Civilisations (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Genres: Documentary, History

Stars: Liev Schreiber, David Olusoga, Mary Beard, Simon Schama

IMDb: TT7104930

Rating: 7.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Second Moment of Creation E1. The Second Moment of Creation
Historian Simon Schama claims art is an essential part of civilization in general and each one's identity. A retired Iraqi archaeology director preferring decapitation by ISIS to b...
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How Do We Look E2. How Do We Look
The role of portraits, paintings and sculptures in forming early civilizations. Examples include the Olmecs, ancient Eygpt, the Greeks, the Qin Dynasty and the Romans.
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Paradise on Earth E3. Paradise on Earth
Simon Schama looks into the artistic history of depictions of landscapes, both natural or idealized and man-altered. While often represented ad background, nature would only become...
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Picturing Paradise E4. Picturing Paradise
Religion is a major domain in art history, possibly from the start in cave paintings, with cosmogony, cultic and magical purposes, votive and funeral, even political practices. It ...
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The Triumph of Art E5. The Triumph of Art
The fifth film in Civilisations goes east and west with Simon Schama: to Papal Rome but also to Ottoman Istanbul and Mughal Lahore and Agra.
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First Contact E6. First Contact
Art plays a major part in recording or even shaping the cultural and general contacts between societies ad their civilizations. Sometimes it testifies to the lack of knowledge abou...
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Radiance E7. Radiance
Throughout art history, achieving radiance by color and light interacting has played major part. Colorite has its own history, linked to the symbolical meaning and material composi...
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The Cult of Progress E8. The Cult of Progress
The world changed as it adopted the principles of Enlightenment -especially after the American and French revolutions- and was physically transformed by industrialization, stressin...
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The Vital Spark E9. The Vital Spark
As the world changed thoroughly, industrialized, globalizing, science-driven, art was to follow and even striving to lead. Instead of serving rich and powerful patrons, many artist...
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