
E23. The Hunt
When Kate's niece and her best friend Markayla are kidnapped, the BAU suspects an online predator engaged in sex trafficking who poses as a teenage boy.
19 links 06 May 2015
Season 11
Season 11
E1. The Job
The BAU searches for a serial killer who leaves distinctive marks on victims' faces.
26 links 30 Sep 2015
E2. The Witness
The BAU is called to Los Angeles to investigate an LA city bus poisoning resulting in many deaths. The team must work quickly to stop a second attack believed to be on a much large...
29 links 07 Oct 2015
E3. 'Til Death Do Us Part
In Savannah, Georgia multiple brides-to-be have been found murdered the night before their wedding day. The team quickly realizes they are searching for an unsub suffering from sev...
32 links 14 Oct 2015
E4. Outlaw
The team heads to Las Vegas, New Mexico where three employees at a local restaurant were killed during a robbery. The investigation leads to the re-opening of a cold case from six ...
26 links 21 Oct 2015
The Night Watch E5. The Night Watch
In Detroit, Michigan the BAU investigates several murder victims found morbidly incorporated into graffiti. They believe the murders to be the work of a notable street artist.
32 links 28 Oct 2015
E6. Pariahville
The team must search for a killer in a small Florida town with a large population of sex offenders, presenting an overwhelming suspect pool.
30 links 04 Nov 2015
E7. Target Rich
Rossi's daughter, a journalist, investigates the disappearance of a college student. JJ comes back from maternity leave.
30 links 11 Nov 2015
E8. Awake
The team heads to Phoenix, Arizona to hunt a serial killer who tortures his victims using sleep deprivation. Hotch, Morgan, and Garcia continue their on going search for the dirty ...
27 links 18 Nov 2015
Internal Affairs E9. Internal Affairs
The BAU works with the NSA when two undercover DEA agents are murdered and another goes missing; Hotch hopes the team's work with the NSA will bring them closer to finding a ring o...
25 links 02 Dec 2015
E10. Future Perfect
The BAU search for an UNSUB who is fascinated with disturbing medical experiments.
24 links 09 Dec 2015
E11. Entropy
As Reid narrates to one of the hitmen how they tracked her, the BAU works to get him out of the hitman's gunpoint.
25 links 13 Jan 2016
E12. Drive
The group tries to track down and arrest a deranged man posing as a taxi driver in Boston. The man beheads his victims and leaves their bodies in very public areas.
25 links 20 Jan 2016
E13. The Bond
The Atlanta field office requests the BAU's assistance in a case with two victims thus far, both stabbed multiple times to death, both victims found bound in different truck stop r...
27 links 27 Jan 2016
E14. Hostage
The BAU goes to St. Louis when an 18-year old woman escapes from a house where she and 2 other women were held for a decade.
28 links 10 Feb 2016
E15. A Badge and a Gun
The BAU heads to the Los Angeles, California area, where two women, in separate incidents, were found murdered within a day of each other, each found in their own home with no sign...
26 links 24 Feb 2016
E16. Derek
The BAU works against time to find Morgan after he is kidnapped. Danny Glover guest stars.
21 links 02 Mar 2016
The Sandman E17. The Sandman
The team searches for an unknown subject who abducts children after visually impairing their parents while they sleep. Distracted father-to-be Morgan tries to find out who attacked...
22 links 16 Mar 2016
E18. A Beautiful Disaster
When an unsub targets the BAU, the team pursues the person who is responsible for the actions.
24 links 23 Mar 2016
E19. Tribute
Former BAU team member and current Interpol Agent Emily Prentiss tracks an international serial killer to American soil and enlists the teams help to track him down. Meanwhile, the...
24 links 30 Mar 2016
Inner Beauty E20. Inner Beauty
The team go to Sacramento, CA to find an unsub mutilating the faces of his recovering addict victims found in enclosed bodies of water. Even Rossi, who has to choose between spendi...
26 links 13 Apr 2016
E21. Devil's Backbone
The authorities believed that two Virginia based cases of missing boys, Adam Morrissey and Jimmy Bennett, from two years ago were unrelated, until their bloodied clothes, those in ...
20 links 20 Apr 2016
E22. The Storm
The team works to clear Hotch's name after he's arrested by the DOJ for conspiracy.
15 links 04 May 2016
Season 12
Season 12
The Crimson King E1. The Crimson King
Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) and the team track down one of the 13 prisoners that escaped from prison at the end of the previous season.
26 links 28 Sep 2016
Sick Day E2. Sick Day
JJ tells her husband about the abduction of two children.
32 links 05 Oct 2016
Taboo E3. Taboo
The BAU welcomes back Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) as they are called upon to investigate the disappearance of three women
28 links 12 Oct 2016
Keeper E4. Keeper
The BAU team searches for a serial killer along the Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia.
22 links 26 Oct 2016
The Anti-Terror Squad E5. The Anti-Terror Squad
The BAU investigates the case of two murdered families where the oldest siblings are the sole survivors.
3 links 09 Nov 2016
Elliott's Pond E6. Elliott's Pond
When three children disappear while riding their bikes on the same path as a similar unsolved disappearance 30 years ago, the BAU team comes in to investigate.
25 links 16 Nov 2016
Mirror Image E7. Mirror Image
The BAU opens an investigation when a man arrives in town believing he's the brother of Dr. Tara Lewis.
17 links 30 Nov 2016
Scarecrow E8. Scarecrow
The team heads to Yakima, Washington when the remains of a dozen people are found along a creek bed.
21 links 07 Dec 2016
Profiling 202 E9. Profiling 202
While Rossi conducts a profiling course on his birthday, he receives a call from his nemesis Tommy Yates, who discloses the location of his latest victim.
19 links 04 Jan 2017
Seek and Destroy E10. Seek and Destroy
The team investigates a series of home invasions in San Diego involving casualties.
23 links 11 Jan 2017
Surface Tension E11. Surface Tension
Reid has returned from Houston, where he was visiting his mother who is in a new facility on an experimental drug program. He is called back home from the office while the rest of ...
28 links 01 Feb 2017
A Good Husband E12. A Good Husband
The BAU investigates the case of male victims found with no way to identify them.
7 links 08 Feb 2017
Spencer E13. Spencer
When a member of the BAU gets in trouble in Mexico, they enlist the help of the International Response Team.
24 links 15 Feb 2017
Collision Course E14. Collision Course
The BAU investigates a series of pedestrian deaths while a teammate's fate remains uncertain.
26 links 22 Feb 2017
Alpha Male E15. Alpha Male
A series of acid attacks draw the BAU to Philadelphia, while Reid adjusts to a new reality.
21 links 01 Mar 2017
Assistance Is Futile E16. Assistance Is Futile
A mother comes forward with information to help the BAU in their investigation of an unsub called the Bone Crusher.
22 links 15 Mar 2017
In the Dark E17. In the Dark
The BAU suspects that two unsubs are operating at the same time when victims killed in different ways are found in the same city.
23 links 22 Mar 2017
Hell's Kitchen E18. Hell's Kitchen
The BAU investigates an urban vampire who kidnaps his victims at night and holds them underground in the sewer system; Reid makes a difficult decision in prison.
22 links 29 Mar 2017
True North E19. True North
Three victims are found tied to stakes in the Arizona desert.
24 links 05 Apr 2017
Unforgettable E20. Unforgettable
The BAU investigates when several federal government employees, including a close friend of Walker's, succumb to symptoms of a heart attack; Reid anxiously awaits his trial date.
26 links 26 Apr 2017
Green Light E21. Green Light
When Reid fears his mother has been abducted, he asks the BAU to investigate while he's stuck in prison.
25 links 03 May 2017
Red Light E22. Red Light
Derek Morgan brings the BAU a lead in the case against serial killer and escaped convict Mr. Scratch.
23 links 10 May 2017
Season 13
Season 13
Wheels Up E1. Wheels Up
In the wake of a devastating attack, the BAU works with former International Response Team member Matthew Simmons to save one of their own from escaped serial killer Peter Lewis.
15 links 27 Sep 2017
To a Better Place E2. To a Better Place
Following the final incident with Scratch, the team has been taking a mandatory break to decompress. In addition, Reid has gone through his reinstatement evaluation, he who has bee...
16 links 04 Oct 2017
Blue Angel E3. Blue Angel
The BAU team members head to Detroit, Michigan where two men in two weeks have been discovered dead. Both were married, Caucasian, mildly successful professionals. Both were found ...
18 links 11 Oct 2017
Killer App E4. Killer App
The BAU investigates a workplace shooting committed by a state-of-the-art drone in Silicon Valley.
13 links 18 Oct 2017
Lucky Strikes E5. Lucky Strikes
When Garcia experiences anxiety over a case that's personal to her from her past, Morgan visits to lend emotional support.
16 links 25 Oct 2017
The Bunker E6. The Bunker
The BAU must find out what several missing women have in common to find them.
6 links 08 Nov 2017
Dust and Bones E7. Dust and Bones
The team heads to Austin, Texas, where three women are abducted, only to emerge a day later with no recollection of what happened to them.
13 links 15 Nov 2017
Neon Terror E8. Neon Terror
The BAU is called in to investigate when a criminal sensationalizes his crimes by giving the local media exclusive footage.
17 links 22 Nov 2017
False Flag E9. False Flag
The BAU is called to investigate when two members of a conspiracy group in Roswell, N.M., perish in quick succession.
13 links 06 Dec 2017
Submerged E10. Submerged
When a series of backyard pool homicides are reported in California, the BAU team team searches for an UnSub with a puzzling past.
14 links 03 Jan 2018
Full-Tilt Boogie E11. Full-Tilt Boogie
The BAU team's investigation into the home invasion and attempted homicide of a police chief's wife uncovers a world of secrets in a small town in Virginia.
17 links 10 Jan 2018
Bad Moon on the Rise E12. Bad Moon on the Rise
The BAU is called to New York when several brutal casualties are reported in Central Park.
9 links 17 Jan 2018
Cure E13. Cure
The BAU is called to investigate a series of D.C. homicides where cryptic messages are found inside the mouths of each victim.
11 links 24 Jan 2018
Miasma E14. Miasma
The BAU is called when the New Orleans P.D. discovers a mass grave inside a vandalized above-ground crypt in a local cemetery.
16 links 31 Jan 2018
Annihilator E15. Annihilator
The FBI's assistant director of national security, Linda Barnes, joins the BAU as they investigate a quadruple homicide of a group of roommates in St. Louis.
07 Mar 2018
Last Gasp E16. Last Gasp
Away from the watchful eye of the FBI's assistant director of national security, Linda Barnes, the BAU meets in secret to investigate an UnSub who appears to be kidnapping and phot...
14 Mar 2018
The Capilanos E17. The Capilanos
The BAU is called to Oklahoma to investigate a murderous clown terrorizing the sleepy town of Guymon.
2 links 21 Mar 2018
The Dance of Love E18. The Dance of Love
The BAU travels to Chicago to investigate an unsub who leaves red roses on each victim. Also, Rossi gets an unexpected visit from his ex-wife, Krystall Richards.
2 links 28 Mar 2018
Ex Parte E19. Ex Parte
The BAU takes charge of a hostage situation at a law firm in D.C., where Matt Simmons' wife, Kristy, works.
4 links 04 Apr 2018
All You Can Eat E20. All You Can Eat
The BAU is called to investigate a series of deaths in Virginia suspected by the Center for Disease Control to be caused by bio-terrorism; Garcia visits her stepbrother to take car...
3 links 11 Apr 2018
Mixed Signals E21. Mixed Signals
The BAU is called to Taos, N.M. to investigate an UnSub who is targeting his victims' temporal lobes.
4 links 18 Apr 2018
Believer E22. Believer
When Reid discovers former FBI Special Agent Owen Quinn locked inside a storage unit, the BAU questions the credibility of Quinn's bizarre accounts of searching for an UnSub that h...
4 links 18 Apr 2018
Season 14
Season 14
Episode #14.1 E1. Episode #14.1
Penelope is the victim of an abduction.
03 Oct 2018
Episode #14.2 E2. Episode #14.2
Episode #14.3 E3. Episode #14.3
Episode #14.4 E4. Episode #14.4
Episode #14.5 E5. Episode #14.5
Episode #14.15 E15. Episode #14.15
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