Bad Teacher (2014) TV Series Free Watch

Centers on a sexy, foul-mouthed divorcée who becomes a teacher to find her next husband.

Year: 2014

Duration: 30 min

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Ryan Hansen, Ari Graynor, Sara Gilbert

IMDb: TT2714046

Rating: 5.3/10

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Left penniless by her wealthy ex-husband, Meredith Davis (Ari Graynor) talks her way into a teaching job at a middle school where she organizes a Career Day targeting rich divorced...
3 links 06 May 2014
Daddy Issues E2. Daddy Issues
Meredith sets her sights on dating her student Bronwen's wealthy father, but hits a roadblock when Bronwen won't give her permission to go out with him.
5 links 01 May 2014
Evaluation Day E3. Evaluation Day
When the faculty faces district teacher evaluations, Principal Carl asks Meredith to assist Ginny with student engagement. Meanwhile, Lily tries to convince Irene that Meredith is ...
4 links 08 May 2014
Fieldtrippers E4. Fieldtrippers
Meredith plans a field trip to an attractive guy's office so she can see him again.
5 links 15 May 2014
The 6th Grade Lock-In E5. The 6th Grade Lock-In
Meredith is jealous when she sees Joel flirt with another teacher.
5 links 22 May 2014
Yearbook E6. Yearbook
Meredith (Ari Graynor) joins Principal Carl's (David Alan Grier) Divorced Dudes group to find a new husband. Ginny's (Kristin Davis) plan to punish Meredith's lax teaching habits b...
3 links 05 Jul 2014
Divorced Dudes E7. Divorced Dudes
Meredith joins Principal Carl's Divorced Dudes group to find a new husband. Ginny's plan to punish Meredith's lax teaching habits backfires.
2 links 05 Jul 2014
Nix the Fat Week E8. Nix the Fat Week
As Meredith (Ari Graynor) and Irene (Sara Gilbert) compete for the attention of a famous vegan chef, Ginny (Kristin Davis) coaches principal Carl (David Alan Grier) for an annual f...
4 links 12 Jul 2014
Life Science E9. Life Science
In order to afford a new apartment, Meredith (Ari Graynor) bets on the school science fair. Ginny (Kristin Davis) and Irene (Sara Gilbert) vie over who gets to present the winner's...
9 links 12 Jul 2014
Found Money E10. Found Money
Meredith's (Ari Graynor) moral compass is tested when she's forced to choose between a ski weekend with her rich friends and the school's field trip to the state capitol. Principal...
8 links 19 Jul 2014
A Little Respect E11. A Little Respect
As two overbearing moms threaten to pull their son out of Nixon Middle to protest Meredith's (Ari Graynor) lax teaching methods, Joel (Ryan Hansen) discovers Ginny (Kristin Davis) ...
8 links 19 Jul 2014
The Bottle E12. The Bottle
Meredith's birthday party has a few bumps in the road. Ray won't return a of a bottle of 30 year old champagne that he gave to her as a gift. Meredith attempts to crash another cow...
8 links 26 Jul 2014
What's Old Is New E13. What's Old Is New
The state test exam is fumbled. Meredith leaves and finds the true place she belongs.
10 links 26 Jul 2014
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