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"America's War on Drugs" is an immersive trip through the last five decades, uncovering how the CIA, obsessed with keeping America safe in the fight against communism, allied itself with ... See full summary »

Year: 2017

Duration: 480 min

Genre: History

Stars: Ty Hurley, Jon Tozzi, Christopher Glover, Omar Abdi, Alberto Maneiro

IMDb: TT7026882

Rating: 8.4/10

Season 1
Season 1
Acid, Spies & Secret Experiments E1. Acid, Spies & Secret Experiments
The roots of America's War on Drugs is uncovered. Secret assassination attempts, the CIA's bizarre experiments with LSD, and covert support of heroin traffickers are factors leadin...
11 links 18 Jun 2017
Cocaine, Cartels & Crackdowns E2. Cocaine, Cartels & Crackdowns
Cocaine lands in America from secret airports, lining the pockets of violent cartel bosses, and an infamous "black widow", as the CIA's shadow wars have unintended consequences. Pr...
11 links 19 Jun 2017
Gangs, Prisons & Meth Queens E3. Gangs, Prisons & Meth Queens
America's War on Drugs rages on. The Clinton Administration's support of NAFTA inadvertently opens the door to Mexican cartels, and its response to a wave of violence leads to mass...
11 links 20 Jun 2017
Heroin, Terrorists & Kings of Pain E4. Heroin, Terrorists & Kings of Pain
After 9/11, the war on terror and the war on drugs collide. In Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai's brother is allegedly a major heroin trafficker and the country becomes the premiere heroi...
11 links 21 Jun 2017
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