Apple & Onion (2016) TV Series Free Watch

Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic food, Apple and Onion, a pair of childlike newcomers to the big city, attempt to fit in to their new surroundings.

Years: 2016−2018

Duration: 11 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Short

Writer: George Gendi

Stars: Roger Craig Smith, Kevin Michael Richardson, Richard Ayoade, George Gendi

IMDb: TT8019790

Rating: 7.1/10

Season 1
Season 1
Apple & Onion E0. Apple & Onion
Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog's party but they've still got some growing up to do.
14 May 2016
A New Life E1. A New Life
Apple and Onion are seperately sent off to a new life in the city by their respective parents. Apple is to find an apartment that is ready for him through a map, while Onion has fr...
4 links 23 Feb 2018
The Perfect Team E2. The Perfect Team
During a computer game-playing session, "perfect team" Apple and Onion find themselves with a new roommate pawing at their window: a cat. It loves to roost upon Apple's head, but s...
4 links 23 Feb 2018
Tips E3. Tips
2 links 02 Mar 2018
Falafel's Fun Day E4. Falafel's Fun Day
When Falafel decides to pack up and leave the city, Apple and Onion have to convince him to stay or they'll have to leave too.
2 links 02 Mar 2018
4 on 1 E5. 4 on 1
2 links 09 Mar 2018
Apple's in Trouble E6. Apple's in Trouble
2 links 09 Mar 2018
Hot Dog's Movie Premiere E7. Hot Dog's Movie Premiere
Apple and Onion square off against a no-nonsense security guard after they're banned from the premiere of their friend Hot Dog's new movie.
2 links 16 Mar 2018
Bottle Catch E8. Bottle Catch
2 links 16 Mar 2018
Pancake's Bus Tour E9. Pancake's Bus Tour
2 links 23 Mar 2018
Block Party E10. Block Party
2 links 23 Mar 2018
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