Citrus (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 24 min

Genres: Animation, Drama, Romance

Stars: Ayana Taketatsu, Yukiyo Fujii, Terri Doty, Tomoaki Maeno, Hisako Kanemoto, Shiori Izawa, Megan Emerick, Amber Lee Connors, Ikumi Hayama, Megan Shipman, Margaret McDonald

IMDb: TT7521578

Rating: 6.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
Love Affair!? E1. Love Affair!?
Yuzu and her friends met and discuss relationships, which Yuzu intends to have one when she gets transferred to the new school. The next day, she preps her up for her first day of ...
5 links 06 Jan 2018
One's First Love E2. One's First Love
As Yuzu remains bewildered by Mei's actions towards her, she gets on bad terms with the school's chairman, Mei's grandfather. She and Harumi then overhear Amamiya, Mei's alleged fi...
5 links 13 Jan 2018
Sisterly Love? E3. Sisterly Love?
Encouraged by Harumi, Yuzu decides to confront the chairman but finds him collapsed on the floor, deciding to take him to hospital. Thankful for Yuzu's help, the chairman decides t...
3 links 20 Jan 2018
Love Me Do! E4. Love Me Do!
As Yuzu avoids coming home out of fear of having to face Mei, she is approached by Himeko, who is Mei's childhood friend, about what their relationship is. After telling Yuzu about...
5 links 27 Jan 2018
Under Lover E5. Under Lover
After receiving some amusement park tickets from Harumi, Yuzu asks Mei to accompany her as she goes to meet her father. Along the way, Mei tells Yuzu that nothing happened between ...
6 links 03 Feb 2018
Out of Love E6. Out of Love
Mei seems to be at odds with Shou, who would rather travel the world than inherit the school like Mei had hoped. Having been raised by her father with that in mind, Mei, feeling sh...
5 links 10 Feb 2018
Love or Lie! E7. Love or Lie!
Feeling downhearted after Mei tells her to end their kissing habits, Yuzu comes across her childhood friend, Matsuri Mizusawa, becoming perturbed when she hears about her dubious m...
5 links 17 Feb 2018
War of Love E8. War of Love
1 link 24 Feb 2018
Love is E9. Love is
2 links 03 Mar 2018
Winter of Love E10. Winter of Love
1 link 10 Mar 2018
Love You Only E11. Love You Only
2 links 17 Mar 2018
My Love Goes on and on E12. My Love Goes on and on
1 link 24 Mar 2018
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