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A forensic neuro-psychiatrist reluctantly enters a dangerous and violent world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness.

Year: 2016

Duration: 60 min

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Writers: Kem Nunn, Alexandra Cunningham

Stars: Hugh Laurie, Paul Adelstein, LisaGay Hamilton, Sal Lopez, Kevin Carscallen, Greta Lee

IMDb: TT5620076

Rating: 8/10

Season 1
Season 1
The Summer of Love E1. The Summer of Love
Psychiatrist Eldon Chance is facing his divorce while is trying to save the relationship with her daughter. Tired of patients with intractable disorders, decides to help to an enig...
15 links 19 Oct 2016
The Axiom of Choice E2. The Axiom of Choice
Dr. Chance investigates the last psychiatrist Jaclyn had, meanwhile a secret meeting with Jaclyn forces an ominous encounter with her husband .
16 links 19 Oct 2016
Hiring It Done E3. Hiring It Done
As Jaclyn continues her therapy, Chance attempts to protect himself and his family from Blackstone's latest round of harassments.
17 links 26 Oct 2016
The Mad Doctor E4. The Mad Doctor
Chance and D start following Raymond around.
11 links 02 Nov 2016
A Still Point in the Turning World E5. A Still Point in the Turning World
Desperate to incriminate detective Blackstone, Dr. Chance and D take their surveillance to the next level hoping to get hard evidence of his corruption.
19 links 09 Nov 2016
The Unflinching Spark E6. The Unflinching Spark
Jacklyn and Chance finally give into their passions. D and Chance search Raymond's home for evidence of his corruption while he is recovering at the hospital.
18 links 16 Nov 2016
Unlocking Your Hidden Powers E7. Unlocking Your Hidden Powers
While D is in the hospital, Eldon learns more about his past. More mysteries unfold about Blackstone.
21 links 23 Nov 2016
The House of Space and Time E8. The House of Space and Time
Hearing his fathers plan, D runs away from the hospital. Jaclyn reveals a different side of herself. A new threat arises for Eldon.
19 links 30 Nov 2016
Camera Obscura E9. Camera Obscura
It's now or never: Eldon and D have to decide how to proceed to get Nicole back. The next step is crucial.
23 links 07 Dec 2016
Fluid Management E10. Fluid Management
Eldon Chance, is finally clearing his head about the event that put him in the hospital. Prepared for the worst, he returns to the antique shop to get to the truth about Blackstone...
21 links 14 Dec 2016
Season 2
Season 2
Multiaxial System E1. Multiaxial System
Doctor Alden Chance fights new dangers, His mind opens up a dark world after coming across new threats after the defeat of Blackstone.
6 links 11 Oct 2017
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