Cribb (1980) TV Series Free Watch

The Victorian era cases of Detective Sergeant Cribb of Scotland Yard's newly formed Criminal Investigation Department.

Years: 1980−1981

Duration: 90 min

Country: UK

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Stars: Alan Dobie, William Simons, David Waller

IMDb: TT0080208

Rating: 8.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Waxwork E1. Waxwork
Cribb is called in when doubt emerges over the guilt of a murderess who is due to hang shortly
01 Oct 2006
Swing, Swing Together E2. Swing, Swing Together
When Harriet Smith and two other lady students from the Elfrida Teacher Training College go for a midnight dip in the river they do not expect to see a woman's corpse being dumped ...
01 Oct 2006
Abracadaver E3. Abracadaver
A sadistic practical joker is deliberately ruining acts at London music-halls, with stunts ranging from the mildly humiliating to the positively dangerous. Cribb receives a note to...
02 Oct 2006
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers E4. The Detective Wore Silk Drawers
When headless male corpses are found floating in the river the common link is scarred hands,which points to them having taken part in illegal bare-knuckle boxing. Strapping Constab...
02 Oct 2006
The Horizontal Witness E5. The Horizontal Witness
Joe Calhoun, a key player in London's vice world, is found dead in one of his own brothels. Unreliable witness Charlie Vokins, who had a score to settle with him, claims to know th...
29 Sep 2006
Wobble to Death E6. Wobble to Death
The pedestrian Championship of the World is taking place in London, an indoor marathon lasting six days and the winner is the man who can be shown to have walked the greatest dista...
06 May 1980
Something Old, Something New E7. Something Old, Something New
Thackeray is to be the best man at the wedding of a friend of his father, elderly Henry Russell who is marrying a woman nearly fifty years his junior. The vicar is suspicious and, ...
01 Oct 2006
A Case of Spirits E8. A Case of Spirits
Two robberies at the homes of patrons of a medium holding séances in their houses seem rather more than coincidence but Jowett belongs to a group investigating the honesty of the m...
24 Mar 2007
Season 2
Season 2
Mad Hatter's Holiday E1. Mad Hatter's Holiday
Parts of a dismembered female corpse have turned up in Brighton and Cribb and Thackeray are sent to investigate. They are approached by Albert Moscrop,a hat-maker taking a holiday ...
02 Oct 2006
The Last Trumpet E2. The Last Trumpet
The police are guarding Jumbo, the elephant that is one of the prime attractions at the London Zoo, because certain people are up in arms about his being sold to American show-man ...
28 Sep 2006
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle E3. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
After a pram containing Queen Victoria's grandson Prince Alexander accidentally rolls away and nearly collides with the monarch the nursemaid is sacked, creating a vacancy. The chi...
12 Apr 1981
The Choir That Wouldn't Sing E4. The Choir That Wouldn't Sing
Cribb and Thackeray go to the country to investigate the death of unpopular Captain Allbright who died as he was about to change his will in favour of birds' egg collectors to the ...
01 Oct 2006
Murder Old Boy? E5. Murder Old Boy?
Inspector Jowett is invited by florid ex-school fellow Russell Haygarth to attend a reunion weekend, where Jowett quickly tires of his old class-mates' japes. Discovering that Hayg...
01 Oct 2006
Invitation to a Dynamite Party E6. Invitation to a Dynamite Party
Fenians intent on the independence of Ireland from Britain are perpetrating a number of bomb attacks around London, including at Scotland Yard. Cribb is sent on a course in the art...
29 Sep 2006
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