Chrissy & Mr. Jones (2012) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2012

Genre: Reality-TV

Stars: Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkin, Nancy Jones

IMDb: TT2466126

Rating: 6.5/10

Season 1
Season 1
To Be or Not To Be E1. To Be or Not To Be
Chrissy wants to take her relationship to the next level, but feels like her Jim isn't on the same page. Mama Jones pressures Chrissy with her own ideas about their relationship. C...
4 links 24 Sep 2012
Eggs and Beggin' E2. Eggs and Beggin'
Chrissy tells Jim that she's not ready to have a baby right now, and presents an unexpected alternative. Talia and Emily get a bomb dropped on them by Chrissy. Paulina learns that ...
6 links 01 Oct 2012
Scent of a Woman E3. Scent of a Woman
Chrissy tearfully tells Emily the harsh reality about her fertility. Emily visits Jim to try and understand the tension that is ripping up his relationship with Chrissy. Freddie in...
08 Oct 2012
Run to the Rev E4. Run to the Rev
Mama tries to set Jim straight on his attitude and how it's damaging his relationship with Chrissy. During a design meeting, Emily and Talia do not see eye to eye. Meanwhile, Jim a...
15 Oct 2012
Pack Your Bags E5. Pack Your Bags
Chrissy has moved into a hotel to get away from her problems with Jim. With her focus on the new jacket line, Chrissy is forced into damage control mode when Emily tries to humilia...
6 links 22 Oct 2012
Jacket Racket E6. Jacket Racket
Chrissy hasn't seen Jim in two weeks and the couple's rift is growing. Emily and Talia help Chrissy choose which male models will make the jackets pop at their upcoming fashion sho...
2 links 29 Oct 2012
In Your Business E7. In Your Business
Jim is desperate to get Chrissy back in his life, and he starts taking big steps to show her he values her and is willing to change. After the success of the fashion show the tensi...
2 links 05 Nov 2012
Better Me E8. Better Me
Chrissy knows she can't keep living in a hotel and that she's hurting Jim by keeping him at arm's length. It's time to choose: does she move back in with Jim, or find her own place...
2 links 12 Nov 2012
Season 2
Season 2
Son Shine E1. Son Shine
Jim and Chrissy's relationship is stronger than ever! But when Jim reveals his son is going to live with them for the summer, will it throw a wrench in the works? Meanwhile, Mama s...
6 links 28 Oct 2013
Gifted E2. Gifted
Chrissy celebrates Jim's birthday with a big party and unique present. Jim takes his first swimming lesson from his son, Pudie.
4 links 04 Nov 2013
Every Day I'm Hustling E3. Every Day I'm Hustling
Chrissy wants to take over the ladies' line of Jim's clothing brand, but Jim questions her work ethic.
10 links 11 Nov 2013
Popping Off E4. Popping Off
Chrissy has only a week to prepare for her clothing line's soft launch, and she is concerned that Jim is not taking her work seriously. Meanwhile, Mama and Sassy decide to host a t...
10 links 18 Nov 2013
Pranked E5. Pranked
Jim rewards Chrissy with a surprise ladies' night, but Chrissy isn't pleased with the ridiculous transportation he provides for her. Mama teams up with Chrissy to get revenge and u...
7 links 25 Nov 2013
Into the Woods E6. Into the Woods
Chrissy and Pudie want to arrange a day of family bonding in the woods, but first they have to find a way around Jim's paralyzing fear of nature. Meanwhile, Mama and Sassy unwind w...
6 links 02 Dec 2013
Little Big Stacks E7. Little Big Stacks
Pudie's overjoyed when Jim gives him a HUGE stack of cash from the profits of Jr. Vamp. But when Chrissy points out that a ten-year-old shouldn't be walking around with that kind o...
4 links 09 Dec 2013
Summer's Over E8. Summer's Over
After a great summer, Pudie must head back to school while Jim and Chrissy are off to Miami for a well-deserved break. Jim plans to surprise Chrissy with a delicious meal, but firs...
4 links 16 Dec 2013
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