Armchair Detectives (2017) TV Series Free Watch

Three amateur sleuths try to solve a fictional murder case after watching events unfold, meeting the suspects and uncovering the clues. Hosted by Susan Calman.

Year: 2017

Duration: 45 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Game-Show

Stars: Roger Jean Nsengiyumva, Stephen Billington, Susan Calman

IMDb: TT7645634

Rating: 7/10

Season 1
Season 1
Watercolour Crime E1. Watercolour Crime
In the first edition of the genre-busting game show three amateur sleuths watch as police in the fictional town of Mortcliff investigate the murder of a local artist. Hosted by Sus...
3 links 20 Nov 2017
E2. Patently Murder
When a successful inventor's body is found in his workshop, has a friend, colleague or rival inventor committed the deadly crime? Three contestants piece together the clues to solv...
21 Nov 2017
The Jury's Out E3. The Jury's Out
When another body shows up at the Bay Cliffs, the detectives realise someone is picking off the jury, one by one. Is it the brother, the boyfriend or another juror? Genre-busting g...
4 links 22 Nov 2017
Derby Day Death E4. Derby Day Death
Three more contestants try to piece together the clues to solve a murder mystery. When a star lawn bowls player dies at the bowling green, who had the means, motive and opportunity...
4 links 23 Nov 2017
Deerly Departed E5. Deerly Departed
When the body of a local ranger is found at Concido Woods, dodgy dealings start to emerge. Could it be a poacher or someone from the local butchers? Game show hosted by Susan Calma...
4 links 24 Nov 2017
Cops and Robbers E6. Cops and Robbers
Murder mystery themed daytime game show hosted by Scottish comedian Susan Calman. When the body of a member of a notorious criminal gang is found - is it an inside job?
4 links 27 Nov 2017
The Uninvited Guest E7. The Uninvited Guest
The body of a mysterious guest is found at the Wistery Heights B&B in today's murder case. As police in Mortcliff investigate the case three contestants back in the studio will try...
4 links 28 Nov 2017
Finders Keepers E8. Finders Keepers
When the body of a local dairy farmer is found, there are a number of suspects. Was it the environmentalist, detectorist, museum curator, neighbour or the local postie? Murder-myst...
3 links 29 Nov 2017
Six Letters Beginning with M E9. Six Letters Beginning with M
The death of a professor leaves police in Mortcliff and the team of amateur sleuths back in the studio puzzled. Murder mystery game show hosted by Susan Calman.
3 links 30 Nov 2017
Pigeon Detectives E10. Pigeon Detectives
Three amateur sleuths try to solve a murder case in the fictional town of Mortcliff before the police reveal the identity of the killer. When the body of a local pigeon fancier is ...
2 links 01 Dec 2017
School's Out for Murder E11. School's Out for Murder
Police in Mortcliff investigate another murder, will the armchair detectives in the studio be able to identify the murderer. When the body of a teacher is discovered after a fire d...
2 links 04 Dec 2017
The High Class Killer E12. The High Class Killer
Will the three armchair detectives be able to catch the killer in today's story, when the body of a butler is found in the woods? Hosted by Susan Calman.
1 link 05 Dec 2017
Driving Miss Mortcliff E13. Driving Miss Mortcliff
Three more amateur sleuths attempt to solve another murder mystery in the town of Mortcliff. A pageant winner meets her demise in what was supposed to look like a tragic accident.
1 link 06 Dec 2017
Tell Tale Signs E14. Tell Tale Signs
The body of a librarian and writer is found in mysterious circumstances in a library. What had they been writing and who wanted to throw the book at them?
1 link 07 Dec 2017
A Can of Worms E15. A Can of Worms
Susan Calman hosts as three amateur sleuths watch the drama play out in another fictional murder case in the town of Mortcliff. A well-known artist meets his end in trendy east Mor...
2 links 08 Dec 2017
Appetite for Murder E16. Appetite for Murder
When a Chinese restaurant owner is rushed to hospital with suspected poisoning, the detectives need to look beyond poor cuisine. Was it the brother, local businessmen, the wife, th...
11 Dec 2017
What Became of Miranda? E17. What Became of Miranda?
From the comfort of armchairs in the studio three amateur sleuths watch the drama play out as police in Mortcliff delve into a 15-year-old cold case. Can they work out what happene...
1 link 12 Dec 2017
White Collar Crime E18. White Collar Crime
Three more amateur sleuths watch as events unfold in Mortcliff, where police are investigating after the body of a priest is found in the church bell tower. Can they piece together...
1 link 13 Dec 2017
Am Dram Damned E19. Am Dram Damned
Susan Calman hosts another edition of the murder-mystery game show. Police in Mortcliff investigate when a theatre director dies on stage but nobody saw the killer.
1 link 14 Dec 2017
Mistletoe and Crime E20. Mistletoe and Crime
When the owner of the Mortcliff Training Company is found dead after the office Christmas party, it's clear someone is forgetting it's the season of glad tidings.
3 links 15 Dec 2017
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