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The story takes place in an alternate reality where a small percentage of children manifest superhuman abilities upon reaching puberty. A focus is placed on Yuu Otosaka, a high school boy who awakens the ability to temporarily possess others, which brings ...

Years: 2015−2016

Genres: Animation, Drama, Fantasy

Stars: Ayane Sakura, Ray Chase, Koki Uchiyama

IMDb: TT4574736

Rating: 7.7/10

Season 1
Season 1
I Think About Others E1. I Think About Others
A boy named Yuu Otosaka has supernatural power that take possession of an other's body for 5 seconds, but loses consciousness as the compensation during the time. He uses his power...
7 links 04 Jul 2015
Melody of Despair E2. Melody of Despair
Yuu transfered to Hoshi-no-umi high school unwillingly, handles his work as a member of the student council. Soon he learns Nao Tomori experienced tragedy in the past.
6 links 11 Jul 2015
Love and Flame E3. Love and Flame
The student council gets an information that a person has spiritism and ignition power.
2 links 18 Jul 2015
Moment of Earnest E4. Moment of Earnest
Nao had a new information accorded with what Kumagami talked about.
8 links 25 Jul 2015
The Sound You Heard Sometime E5. The Sound You Heard Sometime
In a mountain, the student council ambush a person who is able to fly.
6 links 01 Aug 2015
Unnoticed Happiness E6. Unnoticed Happiness
Kumagami gave the student council information that a new psychic is in an apartment where students live. Nao thinks that he/she is one of the absent students on the day. Yuu has a ...
6 links 08 Aug 2015
The Ends of Escape E7. The Ends of Escape
Yuu grieves deeply, and he shuts himself in at home.
3 links 15 Aug 2015
Encounter E8. Encounter
Yuu goes to school, and feels relieved for the school life that doesn't change before. Nao invites him out to the live concert of ZHIEND.
7 links 22 Aug 2015
The World Is Not in Here E9. The World Is Not in Here
Yuu and Nao go to a live concert of ZHIEND. When the concert gets really lively, Yuu loses consciousness.
7 links 29 Aug 2015
Looting E10. Looting
When Yuu meets Syunsuke again, Syunsuke had lost the use of his power. Yuu has to save Ayumi instead of Syunsuke.
7 links 05 Sep 2015
Charlotte E11. Charlotte
Kumagami showed Yuu to a research institute. Yuu learns why some young people must have supernatural powers in there.
11 links 12 Sep 2015
Promise E12. Promise
Ayumi, Takajou and Yusa/Misa, Nao visit Yuu in the hospital. Yuu talks with Nao, and he makes an important decision.
6 links 19 Sep 2015
Memories to Come E13. Memories to Come
Yuu goes on journey to save all psychics. Can he get back safely?
4 links 26 Sep 2015
Strong People E14. Strong People
Kumagami tells the team the location of a mind reader. They investigate and find a girl named Iori Sekiguchi. The team agrees that it would be best for Nao and Yuu to handle her ca...
30 Mar 2016
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