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The great-great-grandson of Herman Mudgett (alias H.H. Holmes - America's first serial killer), Jeff Mudgett, sets out to prove a controversial theory that H.H. Holmes and Britain's most ... See full summary »

Year: 2017

Duration: 43 min

Genres: Documentary, History, Mystery

Stars: Jeff Mudgett, Amaryllis Fox, Conor Hall, Mark Granville Merritt

IMDb: TT7132032

Rating: 6.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
Devil in the Details E1. Devil in the Details
Could history's two most notorious killers actually be the same man? Jeff Mudgett, great-great-grandson of America's first serial killer and expert con man, H.H. Holmes, and ex-CIA...
25 links 11 Jul 2017
The Butcher's Blade E2. The Butcher's Blade
Myths about the Ripper are challenged while trying to connect H.H. Holmes to Jack the Ripper.
22 links 18 Jul 2017
Whitechapel Runs Red E3. Whitechapel Runs Red
An unexpected link to H.H. Holmes is found in the letters of Jack the Ripper. Scotland Yard's list of credible suspects gives some details for the manhunt.
16 links 25 Jul 2017
Home Sweet Hell E4. Home Sweet Hell
An investigation into the murder house shows that Holmes may have killed all over Chicago and beyond. Meanwhile, a report surfaces that the Ripper may have killed in the US.
21 links 01 Aug 2017
Black Heart, White City E5. Black Heart, White City
While investigating Chicago's World Fair of 1893, an unexpected connection to Jack the Ripper is found in the police archives.
16 links 08 Aug 2017
Blood and Bone E6. Blood and Bone
Holmes is on the run after too many failed schemes but the investigation picks up the trail. A long lost crime scene may hold the clue to whether Holmes is the Ripper.
12 links 15 Aug 2017
No Rest for the Wicked E7. No Rest for the Wicked
A trove of artifacts contain an unexpected link to the UK. While investigating Holmes' last days on the lam, Jeff and Amaryllis discover the Holmes curse and a legend that the kill...
18 links 22 Aug 2017
The Grave E8. The Grave
The crew look to prove that Holmes pulled off one last swindle, escaping his own execution. Holmes' grave site is exhumed to see what it reveals.
11 links 29 Aug 2017
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