Alone Together (2018) TV Series Free Watch

Year: 2018

Duration: 30 min

Genre: Comedy

Writers: Andy Samberg, Benji Aflalo, Esther Povitsky, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer, Eben Russell

Stars: Benji Aflalo, Esther Povitsky, Ginger Gonzaga, Edgar Blackmon

IMDb: TT5615840

Rating: 6/10

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
In the series opener, Esther and Benji are platonic best friends who want nothing more than to be accepted by the vain and status obsessed culture of Los Angeles.
11 links 10 Jan 2018
Road Trip E2. Road Trip
It's Benji's birthday and Esther and Jeff take him on a road trip full of fun stops along the way.
12 links 17 Jan 2018
Fertility E3. Fertility
Esther plans to donate some of her eggs to be able to afford to freeze her eggs. Benji starts to feel paternal while waiting for the results of a sperm test.
17 links 24 Jan 2018
Pop-Up E4. Pop-Up
Esther has to avoid the distractions of rabid teenage girls and cutthroat mothers to maintain her place in line for a pop-store. Benji gets bored and wanders off.
16 links 31 Jan 2018
Dean Girls E5. Dean Girls
Benji helps his brother, Dean, get rid of an aggressive woman who won't leave him alone. Things get complicated when the woman takes an interest in Benji. Esther has a crush on Dea...
15 links 07 Feb 2018
Dinner Party E6. Dinner Party
Esther tries to make a good impression on her neighbors and invites the lesbian couple over for a dinner party, as Benji and Ether's guests arrive at the dinner party Benji has to ...
16 links 14 Feb 2018
The Big One E7. The Big One
While Benji tries to dismiss Esther's concern about an impending "Big One" earthquake, he tries to use the same fear to take advantage of his sister's freaked out friend.
14 links 28 Feb 2018
Sleepover E8. Sleepover
Esther throws a sober sleepover party.
1 link 07 Mar 2018
Music Video E9. Music Video
Benji is excited when he gets to make a music video for his young cousin's Bar Mitzvah, seeing this as a chance to promote his old ska band. However, Esther's acting gives the vide...
4 links 14 Mar 2018
Property Management E10. Property Management
Benji and Esther run errands for Dean and are swept up in retirement life.
4 links 21 Mar 2018
Season 2
Season 2
Crypto E1. Crypto
Benji wonders if he's too much of a pushover when Dean scolds him for letting a stranger into their house. Meanwhile, Esther discovers a Bitcoin windfall, but has to seduce an ex-b...
01 Aug 2018
Pootie E2. Pootie
Esther gets a big break with her new job at a 50's-themed diner, while Benji has a confrontation with a store owner that ends with a retaliation that goes viral.
01 Aug 2018
Nurse Esther E3. Nurse Esther
When Dean gets in an accident that leaves him incapacitated, Esther takes the opportunity to nurse him back to health. Meanwhile, Benji tries to step up and help Dean at work.
08 Aug 2018
Murder House E4. Murder House
Dean tasks Benji with selling a house where a murder took place, while Esther uses the real estate to capitalize on people's obsession with murder tours.
08 Aug 2018
Daypassers E5. Daypassers
Benji and Esther steal a day pass from Dean and gain access to an exclusive upscale gym. Esther meets a successful woman named Nora who inspires her to join her club, while Dean is...
15 Aug 2018
A Drama Story E6. A Drama Story
Benji is asked to supervise rehearsals for his former high school's play, but realizes that he hasn't outgrown high school when he comes across a bully. Esther tags along in the ho...
15 Aug 2018
Mom E7. Mom
Esther's mom pays a surprise visit because she's concerned about Esther's life choices. Meanwhile, Benji tries to make some new Goth friends that end up being a little too risqué f...
22 Aug 2018
Dog Awards E8. Dog Awards
Esther and Benji get their first writing room gig on the Dog Awards. Benji thinks it will be his launching pad for success, while Esther hopes to use the platform to raise dog awar...
22 Aug 2018
Flashback E9. Flashback
Esther and Benji reconnect at a birthday party after a three-month-long fight. Both learn about each other's weird romantic mishaps during their time apart.
29 Aug 2018
Big Bear E10. Big Bear
29 Aug 2018
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