Crimes That Shook Australia (2013) TV Series Free Watch

Hosted by Matt Doran (Season 3) and Stan Grant (Seasons 1&2), this series investigates Australian crimes that upset and stunned the nation. Using gripping interviews with people at the ... See full summary »

Years: 2013−2018

Genres: Biography, Crime, Documentary

Stars: Stan Grant, Matt Doran, Nig Richards

IMDb: TT5009048

Rating: 7.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Murder of Ebony Simpson E1. The Murder of Ebony Simpson
On 19th August 1992, Andrew Garforth waited by his car for the regular school bus to drop off nine-year-old Ebony Simpson just 1 kilometre from her home. As Ebony walked towards he...
16 Apr 2014
The Port Arthur Tragedy E2. The Port Arthur Tragedy
On 28th April 1996, 28-year-old Martin Bryant shot and killed 35 people in the popular Tasmanian tourist site of Port Arthur and its surrounding areas. He began his killing spree b...
23 Apr 2014
Peter Dupas E3. Peter Dupas
On 19th April 1999, several times convicted criminal Peter Dupas posed as a new client of psychotherapist Nicky Patterson. Having made arrangements for his first appointment, 28-ye...
07 May 2014
Jason Downie E4. Jason Downie
On 8th November 2010, Jason Downie broke into the house of his friend's girlfriend, where Chantelle Rowe and her parents were asleep. Woken up by the intruder, Andrew Rowe confront...
07 May 2014
Katherine Mary Knight E5. Katherine Mary Knight
Katherine Mary Knight lived in the small town of Aberdeen, NSW. In the early hours of March 1st 2000, Knight attacked her de facto husband John Price by stabbing him repeatedly. On...
14 May 2014
Derek Percy E6. Derek Percy
On 20th July 1969, Derek Percy approached 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy and her friend Shane Spiller whilst they were playing at their local beach in Warneet, Victoria. He snatched Yvon...
21 May 2014
Season 2
Season 2
Robert Farquharson E1. Robert Farquharson
The crime committed by Robert Farquharson has been etched on the minds of Australian's since 2005. Farquharson drove his car into a dam off the Princes Highway near Winchelsea on F...
2 links 29 May 2016
Peter Falconio E2. Peter Falconio
On the 14 July 2001, British couple Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees stopped on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory after a man flagged down their car. This man, later ident...
1 link 03 Sep 2016
The Strathfield Massacre E3. The Strathfield Massacre
The Strathfield massacre in Sydney on the 17th August 1991 will be forever remembered as one of Australia's most shocking gun crimes. A lone gunman, Wade Frankum, entered a shoppin...
1 link 12 Jun 2016
Darcey Freeman E4. Darcey Freeman
Five year old Darcey Freeman suffered a horrific death at the hands of her father on the 29th January 2009. Driving her to her first day at school, he stopped the family car on the...
1 link 19 Jun 2016
The Russell Street Bombing E5. The Russell Street Bombing
On Easter Thursday in 1986, a car bomb exploded outside the Russell Street Police HQ in central Melbourne. Constable Angela Taylor was caught by the full force of the blast and suc...
1 link 26 Jun 2016
Raechel Betts E6. Raechel Betts
Raechel Betts was a young woman from the Melbourne suburbs whose life spiralled out of control after she began selling drugs on behalf of a male acquaintance. Tragically this man, ...
1 link 03 Jul 2016
Hoddle Street Massacre E7. Hoddle Street Massacre
In August 1997, Hoddle Street in Clifton Hill, Melbourne became the scene of utter carnage as disgraced Army cadet, Julian Knight shot and killed seven people and injured countless...
1 link 10 Jul 2016
Gerard Baden-Clay E8. Gerard Baden-Clay
Allison Baden Clay was a beauty queen with a successful real estate husband. They lived in Queensland with their three young children. In 2012, Allison's body was discovered in a c...
2 links 17 Jul 2016
Season 3
Season 3
Snowtown: The Bodies in the Barrels Murders E1. Snowtown: The Bodies in the Barrels Murders
On reopening several missing person's cases police found they were all connected to two men. The trail of missing people led them to a bank vault in Snowtown. Inside the vault, the...
6 links 18 Feb 2018
The Bega Schoolgirl Murders E2. The Bega Schoolgirl Murders
In 1997 two teenage girls were abducted whilst camping. They were driven across the state of Victoria and subjected to 9 hours of rape and torture before being stabbed to death.
4 links 25 Feb 2018
The Queen Street Massacre E3. The Queen Street Massacre
On the 8th of December 1987 Frank Vitkovic entered the Queen St HQ of Auspost at 191 Queen Street, Melbourne and opened fire with a military grade rifle firing 40 rounds and killin...
4 links 04 Mar 2018
Matthew Milat E4. Matthew Milat
3 links 11 Mar 2018
Anu Singh E5. Anu Singh
In October 1997, Law student Anu Singh held two dinner parties to say goodbye to her friends after she had allegedly divulged to them that she and her boyfriend Joe Cinque were to ...
3 links 18 Mar 2018
Daniel Kelsall E6. Daniel Kelsall
4 links 25 Mar 2018
Raymond Edmunds E7. Raymond Edmunds
6 links 01 Apr 2018
Patricia Byers E8. Patricia Byers
5 links 08 Apr 2018
The Walsh Street Massacre E9. The Walsh Street Massacre
3 links 15 Apr 2018
Jill Meagher E10. Jill Meagher
4 links 22 Apr 2018
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